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Hey guys! Wanna know what products I’ve been loving and thought you might want to check them out for Spring Must Haves? Then let’s skip the introduction and jump straight into the gist of it. Since we’ve been blessed with such beautiful spring like weather last two weeks, I’ve been out and about shopping at my favorite store. So I picked up a few things that I really like!

Sprung into Spring

Let’s talk about BEAUTY for a starter.

Lancome Veris in Lovve

I’m a Lancome addict and  when I saw this Lancome Vernis In Love Nail Polish at Winners when I went shopping two weekends ago, I was overjoyed to find this hidden gem.

Lancome Nail Polish

I’m loving the formula and the color which I have in the shade Douceur Vanillee. It’s not to thick nor thin, and the color is just amazing. It looks great and classy which I really like. It’s an everyday color that I can wear it the whole time. It stay well and haven’t chip even after day 5.

Douceur Vanille #Lancome

Not to mention the brush applies easily and my nails being fully covered in 2-3 strokes. It’s buildable for a more opaque finishing. For about $19 (CAD) per bottle this worksas good as the Deborah Lippmann nail polish. I’d say it’s on par. You got to try this! It’s really that amazing!


Rockport Clog Shoes

Shoes – Well, you see I don’t live near Winners so that days of picking up a few new affordable pieces for my wardrobe at every change of season are over. But whenever I got the chance to shop there, I like to go a little crazy with my shopping spree.

If you know me, then you know I love almost everything leather. I find them to be really durable and long lasting. This especially holds true when it comes to footwear materials. So when I saw this beautiful Red Rockport Clog Sandals, I know I’ve to get it for good measure. No, really I picked this up because they made the most comfortable shoes. I’ve a few pairs in the past and they haven’t let me down. This slip on sandal is easy to wear with almost anything, from denim to hot pants or summer dresses. Well, at least that’s how I’d wear them.

You see, I also wanted to pair it with my red bag as seen below. I feel like I’m going to be wearing this combo for the rest of the year!

This could be the most comfortable sandals ever and I’ve been really loving it!

Lauren Ralph Lauren Corssbag

Bag – when I said I splurge a little on my bag collection. I mean it! One of my mini goal this year is to be a more I guess aware consumer. I used to be someone who if I see something I like, I don’t too much about it and if I can afford it I’ll just buy it but I want to be a shopper where I’m a little more conscious about the environment.  I want to make sure that the things that I’m buying is going to be used for a very long time even if that means I’m paying a higher price tag for it. If it’s something of quality and will last me for a good while, I would rather do that.

Inside Lauren Ralph Lauren bag

So,  picked up this adorable Lauren Ralph Lauren Crossbody Bag that’s red and it’s screaming my name. Regular price tag is for $110 but I’m paying a reduced price at $69.99 which is quite a steal, don’t you think!  It’s of 100% leather material and was made in Indonesia. It’s perfect to wear as a crossbody bag or on the shoulder as shared on my Instagram post. I really love the good compact size of this bag. It can store cellphone, coins, cash and so many other things in it. So many compartments for cards and there’s also a pen holder just in case. They think of everything even to the smallest detail which I truly appreciate.

Closed up look #RalphLauren

It’s like a wallet but with a strap on it and suprisingly roomy on the inside. The long strap is adjustable and I really like the cute heart shape on gold metal zipper and hardware. I’m loving x10 with this crossbody bag.

So those are some of the stuff that’s a must have for Spring. Definitely make sure you check them out. Leave me a comment down below and tell me what products you like me to try this Spring!

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Happy shopping!

Sharon xoxo



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Nail Lacquer Trio LE|Clé De Peau Beauté


Hey guys! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. We’ve a snow storm today and it’s freezing cold outside. When it comes to winter inspired nails I love painting my nails with bold and festive nail colors. Is it only me or anyone else who wear bold colors in winter! Winter is one of favorite season because of the festive holidays and the bold colors. I’m very much drawn to deep reds and grays. So, when I received this trio nail lacquers package in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago, I was so thrilled that I share it on my insta story.

*PR Samples

A big shout out to my girlfriend Amanpreet for this lovely PR package. Thank you so very much. I’m really grateful to receive this beautifu Nail Lacquer Trois Collection Nuit de Chine by Clé de Peau Beauté in my collection.

Collection Nuit de Chine

This is my first time playing with this brand and I’m pleased to say that I love everything about this set, their packaging, colors and the formula are just fabulous. I’m super excited to try these stuff out.

