KARITY Professional Single Eyeshadows – MY Fave Picks


Hi everyone! Some of you guys asked for a review when I got my order in and I’ve to apologize for this insanely overdue post. My obsession for eyeshadows is real and you won’t believe if I told you that it’s all buried deep in my storage drawer that I totally forgotten about these. So instead, today I’m going to show you what’s my favorite picks that I got from Karity Professional and how I save coins

I did a research and here’s the story behind this company. According to their website, Karity aims to “By selling directly to you, they cut out all of the extra markups that make all of those other fancy brands so pricey.”

#Karity Eyeshadow Pan

My obsession for neutral nude eyeshadows are endless. So, when I saw these pretty shade eyeshadows I knew I needed to try some of them. On their website they have eyeshadow palettes as well as individual shadows. I picked up seven single shadows from matte, velvet and frost finishing for you to get the sense of the type of finish this brand offer.

I’ve found some amazing and affordable eyeshadow that’s comparable to the Colourpop individual shadows and I’m excited to talk about them today. Scroll down for comparison from both brands in packaging, eyeshadow and to color swatches.

$4.50 a pan

MOONSHINE – is a Soft creamy beige frosty eyeshadow.


DIMEPIECE – Metallic Silver with icy shimmer frost eyeshadow


BIRTHDAY SUITE – Soft creamy beige matte eyeshadow


INOD is described as a Soft golden peachy brown matte eyeshadow


PANAMA GOLD – is described as a Peachy-brown with shimmer velvet eyeshadow


TEMPTRESS – Intense reddish brown matte eyeshadow


BEIGNING – Soft muted beige taupe matte eyeshadow

Cruelty Free

As you can see, they come in a cute packages and when you turn around it, you’ll also see the list of ingredients, as well as it’s cruelty free and recyclable. It gives you the texture of the color, it’s matte and the name.

Did you see that happy little cruelty free bunny!

#Karity $12 Eyeshadow Palette


I bought this separately to fill the individual eyeshadow pans. This palette also contains built in magnets that can hold up to twelve of our finished single shadows or empty 26mm pans. It comes with a huge mirror that I really appreciate.


Note that it doesn’t have a magnetic closure but it’s definitely a sturdy constructed palette to store your individual shadows. The lid’s opens and shuts with a click. This palette is the exact dupe to the Coastal Scents Interchangeable Palette if you asked me. If you’re only looking for an empty palette and for the price alone, I would say go for the Coastal palette. It’s only a fraction of the price for the exact product 

All the shadow pots stick perfectly to the base due to the magnets. It’s a good size palette that’s travel friendly and convenient to bring everywhere. I like that I only picked the colors I want in it, my own customized palette tailored to me.


As you can see the shades although pigmented are also extremely buildable, so you can create a very soft and natural look with these neutral shadows. I would say the lasting power is decent but it gets better with eye primer for sure.


Today’s blog post is super quick but jammed packed with photos. I wanted to share with you the full swatches of the eyeshadows I got from Karity. I understand how hard it is to shop online so I’m hoping these straightforward swatches help.

Below are the color swatches I did on my arm without primer or eyeshadow base. I love how pigmented these shadows are. The texture feels smooth and creamy. I’m surprised that it blends so well given they’re so pigmented shadows.


The color payoff is amazing, what you see is what you get!


I don’t have all the Mac Single Shadows to compare but here’s the list of dupes of (Mac vs Karity) I found on Pinterest which I hope helps. I’m pleased to have picked up six out of seven Mac dupes from Karity that saves me some money.

Nylon – Moonshine

Brule – Birthday Suite 

Electra – Dimepiece

Soft Brown – Inod

Texture – Panama Gold

Embark – Temptress

I mentioned earlier in this post that I’ll be doing a comparison between Karity and Colourpop so here’s a quick sneak peek. If you like me to do a comprehensive blog review, let me know in the comment below. As far as packaging, formula and price tag goes, I think they’re very competitive and similar in many ways. To top it up, both are also cruelty free brands except Karity is a little underrated.


Overall verdict: These eyeshadows are richly pigmented. I like the way it applies and blend. Honestly, I’m quite impressed with the quality and the affordable prices are a hard thing to come by. This cruelty free single shadow is only $4.50 and they got all shades of the rainbow for everyone. I do recommend you giving these a try because you won’t be disappointed. So what are you waiting for – don’t take my word for it, go check it out!

When you order from Karity, make sure to use their offer for FREE Shipping on US orders over $35. I want you to save on shipping so I’m just passing on the good news. I don’t work or have any affiliate links with this brand.

