It’s Wednesday! What Would You Rather Have?


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Welcome to our It’s Wednesday, Makeup Talk with Beauty Junkies. This week, we are going to discuss on this topic of What Would You Rather Have?

I got a few response from last week’s discussion group on site and fb where some beauty friends have taken their precious time to join and comment. Thank you so very much, beauties! Love you gals<3

It’s very encouraging to see some of you here and I would really love to have more participants this week and many more to come.

There is this idea that I’m dying to share with you guys. Sneak pea! I’m would love to find 5 beauty bloggers to join me with this beauty Challenge. More details will be revealed in my next post. So, stay tune, love.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



It’s Wednesday|Makeup Talk With Beauty Junkies


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Welcome gorgeous to It’s Wednesday and you got it! This week starts our makeup talk where all beauty junkies and friends share their point of view and interests in discussing topics about everything and anything about beauty.

I encourage that each and everyone to respect our friend blogger’s opinion and have a moderate discussions in order to make this makeup talk fun and interesting. Remember that everyone is to their own opinion 🙂

To kick off this week’s topic, let’s start with an easy question of “High End vs High Street makeup?” Which brand is your favorite and why? If you have any question about makeup products, feel free to put it up for fellow bloggers to answer.

So, let’s get this topic going and check out again next week on “It’s Wednesday, makeup talk with beauty junkies” if you miss this week’s It’s Wednesday’s makeup talk check back again. We will be having another a new topic to discuss.

It’s going to be a fabulous experience to join a beauty blogger community where we share the same passion and obsession with makeup ❤

Thanks you so much.

Sharon xoxo











Make Today So Awesome, that …


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The title of this post today makes me ponder what I should be writing. Hmm… I need to put my thinking hat!

Well, here goes nothing:-

1) First, I would say today is a gorgeous day even though the weather is freaking cold for month of February. It feels like -34 celsius with windchill but since the sun is out, it is considered a beautiful day. It’s morning, here comes the sun! to do, do do!

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2) Today, I’ll be doing a few back to back reviews on the products which I have tried and used thoroughly. I will have it posted up in a couple of days.

back to back reviews feb 16

3) I’m planning a trip to my nearby Walmart to pick up some makeup products for this coming week’s beauty haul. I’m super excited every time I have beauty haul in my schedule 🙂 I love to shop for makeup and especially to discover good finds. An added bonus for my shopping trip that much I can say.


4) Today is also a good day to do a Bohemian makeup look. I love to try different makeup look and if you like to see what I use for this style,  just leave comment below. I’ll post the makeup tutorial once I have it ready. If you like this Bohemian look, please thumbs up!


5) I started with my write-up for tomorrow’s topic “It’s Wednesday! Makeup Talk with Beauty Junkies.” This beauty discussion will either float or sink and it will all be depended on you guys to participate in the discussion. I’m counting on guys, so let’s make it a success 🙂

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In conclusion, I feel I’ve made today an awesome day besides the weather which I is beyond my control or act but setting that aside, I dare say “yesterday go a head and get jealous”, already!

I have so many things done today and for now I like to know what did you today that is awesome? Share your comments in the section below. I love to hear from you.

As usual, thank you guys for the love.

Sharon xoxo