Introducing you to the artist behind this holiday line. Her name is Kathe Fraga and this is her first collaboration with Clé De Peau Beauté on their Fall 2017 Holiday Limited Edition Collection. The theme of the collection and her art is inspired by the “The Chinese film, In the Mood for Love. The birds in her design represent a couple falling in love.” As an art lover and someone who appreciate art, I really love her beautiful piece of work. She’s a very talented artist!

Trio Nail Lacquers by Cle de Peau

Smoky Veil is described as a deep engulfing ivory gray with a beautiful glossy sheen finishing. Two coats are all you need for the #notd look that I’ll be sharing you down below.   


The scents of these nail lacquers are incredible. I’ve never smell such an amazing feminine and yet sophisticated rose fragrance before. The scents lingered the entire day I had it on.

Did you know that this product is formulated with Argan Tree Oil for moisturizing benefits? That’s a high quality products for your nails.

Nail Lacquer #14

I’m loving the longevity and color in Lacquer Chest described as Noir-red with hidden passion. Once applied and dried, the polish looks so pretty and it smells divine. I’ve been wearing it on my toes for more three weeks now only to see some chips around the edges, which is not bad at all in my opinion.


As for the real test on my fingers, I’m happy to report that it stays on for a good 5-6 days on harsh environment, which aren’t so bad. I’m always rough with my hands – meaning, I don’t wear gloves when I do my dishes. For the ultimate test, I don’t apply top coat either when testing out nail polish just to see its true glory. I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality to say the truth. So, for the color to stay that long, that’s impressive!

Nail Lacquer #13

Gilding The Lily is a dazzling gold glitter which is so pretty. 


Here’s a closeup look of the consistency and just looks at the gold and black glitters. So very festive and perfect for this holiday season.

#NOTD Cle de Peau

I’m really glad to have tried this stuff out. I know for sure that I’m going to keep wearing them non-stop!

I just found out today that this product went out so fast, it has already been sold out. Sorry that you missed it! But if you’re still interested in their other holiday collections go to their website for more information.

What are some of your go to colors this winter? Do you like a loud color like me or tend to play it safe? Let me know in the comments below.

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Sharon xoxo


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Beauty Favorite – Flower Beauty NOTD


Hey guys! Ready for a Flower Nail Lacquer? I sure am.


Seriously, I know that I haven’t done a nail post in awhile and I’ve no idea why! At least now’m starting to catch up on them. Do you remember the post I shared on my Tester Wednesday a while ago? I explained how I stocked up with Flower Beauty products before they took them out the shelves at all Walmart Canada. Well, let’s just say not only did I stocked up their lipsticks, I grabbed quite a bit of their left-over clearance inventories.


I shared photos of some nail color swatches on my Instagram if you care to check it out. I wore this shade before and I’m ready today to give my two cents opinion. I’m just going to jump right in with the review.

The packaging is really cute. Right from the bottle shape to the white cap. Can you tell that I like this shade a lot. It’s so pretty and girly!


I got the shade Aster Place which is a nice rose mauve tone. Which is a very pretty shade to wear for the coming Lunar New Year celebration? Tradition is to wear red on that day but I’ve already planned to wear this aster place with my other red outfit.

Just two coats and without top coat

Love the colors and the smell of this polish. It simply has a nice coverage for a drugstore brand.

I’m usually too lazy to do the top coat and to my surprise it dries pretty fast. Application was smooth and easy. I would say it dries up about 8-10 minutes without top coat. The best part is that I got the full opacity in just 2 coats. This is so cool! I love how opaque the formula is.


This is a good drugstore version polish I’ve wore! Essie is usually my favorite and still is but this one only takes 2 coats. It’s opaque shiny and after 4 days there is only a minimal wear. Which is not bad in my opinion. You see, I don’t like wearing gloves when doing dishes. I like the feel of washing dishes, I don’t know how to explain this. But maybe it’s just me! I’m quite impressed that it long lasting.

Overall, I’m more impressed than I expected to be with this! I recommend to those who want pretty colors that are affordable and they’re cruelty free!! Now, run to Walmart, girls. This is seriously nice.

Let me know what you think. Will it be a yes or a pass if you see this at your local Walmart?

So ya, thanks for stopping by to read and I hope to see you again on the next one. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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What Worked? Beauty January 2017


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day filled with joy, laughter and of course, family.

On today’s post I like to talk about best in beauty as the title says. I’ve no intention to buy anymore makeup but when I saw these gift sets by Essence Cosmetics on Christmas Eve while I was at Maxi Grocery. I was tempted and lost my self control. Left the store with two holiday gift sets.

