Beauty Gala Happening …



at Pharmaprix!


Spring Beauty Gala: Saturday, April 30 at Pharmaprix near you.

$10.00 ticket for a beautiful makeover and also you get skin consultation. $5 proceeds will go to Women’s Cancer Programs. If you like a makeover you got to try new product line from Lise Watier and Lancome. If you decided not to participate then you only pay $5 for the proceeds to the Women’s Cancer Programs.

Get your tickets early! Limited space. Book an appointment with your beautician or makeup artist to guarantee your spot now.

DISCLOSURE: This is not a sponsor post and I didn’t get paid for this. I’m just sharing what I heard from the drugstore.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



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Kick or Keep: Skin Care Samples Review


I love the Holidays! It’s the best time of the year to try out new beauty products. I was given the Biotherm skin care sample products from Galerie Beauty, Pharmaprix  (Shoppers Drug Mart) for consideration. I was on the moon and back, when I was given the opportunity to do this on a regular basis. I want to thank Sylvie for this wonderful project.

I’m excited and want to jump right in.

press samples

Here’s what I’m so obsessed with at the moment.

Take a peek!


Blue Therapy Serum Visible Signs of Aging Repair (CAD$69.00 regular size  30 ml bottle) on Biotherm website. Paraben Free!

It is actually the star of this set for me. It’s something I would never purchase for myself and it comes as a surprise I even liked it. This was created for combination skin types and it is a pretty basic yet fabulous moisturizer. I’m always look for moisturizers that are super rich and hydrating that’s why I’ve passed on this time and time again.

It really works on dark spots and It smells so good. I’ve been trying this for more than a week and the spots looks less visible. I’m satisfied with the result thus far. As for wrinkles, I’ll continue to use this serum and update back once I’ve concluded the final result.

I really like the way my skin feel when I use this product. The price is more than I can continue to pay unless there are deals offered. I have only been using this product for more than a week and can already tell a difference in my skin. I do love your products Biotherm.


Biomains Hand Cream Age Delaying Hand & Nail Treatment (CAD$31.00 regular size 100 ml).

I hate the feeling of greasy hands and I believe some of you may agree with me. But then I tried Biomains. This sample product is amazing. It takes only a small portion to moisturize your hands and it dries in seconds without ANY greasy residue. It says on the packaging that it’s nail treatment too, so I can’t wait to see better result from this bad boy.


It has a very subtle and pleasant smell that I really really love. I’d recommend this product and would get a full size tube once I’m low on the free sample.


Biosource Daily Exfoliating Cleansing Melting Gel (CAD$21.00 for 150 ml tube) at Pharmaprix Pincourt or drugstores.

It contains micro beads for exfoliating your skin. I’ve been using it 3 times a week and I can see the difference. I got compliment from my friends and told them it’s thanks to BioSource Exfoliating gel. I can “Kiss goodbye to the stubborn death skin”.


This face wash exfoliate is great, I loved it, feels great, smells so wonderful and cleans really well. I can see my face brighter and refresh. I’ll definitely be purchasing a full size of it soon!


Lait Corporel Anti-Drying Body Milk (CAD$29.00 a bottle net wt: 400ml) has an amazing citrus scents which feels so refreshing on skin. I pulled out this sample sachet two days back and applied it at night to test my reaction to this cream. And Oh boy! The citrus-y scents and milk like cream feels so good on skin.

It is a great product but expensive for a daily moisturizer or wait for a sale. If you’ve been loving this moisturizer for a long time, I can understand you’d go back in the fold.

I’m satisfied with the result and I’m repeating it again. Very gentle, pleasant smell. Excellent moisturizing. There you have it, guys!


Biotherm Replumping and Smoothing Lip Balm (CAD$22.00) is perfect for dry winter days which I’ve been experiencing lately. One thing I find about Biotherm lip balm, is it helps chapped lips to become smooth and plump with its high nutrient. It keeps my lips moisturized and the best part is that it’s colorless. I’m loving the staying power and the light scents. Doesn’t feel tacky or sticky on lips. My lips feels very comfortable wearing them. I’ll say it’s a little spend-y but worth your money.


OK, I’ve used it for a week, but so far I’m in LOVE with this lip balm. Obviously there is more testing to be done, but so far so good!

My final verdict: All the products which I’ve tried are a keeper. At this moment I honestly doesn’t have any bad things to say about them. These are amazing skin care products which are paraben free and products that actually work. It’s worth the investment in your skin care routine. I recommend this and would purchase them in regular size. I love the delicious smell of freshness.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it and be sure to let me know what you think in the comment section. I love to hear your comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read. You guys are AWESOME!

Sharon xoxo


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Disclaimer: These products are send to me for review consideration. This is not a sponsor post.


NOTD: ESSIE Good As Gold Nail Polish (Pic Heavy)




Nail products I hauled during the holiday at my local drugstore, Pharmaprix (or Shoppers Drug Mart). I was wearing this Good As Gold nail polish by Essie and the nail stickers by Essence the whole time and I really enjoy this color a lot.


Essence french glam and essence french manicure.


Good As Gold by Essie is a metallic gold with extremely fine shimmers that are only visible under bright lights. It totally looks like a metallic yellow-gold in the bottle, but I don’t notice any brown tones when painted on the nails


Essie Nail Polish formula makes me want to scream at times – the first coat applied beautifully, and the second coat was gorgeous.