What are your favorite single shadows? Have you tried Karity eyeshadows before? Comment below what are your thoughts? I love to hear from you.

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Sharon xoxo


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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post! These products were purchased with my own money and all opinions on the product are my own.


Best Cruelty Free BH Ultimate Lips To Go – Review & Swatch



Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog 🙂

Good Morning everyone! I’ve been awake since half 6 this morning –  nice and early today, currently sipping on a cup of coffee and hoping that this will help a few of you in some way!

I’m very excited to publish my post this morning and planning to write another two more reviews hopefully.


Today, I’m going to be taking about this gorgeous Ultimate Lips To Go 6 Color Lipstick Palette by BH Cosmetics and as you can see they’re colorful and oh-so pretty!


There are 6 glorious shades in this palette. All of each are equally pretty than the other. This palette is definitely something for everyone whether you’re up for a red dark plum lips to coral wearer.


This palette is cruelty free and here I’m sharing the ingredients this lip products contained on this compact packaging.

Keep scrolling to see something cool….


I really like the color selections in this palette and look how sleek and compact the packaging is. You can simply throw it in your purse and touch-up whenever you want, girl! It’s so convenient and oh yes, did I also mentioned it came with a lip brush! Yay!


My only complain is that the packaging is without a mirror, which didn’t bother me at all. I only do the touch-up in the “Ladies”/”Rest Room anyways.


Now, behold for these epic awesomeness. Aren’t they the prettiest for a good value!


Sharing here the color swatches – very pigmented, smooth and glides on lips like a dream. I’m loving it and wearing a mixed of coral and mauve colors today. Let me point it out that these lipsticks last quite well.

Capture For everyday lips Capture Ombre lips Korean  For ombre lips Korean

I’ve noticed especially with the darker shades, is that they turn into stains on my arm after doing the swatches. Honestly, I really wouldn’t mind having lip stain on especially after my lipstick faded.

If you haven’t seen this from BH Cosmetics yet, then I’d definitely recommend you go and check this product. A DEFINITE KEEPER FOR BEGINNERS OR PRO MAKEUP LOVERS.

This amazing lipstick palette is for $5.00 when you purchase more than $25.00 from BH Cosmetics. I’m not sure if they still have this promotion up but do check out this product when they put them as permanent line.

Have you seen this on Bh online website? Would you pick up this palette? As always I absolutely love reading your comments and still have a lot to get through!

Hope you all enjoy this post, the product and the look and I can’t wait to see what you all think!

Sharon xoxo



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Beauty Bandit: City Girl Princessa Shanghai Eyeshadow


Recently, I saw Beauty Youtuber Emily talked about beauty products at Miss A Shop website and thanks for the reminder, I went back to shop online again. I bought a couple of products before and went back mainly for the price. It’s dirt cheap BUT decent quality. I would say, come neck to neck with Elf cosmetics. Comparable in quality depending on the brands you choose from the site.

Miss A Shop carries not only cosmetics but jewelry, nails, hair and charms. Everything in the STORE is for US$1.00 ONLY! I know, it’s insane right!

I ordered a few products from different brands like Malibu, Starry and City Girl. Today, I’m going to talk about City Girl Eyeshadow Trio – SHANGHAI


First thing I noticed when I unbagged this packaging is the spelling error on Eyeshadow. Gaahhhh! I was really upset since I’m a sucker for adorable packaging and this destroys the cute packaging (boohoo hoo!).

princesa eyeshadow

That’s my shocking expression you see here – of “sister” from the “Berenstain Bears” when I noticed the spelling error. Needless to say, I immediately turn the packaging and found it was Made In TAIWAN. Bummer!


Don’t get me wrong, for the price these are good eyeshadows. If you can live ignoring the wording then I recommend this. I got the Shanghai, and the colors are decently pigmented, build-able, and you get a lot for the money. Plus there’s a cute mirror in the top of the container.


Shanghai as you see it!


But then, another shocker is the color selection (in a good way). Very nice shades of Shanghai. Available in six inspired cities in the world – Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York and Mexico City.


I ant to share a close up picture of this trio eyeshadow. It’s travel friendly and the paper box packaging is light to drop it in a purse.


Look! There is a round mirror on the inside lid. How cool is that?


The texture of the eyeshadow is like a decently milled pressed/compacted pigment. Incredibly easy to pick up products and it blends effortlessly. Color payoff is decent and it lasted the whole day I was wearing it yesterday and today.


Overall, I really like this shadow for now and it’s my love at first sight, and if you’re a girl who can’t be bothered with using makeup brushes or if you’re into the simple one-color eyeshadow looks, these are great. I love shadows that can be applied quickly and look great on their own, and this is one of them! So, YAY!

