Bourjois 5x Colorpop Nail Kit





I got this from Winners two weekends ago while shopping for Mother’s Day gift. Yes, this post is a little late and hope you don’t mind. Just to let you know that May is usually a busy month for me.

I wasn’t really looking for any nail polish but I was very much drawn to pick this Bourjois 5x Color Pop nail kit for its cute and adorable packaging.


Inside you find five mini bottles of color pop nail polishes. The nail polishes came in an adorable little blue cardboard box, with 5 great shades which are sure to cover any mood you’re in or any occasion you’re going to.


There are 3x ‘vacances’ polishes (bright, summery colors which fit their name as they would be great to bring on holidays) and 2x ‘soirée’ polishes (a dark one and a light one for evening time, great for a more subtle look).


  • Ideal for all occasions.
  • Beautiful colors.
  • Good value for money.
  • Ideal for keeping in your handbag or taking on your travels.
  • Long lasting with a high shine finishing.
  • From the designer house of Bourjois


Here are all the 5 shades. Five mini Bourjois Nail Elements in 3ml bottles

  • 61 – Light Pink – sheer/opaque 
  • 63 – Burgundy Red – opaque 
  • 67 – Coral Orange – is very sheer
  • 70 – Fuchsia Pink – opaque 
  • 72 – Minty Green – is very sheer


61 – Light Pink


70 – Fuchsia Pink


67 – Coral Orange


Another good thing about them is the applicator – which is a big thing for me as I need a good brush, and I’ve found it in these. The brush is quite small, and I enjoy that, as I can get a precise finish when I’m applying nail polish.

I’m wearing 63 – Burgundy Red

I notice that the formula is long lasting and it’s very good for drugstore brand in my opinion, lasting up to 5 days. Truthfully, I’m not sure if these are part of the permanent line, or if you can get them from a regular Bourjois booth in the pharmacy or at Winners (Canadian retailers) stores.

They’re minis and it’s a good way to try them out before buying a full sized polish in the wrong color. I thoroughly enjoy these Bourjois polishes. I would buy again without a doubt. I’m happy that I got to try them.
So, that’s it for today’s post and I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks post. Let me know if you have these or if you have been able to find them in the stores in your areas.

Thanks for reading this post guys. I’ll see you again very soon. :) Bye guys! 

Sharon xoxo



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NOTD: ESSIE Good As Gold Nail Polish (Pic Heavy)




Nail products I hauled during the holiday at my local drugstore, Pharmaprix (or Shoppers Drug Mart). I was wearing this Good As Gold nail polish by Essie and the nail stickers by Essence the whole time and I really enjoy this color a lot.


Essence french glam and essence french manicure.


Good As Gold by Essie is a metallic gold with extremely fine shimmers that are only visible under bright lights. It totally looks like a metallic yellow-gold in the bottle, but I don’t notice any brown tones when painted on the nails


Essie Nail Polish formula makes me want to scream at times – the first coat applied beautifully, and the second coat was gorgeous.


Very nice consistency which isn’t too thick or runny. It applies well and opaque finish. One coat is nice but two coats are even better. The formula dries quite fast  if you ask me.


In the photo of my nails, I applied two coats to the rest of my nails, and I did a finishing touch with Essence french glam nail stickers with top coat after that.



I picked this design since it looks playful and feminine. For CAD$1.99 I’m glad I tried them. Would be going back to check out more of this nail stickers at Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart).


Have you have the days when you feel like doing your own manicure at the comfort of your home? I do and not ashamed to admit it that I can’t wait to try this french manicure tip guides I picked from Essence counter for  CAD$1.99

I was glad that my manicure holds up for at least 4-5 days. I’ll edit this post later letting you know how well it held up without chips.

This is definitely a nail polish I’ll be rocking all winter long. Told you this post is jammed packed with pictures. So glad you stop by and love to share more posts with all of you.

What’s on your nails? I love to hear your side of the story in the comment section.

Thank you very much for stopping by friends. See you on the next one.