First, let’s start off by talking about the packaging of the Stand Out Eyes, cute! Inside the packaging are five amazing makeup products while Shimmer and Shine. It houses six holiday shade nail polishes with a Gel top coat. Each gift set retails for CAD$8.97. These for me were some amazing deals!

Love love makeup products and so I want to start with my favorite part of the month : Makeup


This is the first gift set I picked up at the store. I was drawn by the price tag and also the single eyeshadows were calling out my name. Admittedly, what attracted my attention in the first place was the gorgeous embossing pattern! It looks so luxury and fine.

I don’t remember having the Velvets collection line by Essence Cosmetics, so I’m curious to give these a try.  If I’m not mistaken, this is their Spring 2016 line.


Look how cute these chequered embossment surface is. They’re the cutest I’ve seen from this brand. The texture is buttery soft and very nicely pigmented.

The shades I picked up are Smooth Caramel and Taupe Secret. They’re made in Italy in case some of you are curious to know. They’re available in nine velvety soft color spectrum and now I’ve two from the collection. Individual pan retails for US$2.49 each.


Now let’s see how they fared!

They promise to be silky smooth, which they totally are! They may seem to have a matte finish, but to me these have more like a silky satin finish. There’s no visible shimmer but just to put it out that the finishing does reflect some light.


Super star standout is this Taupe Secret. This is the star of the show in this set. I love love love it!

They do dust a tiny bit, but comparing to other drugstore eyeshadows I’ve tried, this isn’t that bad. Lasting power is decent without primer, but nothing out of the ordinary.

If you’re looking for a budget makeup with neutral color eyeshadows, then these two are a must-haves.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these shades and how they worked for you?


Next is the I Love Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base. The formula is of light rose shade and it works to help eyeshadow long lasting and looking great all day.


The applicator is of doe foot applicator. The formula has very nice consistency and it blends quite nicely.


Look how pretty this swatch is? If you’re in the market for a long lasting and intense eyeshadow base for an affordable price, then look no further. This is made for you!

I’ve been wearing it for a week now and again today. I was out the whole day because it’s a good day for me. Out and about to just soaked in the sun. It’s a gorgeous day!  I’m thankful for today. Sorry I went a little off tangent but coming back to eyeshadow base, this is something I would recommend this to anyone who is new to makeup world and/or to friends who are a collector like myself.


Third is their Eye Pencil. It claims to be a long lasting and this makes me eager to put this to the test!

So, I’ve been trying it for a week now and I’m wearing it today. Really enjoy the dark black color it gives.


I’ve been obsessed with liquid liner for a long while. Honestly, I haven’t been wearing pencil liner for what seems ages. But when I saw this, it sure brings back sweet old memories. I’m excited to try it one more time. I can feel the butterfly feeling, it’s like of a lost love that returns, if you know what I mean.


Sorry about the photo. I couldn’t get the best lighting after sunset. It just refused to focus. Well, this are one of those days. Anywho, here’s a swatch of Black Fever. It glides on like butter with amazing formula.

If you’re in the market for an affordable drugstore everyday eyeliner pencil, that’s the way to go! I like to wear it on my tight lines. Gives my eyes more definition and depth.


I recently reviewed an eyebrow gel mascara by the brand and I’ve been getting lots of use with it. I love how the spoolie comb my brows without smudging. This is just another product that I always have in my makeup collection. I’m talking about this gel eyebrow that really works for me.


I’m happy that they named their polishes besides just numbering them. The packaging is so cute. I can say now that all these colors are something I know I’ll be reaching for them.

These nail polishes have very good formula. The consistency is just nice- it isn’t too runny or too thick. It goes on easily and I’ve these shades for a week with the top coat (when I tested the color swatches) and it only has a minimal chipping. So, I would say it’s reasonably long lasting. I’m quite impressed!










#44 ON AIR

I’ve been wearing this shade since boxing day and it’s been FIVE days and it’s still going strong. It’s just too pretty to take them off. No chipped at all with the Essence Gel Top Coat. Hurray!




It claims to give ultra long lasting gel shine and I agree with their claim.

I’m leaving you here with the color swatches.


There’s so many Essence products out there, I mean I feel like I could continue to talk about Essence products forever. I hope this gave you a feel if you’re new to Essence or help your feet wet with products that actually works.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post on what worked from the beauty drugstores.

Have you tried any polishes from this line? If not, what was your favorite nail polish shade? 

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope to see you all again on my next post. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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