I also think this is a really pretty shade for Winter. I can see it looking great with berry or red lips! Don’t you think!

Color swatch on naked arm without primer or eye base.


My favorite application tool is my fingertip or an old-school sponge applicator, as they both pick up the most product and apply the product in an opaque layer. A small flat brush also works well, such as a small concealer brush.

If you are on a Low Buy or beginners to beauty department, you can definitely have to stop by Miss A website. This deal is a steal, I didn’t mean for it to rhyme but it just did. Decent quality products that wouldn’t break your bank,

What do you think? Have you ever tried this brand before? Do you like them? Or are you completely over them?

Stay tune for more reviews on beauty products from Miss A Shop coming up next.

Thanks so much for stopping by and comment. Hope to see you on the next one! 🙂

Sharon xoxo


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Measurable Difference Eyeshadow Palette|Review & Swatches

Holiday season is the best time to buy good quality eye shadows from reputable brand at an affordable price. Most of the Measurable Difference brand come out with lovely Holiday Palettes and they are a great way to try some amazing shades and the brand as well.

Here is my find with this brand and the story that follows.

Get ready for an enchanted evening that just won’t stop. Play it cool this holiday with eyes in deep smoky hues. Take a cue from your favorite warm weather clothes and think cozy and cool breeze for fall beauty!


Measurable Difference product is available online and at Winners (Canadian Retail Stores). Good news to US friends, I just found out that you can find their products everywhere, including Walgreens, Nordstrom, and many other stores worldwide. So yay!


A nice ranges of 15 eyeshadow palettes to choose for $6.99 at Measureable Difference online website. Their eyeshadows come in all sorts of colors, from blues, to greens, to nudes.


Many of you may have known me if you’ve been reading my blogpost that I have a soft corner for 5 things (when it comes to makeup):

1. Warm Neutral eyeshadows
2. Intense dark shade eyeshadows (I don’t use these often)
3. Sleek, Long Palette
4. Cute packaging
5. Pigmentation


This palette contains five amazing eyeshadows. Net Weight: 0.04 oz (1 g) x 5. I chose the Measurable Difference to Desert Nights Eyeshadow Palette as my Holiday Palette. I especially like this palette.


Up close of the eyeshadows in the pan. Out of the five eyeshadows, two are matte and the rest are with shimmery metallic finish. No doubt, I adored palette that has shimmer but am impressed to see a few matte shadows which I think was brilliant. This palette is perfect for a night out on the town.

measurable difference shadows

I really love the texture and formula. It feels velvety smooth, creamy and rich in pigmentation. Gorgeous shades and versatile. Very easy to blend and beautiful color payoff. Hence, a little goes a long way. So, hurray for that! I’m genuinely impressed if that’s what you want to know.


Desert Nights Eyeshadow Palette consists of rich deep and darker tones to develop more definition in your everyday eye-look with pigment rich shades that accentuates your crease and inner corner to make your eyes POP!


These eyeshadow shades stay put for a totally glam look all night long. I’ll post another picture for the night eye look on twitter and facebook. But in this post, I’m sharing a daylight look which has soft and dewy finishing. Hope you like it.

Measurable Difference eyeshadow

I think the ultimate fall to do is to let go of your hair, stay to your beauty routine and just don’t let November Blue hits you. Go out and get yourself some Measureable Difference eyeshadow palettes and keep yourself busy playing with all these fun shades. In my opinion, with the amazing quality and unbeatable price, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this palette to everyone.

Before I end my post, as my usual ritual here is a question for you.

What brand of makeup do you wear? Make sure to leave your comments down below.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I’m not affiliated with this company whatsoever. I’m just sharing my love for this palette and hope you’d enjoy them too.

Question Tuesday | Lip Tattoo Who’s In And Who’s Not?


photo from Born Pretty website
photo from Born Pretty website

The newest trend, lip tattoo, is one of the latest invention in the beauty market.

Have you heard about it latest lip trend? What do you think of this novelty item or gadget or is this a real deal? Who’s in and who’s not?

Don’t forget to leave your comment below. I’d love to hear what you think.

What did lip tattoo do to your lips? I’m intrigued and so here is what I found out for you guys. Basically, you apply a coat over your lips (which looks like gloss), wait approx. 1 min for it to dry, and then peel it off. Once the layer is peeled off, the colour underneath is said to last longer on your lips.

Where to purchase?  Check Born Pretty Store website for $6.70 a tube with 5 colors to choose from.

Thank you for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo