Natural At Night by Too Faced|Review & Swatches


I got this palette through a mutual friend a while ago since I told her how much I wanted this eyeshadow palette. She’s so sweet to send me this gorgeous palette. I was on cloud nine! You can tell how very excited I am to share this Natural at Night Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced with you today.

This palette has a darker shades and more glam sister than the Natural Palette.


This palette contains 9 complementary shades for a variety of looks. It’s divided to 3 segments : Night Classic – Fashion. Let’s continue reading below …


Look at the pigmentation on these shadows. It’s freaking incredible! And the freakiness continues throughout this palette. Below are the color swatches of the shadows of Natural At Night.

What I think is one of the greatest qualities of the palette is the great variety of looks you can create, as well as how nicely it brings out the color of my eyes.


L-R :

Spotlight – matte cream base

Night Light – pale dusky pink with shimmer base color

Full Moon – a neutral beige base with shimmer


The colors in this palette are buttery soft, easy to blend and besides I notice that the colour Night Light which has some fallout while the Spotlight a little chalky, wherelse all the others are very nicely pigmented.

Also, great pigmentation and texture. Although the palette is called ‘Natural at Night’ you could also create a few daytime looks, which makes it travel-friendly.
The only downside I could think of, would be the selection of eyeshadows. I usually prefer wearing matte colors and creating subtle looks, and I wish there was more than two matte eyeshadows in this palette.


L-R: Night Fever/Eclipse/Cocoa Star/Moonstone/After Hours/Nightcap

Night fever is dark brown with shimmer

Eclipse is a deep shimmery bronze

Cocoa Star is a matte chocolate brown

Moonstone is of dark gold with shimmer

After Hours is pink shimmer with mauve undertones

Nightcap is glittery tan

too faced natural eyes

However, the shimmer eyeshadows look absolutely stunning and I actually use all of them since I love to play with different eye shadow makeup look. But if you love shimmer eyeshadows, you should definitely add this to your makeup collection! I’m going to continue wearing this since it’s so easy to work with.

Again, I want to thank my lovely girlfriend for this palette 🙂 xo

Definitely a winner in my eyes.

What do you think of this palette?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read!

Sharon xoxo

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