Sharon xoxo


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Drugstore Madness Wednesday|Sally Hansen X-treme Wear


Sally hansen nail polish

Happy Wednesday Gorgeous! Another awesome find from the drugstore this week and I’m super excited to share this. Yes, you guess it right! It’s the Sally Hansen Nail Polish. Can you guess how much I paid for this bottle? Make a wild guess in the comment below and I’ll reveal the answer at the end of this post 🙂

xtreme nail polish

I picked this shade called Gunmetal since its calling to me. I got to get it and confident that this is the one for me. I have wore gunmetal eyeshadow shade from my Naked Palette and no on my nails. So, this is a new discovery for me! Am I slowly swaying to gunmetal colors! Who knows, right! I love trying new products to share it with all of you ❤


First time getting a dark shade of this tone and I’m loving it. This shade look terribly bad or heroic – reminds me of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider character.

by source
by source

I’m going to go kick some butt (just kidding!) or I’m bad and sexy kind of evening date (oh yay!). I honestly think this is a fun color to wear even for summer.


So, look for the shade 310 in Gunmetal if you like to step out of your comfort zone this summer for something real different. I’m going all the way out to show my pretty nail polish.

1 coat gunmetal

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear has very nice consistency in formula and it’s easy to apply. I love to try on 1 coat first and then add the second for better coverage. It’s gives a gorgeous metallic finish and on this look, I didn’t put on the top coat yet. I know, look amazing right!

2 coats

Since I wore it a week ago, the color stays put and not even a chip. So, I’m super happy with this great deal for only $0.99 on clearance. I don’t know how many of you guess it right the price I paid for it. I definitely think it’s a mega steal.

Well, that’s all I have for this week’s Drugstore Madness Wednesday and until next time, stay frugal-ti-ful!

What do you think of this week’s deal? Tell me your comment of what you think in the section below. Is it a bargain or no gain? I ❤ to hear your comments.

Thank you as usual for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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Sinful Color Nail Polish



Summer has arrived and who is excited to brighten up their nails to go with open toe sandals, flip flops and let your favorite bright neon color nail polish shine this summer?


Recently, I picked this nail polish by Sinful Colors in Anchors Away. It’s a bright cantaloupe shade which I find it cheerful. You can always choose a neon lime, lemon yellow to metallic touch or to the classic tan and pinks.

I’m picking a comment from my Question Tuesday two weeks ago by my beauty friend, Stash Matters who mentioned in her comment that Sinful Colors is her favorite below $1.99 drugstore product. So, if you haven’t check on her blog, please head over after reading this. She has a lovely blog and friendly 🙂


There are over 100 beautiful shades to choose on their website and for only $1.50 a bottle at Dollar Store, what can possibly go wrong! Sinful Colors nail polish is also available at Target, Walgreen, Rite Aid, Rexall and several Canadian drugstores.


The nail polish comes in a cute little glass bottle with a decent amount of formula. Net wt: 0.5 fl oz. I find that the texture is a little thicker and it drags as I applied them. I’m not able to do a even paint with only one coat.


This image shows application with one coat and it looks opaque with second coating below. I decided to put a top coat to prevent any chippings.


I notice that this formula takes a bit longer to dry up and you have to wait until it’s completely dry before going for second coat.

Overall, they quality is average for a drugstore brand and for the price, I think it’s a decent purchase. I’ve been wearing them for a few days already and the color is still looking good except with one or two chip. I guess, I’ll be removing them off tonight but will wear it again when I go to the pool 😛

So, as usual thank you very much for reading.

Sharon xoxo



Sally Hansen|Crochet Nail Polish|Review

Hey lovelies,

nail polish

Sally Hansen Luxe Lace in 820 Crochet. I got this from Target the other day I went shopping with my family. Light blue with white glitter in a transparent base. Available in four different glittery shades of Intimate (pink), Eyelet (white), Ruffle (black) & Crochet (blue).

sally hansen

This is a perfect shade to wear to the movie Cinderella. I was hooked to the blue Cinderella ‘s gown and with the hype of  many makeup brands show-casting their latest collection before the premier. Well, I’m planning of going to the movie this weekend and I should wear something of that theme might as well.


Transparent in two coats and a little sparkle-y but we’re talking about going to the fairy tale ball and for sure sparkling nails are so in. It dries up pretty quick and then just apply a top coat to even out the glitter.

I’ve been wearing this crochet polish for a week now and I don’t see any chiping and the colors are still very pretty.

That’s it for my take on Sally Hansen’s nail polish. I hope you like this post and find it interesting. Let me now if you like to see other reviews in the comment section below.

Will you be out catching this movie?

As usual, thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo