Promo Monday: Love Contours All Palette by NYX [Review + Swatches]


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Happy New Year to everyone! Christmas has been so  amazing and I’ve really enjoyed the break, not to mention I got my hands on a few treats too.

My first treat is the palette by NYX which I picked up at my local drugstore (Pharmaprix or Shoppers Drug Mart). And it’s the NYX Cosmetics Love Contours All Palette. This palette retails for CAD$26.99 and it comes with fifteen products where nine been the eyeshadows. So this is a very good deal for the price.

Honestly, I’ve no idea that it’s going to be so versatile of a palette when I saw it, as I thought it was just an eyeshadow palette and no, this is the ultimate palette to travel with.


As you all know I’m obsessed with eyeshadow palette and what’s so neat about this palette is that it comes with highlighter and contour. I don’t remember owing this kind of combo in my collection but let me tell you that I’m delighted. Super excited! Can you tell!


They’re great for those with all skin types and truly look amazing on the skin! I’ve been using them everyday for the past week and into the the holiday season and I’m so happy with the results in photographs as well. I love the texture of this product.

When you opened up this palette, you’ll see a ginormous mirror. It’s stable and sleek which is great for storing or travelling.


I’m glad to say that all shades are nicely pigmented and are easy to blend, the contour shades are the most pigmented part of the palette, so I’ll be using this palette every day.

The low point is there’s no shade names on this palette which is a bumped. I always love when palette has shadow names on them. It might just my thing but thought you might want to know.

I’ve swatched everything for you guys below. These swatches are with one swipe  on my hand with my finger.


I was impressed to see so many varieties of shadows from this palette. Looking into this palette, you get 4 shimmery shadows and 5 mattes but the White shade ones look like a satin and not a complete matte. The shimmery shades are really pretty they’re pigmented and they’ve a  beautiful finish to them. My favorite is the pink shimmery one on the right.


As for the matte shadows NYX nailed it. They’re super pigmented but not necessarily in a bad way. They’re pigmented and easy to apply on the eyes. I’m loving it.

I really like the color selection, where you get the cream shade which is very necessary, a deep brown, a deep plum, black, and lilac which I think is very cool to have it here.


I find the color payoffs are amazing except with the taupe-y shade ones. But it’s a pretty shade don’t get me wrong.


So you got two very different highlight and contour shades in this palette.

The one on the right circle swatch is a Pearlized pink icy iridescent highlight and the matte warm brown contour which  I noticed a little too dark for my skin tone. I tried it on my crease and it was the best decision I’ve made. The formula is so pigmented with buttery feels on it.


Left circle swatch is this Super bronze highlight and Light Brown contour which is a cooler tone. I like this color contour better. It’s super blend-able and are easy to work with.


Bottom row (L-R): for Eyebrows, you got a taupe-y brown and a deep brown. I haven’t tried these yet since I’ve been reaching for the Essence Make Me Brow Gel Mascara lately. The texture is quite nice and smooth. Another thing I wanted to point out is that they’re completely matte.

Overall, I’m impressed.  I just can’t say enough good things about it. I really feel like NYX Cosmetics are trying to bring an affordable yet professional range to the drugstore shelves and I welcome that with open arms. I’m so thrilled I’ve my hands on this palette really. You got to try the color swatches the next time you’re at local Phamaprix.

I definitely see myself reaching out for this palette. The quality is there, NYX never lets me down. I’m always happy with their products.

As usual, I want to thank you all so much for having a read of my post. I’ve been so lucky to have had such a great response to all my posts this year, so again thank you guys.

Sharon xoxo


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the Balm Balmsai – Review & Swatches



Hey there! Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

Ahhhh!!! Today is a good day to talk about Balmsai Eyeshadow and Brow Palette by the Balm. The weather is nice with spring finally here. Surprisingly, we had a quite a nice winter if it’s not for my health conditions.


A new thing to me that I wanted to share today is this big size palette by the Balm I just received a few days ago.

I always get super hyped when I see the Balm palettes and tempted to purchase every time at their website.

Let’s take a look!


the Balm Balmsai Palette includes 18 shades you can use for lids, liners and you also get an additional 3 brow shades and two transparent eye stencils/brow guide. Wouldn’t you feel like you can just dive right in! It says on the palette that you can either wear them wet or dry, intense with more drama or for just an everyday basic look.


I like all in one palette as they’re easy to travel with. It housed a good color selections of taupe and neutral brown shadows. The packaging is made from a sturdy cardboard just as their staple packaging from the Balm. I find that the slip cover useful because it could hold the palette tightly to avoid wear and tear while travelling. The outer box is a whimsical art featuring beach girl in her swimsuit.


In terms of the size you got quite a decent amount of products from this palette. My brush fits just fine into them. Yay!





Curve & Angle (Brow/Shadows) SCORE-DIG IT-WOODIE

Catch a Wave (Use Wet or Dry) STOKES-RIPPER-RIGHTEOUS


Overall, I’m just loving everything in this palette. Awesome pigmented eye shadows and the color variety is the best point about this palette. I find it to be versatile and this one may be my favorite, great spring and summer colors.


Color swatch : top 3 rows from left to right


Color swatch : bottom 3 rows left to right

Here is an EOTD makeup look that created and hope you like it

What do you think of this palette? Make sure to leave your comments. I love to read them.

Thanks for checking out my blog everyone, and have a great day! I’d see you again on the next one.

Sharon xoxo


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Sugar Box Review, Photos & Swatch



This is my first SUGAR BOX Eyeshadow Palette (US$7.99)from ebay, and I’ll admit I was a bit skeptic at first. But there was a week when I found myself always reaching out for this palette when I’m doing my makeup. I got this for the holiday and I’m totally in love with this palette.

Let’s jump right in, shall we!

Sugar Box Natural Eye Makeup

The eyeshadow palette I got is in Natural Eye Makeup #03. Here’s a summary of this product:


  • Contain 10 pretty color shadows for different neutral look
  • In this palette there are four matte and six shimmering jewel finish shadows
  • Packed with nice versatile shade selection.
  • These are warm undertones shades that looks pretty amazing on the palette 
  • Nicely pigmented color with smooth & silk texture ❤
  • Love the packaging


  • Would be great if they name their palettes instead of by # numbers. Less confusing
  • Some shadows I noticed to be a bit tardy on fall out

Let me elaborate more of this product.

Eyeshadow placement from left to right: the first six shadows are shimmery while the last four are matte finish.

I was so excited! I did the color swatch upon opening the package. Here’s the color swatch on bare arm (meaning with eye primer or base). Guys, what you see is what you get. These shadows stay true to its colors.

Beautiful color selection by Sugar Box

As far as the packaging goes, the size of the palette is small and sleek enough for travel and has a good size mirror with a decent duo eyeshadow brush which you could actually use if you want to.


The pigmentation on these eyeshadows are quite impressive for the price. They’re not the best but it does give you a good color payoff with a good primer or base on. I also noticed that they’re long wearing and doesn’t budge.

Color swatch on bare arm

The matte formula are unbelievably buttery and smooth. For the price, I consider this eyeshadow palette to be a pretty good buy. It has what you need and it does the job right. I will repurchase this again. I’m in love with the smooth texture and the neutral shades are just amazing.

Overall Rating: 4 out 5

What do you think of this palette? Have you heard of this brand before. Leave your comments below.

Thank you very much for stopping by and read.

Sharon xoxo


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Flash News! Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette At Ulta

photo taken from Lorac
photo taken from Lorac

The rumors are true. It’s coming!

I got this in my news feed and here is the latest update for you who are anxiously wanting for the launching of this new Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette.

The wait is over, my beauty friends! The date has been confirmed. Meet the ‪#‎LORACMEGAPRO2‬, only at ULTA Beauty on October 4th!

Don’t forget to check their website or instore to get your palette and be the first to review it. As for Canadian, you can either order it online at Ulta.

Have a wonderful weekend and say Beautiful!

Sharon xoxo

LORAC Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette|Review & Color Swatches



Today, I love to talk about this wonderful Lorac Unzipped Palette which have been streaming among many bloggers and youtubers alike raving about it. Just to put it out, Lorac is a brand that I truly enjoyed after my great experienced with Lorac Pro Palette.

This is not a new Lorac collection or release in case you wonder but it’s something I wanted to have. I love the beautiful neutral colors in this palette and it’s just so tempting. The color pigmentation was very strong and I would say comparable to MAC. By the way, this palette also comes with a mini eyeshadow primer. So remember to check it out. This Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette, I got it for $40.00.


Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette comes in 10 ultra rich, shimmering and matte shadow in a super sexy, nude palette. (Net wt: 030 oz)

Since I just received it, I’m on top of the world and so excited to share my thoughts and opinion. Unfortunately, as I opened the packaging, I noticed one of the shadow (Unbridled) broke during handling and I was obviously heartbroken. So, I found a way to salvage it by keeping it in a small jar and use it when I do a smokey eye. It works!

palette and primer

Included in this palette, you also get a Mini Behind the Scene Eye Primer sample with net wt: 0.19 oz.

Lorac unzipped

It comes in a nice packaging with gold trim zipper and LORAC icon on it. I love how the packaging is, it’s slim and sleek. The box material feels like a PU leather and I notice that it has a good size mirror on the inside lid. I love this palette because the pan is bigger than those of the same price range.

shadow palette

A shimmery and matte eyeshadow in the palette. The colors are absolutely gorgeous with the broken dark brown Unbridled shade which is unfortunate. I also realized that the Undercover is a little bit powdery but the rest have an awesome texture.  Other than that, overall, the pigment is rich and texture were incredibly soft and smooth. Very easy to layer and so easy to blend. This is a gorgeous nude palette for everyday wear.

shadow palette lorac

Top row L-R: Undercover (matte)/Unbelievable (shimmer)/Unattainable (shimmer)/Unconditional (matte)/ Unbridled (matte)

Bottom row L-R: Undiscovered (shimmer)/Unreal (shimmer)/Uncensored (shimmer)/Unspoken (matte)/ Untamed (shimmer)


Here are the color swatches on bare hands. I don’t do swatches on eye primer or eye base. Isn’t these colors gorgeous! The color payoff is awesome. A little goes a long way, babe!

Beautiful neutral, nude with amazing pigmentation. The Unbelievable and Unattainable has a more gold shimmery finish which are lovely to wear for night out for a more dramatic look. My favorite shades are the Uncensored and Unspoken.

Here are the pictures I wore using Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette. Natural and stunning look that last all day.

Lorac Unzipped palette
Closed up look
Finish look.
Beautiful with winged liner.
Final look!

I’m in love with this look. It’s an everyday wear to work, grocery, transition color from summer to fall. It’s such a gorgeous palette with so much to offer. Hope you guys like and enjoy this review and the EOTD look.

Overall, I’ll continue using this palette until the next time to repurchase. I love the pigmentations and the quality is just awesome. I highly recommend you to try this palette because it’s AWESOME! You can get this at LORAC online. Don’t forget to also check on their new palette Lorac Unzipped Gold Eyeshadow Palette while you’re there.

Do you own the Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette? Have you ever bought into the hype of a palette? Any shades/tones in here appeals to you? Leave your comment below.

Thanks so much for taking the time reading.

Sharon xoxo



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Note: I’m not affiliated to Lorac or sponsored by any brand. All the products I mentioned on this review are purchased by me. Opinion are solely my own.



Beauty Haul! Target mini beauty makeup haul

Target mini makeup haul

It’s that time, my beauty mini makeup haul has landed. Yes!!! I went shopping again at Target and got some beauty bits that I really want to try. I’m thrilled to share some of  my haul today with you.

So here is the little haul of what I’ve purchased!

I have wanted to try the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral palette for a while and so I decided that it’s time for me to get it. It’s a little bit expensive for a small palette eyeshadow but I’m all in for this one. I picked up this gorgeous color Copper Peach palette in 0.20 oz and I know that I’m pretty sure going to have lots of fun playing with these colors.

pixi eyeshadow palette

I really want to talk more on each of the makeup that I just picked up. So, I will start off with this Pixi palette. So, many fun colors to play with, I’ll be busy for weeks. I would definitely give my thoughts and opinion once I have tried them including swatches etc in my next blog.

nyc new trio eyeshadow

Next up is the NYC New Trio Eyeshadow in 789 on West Vintage. Trying new colors are one of my favorite things to explore. So, I like this West vintage eyeshadow and absolutely doesn’t mind giving it a try. I got mine for less than $3.00 for 0.15oz depending on where you live. Pretty intense color palette and it came with a duo-end tiny little brush. Will have my review up soon.

Maybelline Fit Me foundation 315maybelline fit me foundation swatch

Next in line is the Maybelline Fit Me Octinoxate lotion with SPF18 . I got hold of this one in 315 on Soft Honey (1 fl oz) which was on special for $6.99. I made a color swatch and the color tone seems to pretty much complement my skin tone. Behind the bottle it does mentioned matches natural tones, blends seamlessly and let skin breathe. I’m not here to do a full blown review, don’t panic. Ha!Ha!

covergirl pressed powderNYC mascara show time

Finally, I also like to share with you this Cover Girl Pressed Powder in  715 on translucent medium. Compact powder is 0.32 oz for $6.99 (regular price $8.99) at Target. In the next few days, I will be using these pressed powder with my foundation and will share my experience with you as we go along.

Last item in my haul will be the NYC Show Time Mascara in 844 on Extreme Black. This mascara has shorter brush and it’s waterproof. Yeah!!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’m off to prepare some yummy lunch.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Are there any new products you have tried recently?

Check back soon for reviews on some of the products in this blog! 🙂

Stay Beautiful!





Sephora ~ Color Bronze Palette

sephora color bronze
sephora color bronze

Recently, I ordered a few items from Sephora using their online order. So, I really like to try this Color Bronze which has a bronzer, 4 colors lip gloss and 8 shades eyeshadows. It’s 3 in 1 combo packaging. I received my order quite fast. I believed in 2-3 days depending where you live and the ordering process was easy.

Sephora Color Bronze
Sephora Color Bronze

The size is almost like a credit card size but there were two wings on both side. The packaging is of hard plastic compact material.

Sephora color bronze eyeshadow
Sephora color bronze eyeshadow

Out of the eight color shades from the palette only one was matte (brown), where else the rest were with shimmers.

Sephora Color Bronze Eyeshadow swatch
Sephora Color Bronze Eyeshadow swatch

The top three lighter shades were very light and has little pigmentation. It was more of metalic shimmer and best to wear for evening nightout. I made a swatch color and to my disappointment, these eyeshadows have very limited lasting effect even with eye primer on. It’s powdery and color were very light.

sephora lip gloss swatch
sephora lip gloss swatch

Lip gloss swatches of the four colors in nude, pink, wine, orange-y red. Texture wise, not too bad for a lip gloss. It’s fragrant free and it glides smoothly as any lip gloss should.

sephora lip gloss
sephora lip gloss

I used a quite a bit on the lip gloss since it does give some nice color on my lips. It’s not sticky and paired well with a lovely lip liner if I just want to wear lip gloss for the day.

sephora color bronze swatch
sephora color bronze swatch

Lastly. here are the swatch I made for the bronzer which I quite like. The color is nice and it has good pigmentation.

sephora bronzer color palette

Overall, I think the name Color bronze really focuses a lot on its bronzer and not so on the eyeshadows and lip gloss. I admit that I expected more from Sephora product compared to the drugstores brand but in my opinion these eyeshadows doesn’t work for me. It might work for some and I’m sad to say that it failed my expectation.

Anyways, my question to you is:

Have you ever bought a product that fall short to your expectation? What would you do if this had happened to you?

Thanks for reading.