Very nice consistency which isn’t too thick or runny. It applies well and opaque finish. One coat is nice but two coats are even better. The formula dries quite fast  if you ask me.


In the photo of my nails, I applied two coats to the rest of my nails, and I did a finishing touch with Essence french glam nail stickers with top coat after that.



I picked this design since it looks playful and feminine. For CAD$1.99 I’m glad I tried them. Would be going back to check out more of this nail stickers at Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart).


Have you have the days when you feel like doing your own manicure at the comfort of your home? I do and not ashamed to admit it that I can’t wait to try this french manicure tip guides I picked from Essence counter for  CAD$1.99

I was glad that my manicure holds up for at least 4-5 days. I’ll edit this post later letting you know how well it held up without chips.

This is definitely a nail polish I’ll be rocking all winter long. Told you this post is jammed packed with pictures. So glad you stop by and love to share more posts with all of you.

What’s on your nails? I love to hear your side of the story in the comment section.

Thank you very much for stopping by friends. See you on the next one.

Sharon xoxo


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My RADAR! Nouveautes – Beauty


I promised you I’ll return with more exciting and close-up images. Well, I’m keeping my word and I’m bringing you the color story of drugstore beauty.

The New Spring 2016 Collection has arrived at Pharmaprix and I’m having some inner turmoil about whether I need all these or not since my goal this year is to use up most of my makeup. I was quite intrigued and tempted to try the Dream Velvet Foundation by Maybelline and L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Gloss for instance.

I love Maybelline Instant-Age Rewind/Eraser and I always have good luck with this brand when I’m on a budget buy. This foundation comes in a gel cream formula and the texture is freaking soft, I tell you. You can see from this picture, I squeeze a little of the product and look at how much it go. So, a little goes a long way. I love that the Tester tube is perfect for my skin-tone.

At shower,  I noticed that water will bead, very much like wearing a waterproof jacket (if this make any sense). I could confidently say that you could wear it in the pool or beach and girl, this puppy is waterproof.

A liquid form gloss which is pro-matte by L’Oreal. Well, that’s new to me at least! Available in ten neutral to pink tone colors to welcome Spring. The applicator is unlike the doe foot I’m more used to. I find the tip to be a little flimsy to control when I did a swatch on my wrist. My first impression is the sponge was a bit soft but it picks up the product very well. I still have the color stain on after shower twice since yesterday.

I love matte or creamy opaque lip color and this new Pro-matte might just be right up my alley after all. It reminds me of City Color Lip Stain that I got from my Ipsy Bag, it looks like the latter is a little runny formula for L’Oreal.

This one is in my radar definitely.

I saw my favorite Youtuber Emily talked about the New Revlon 2 in 1 Compact Makeup and Concealer recently and when I spotted this at the drugstore, I’m intrigued to try it.

Available in twelve different shades and I noticed it has more deeper toned formula in this collection.

I couldn’t access to the tester for this product and I can’t give my opinion but check out this link if you want to know more.

Youtuber Emilynoel

Last but not least is this L’Oreal Color Riche Eyeshadow Gel to Powder for $6.99 in fifteen shades. The color swatch in the picture is Petite Perle. Texture feels creamy and pigmented on first swipe.

I’m dying of happiness right now! All these NEW collections are amazing. The packaging and the dark bold eyeshadow colors are so smoky hot.

But anyways, I’ll sit and ponder this a while longer if I need to pick all. Let me know what you think? Which would you like me do a review on in the comment section. I love trying out products to review.

In the mean time, let me know if you’re going to indulge in any of the above products.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read. Hope to see you in the next one!

Sharon xoxo


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Turn Back Clock With LIERAC Paris Liftissime Cream


Two Tuesday ago, I went to Pharmaprix to discover the brand new LIERAC Liftissime skincare and boy does it looks good. I received this free sample from the Beauty Gallery for consideration. I’m excited to try out this product by LIERAC seeing the opportunity for those of us living in a drier winter wonderland, now is the best time to slap more moisturizer and lotion to keep our beautiful skin hydrated. We all know that winter is harsh for us here in the North, so let’s be ready than sorry!


The Lierac Liftissime products target mature skin and aim to reshape and correcting sagging. Product is Made in France.

Enriched with candolle flower extract, it provides long-lasting hydration for normal to dry skin. This cream can also be worn day and night.



– Immediate lifting effect
– Face oval is reshaped
– Restores balance to volumes
– Visible wrinkles are filled and smoothed
– Skin is nourished
I’ve been trying this sample cream for two weeks day and night religiously. and I decided to share my thoughts and opinions in this post.
Lovely Luxe Packaging

I could see a difference on my skin after using Liftissime reshaping cream. My skin feels smoother, silkier and moisturized the next morning having it on the whole night. Skin feels more tighten and renewed. I’m happy with the results. If you’re over 35 years, you definitely want to check Lierac products out. The price is a little steeper than other drugstore brand like Olay, Nivea, No 7 and many more but for product that REALLY works, this one is the winner in my book.

It has nice soothing scents like other Lierac products and good news is that it’s relaxing and formula feels lightweight on skin. It comes in a nice luxe packaging with a sealed cover. Pink color formula with creamy texture. I couldn’t find any bad things to say on this product.


The rich texture acts to fight installed wrinkles and relaxed features, for mature dry to very dry skins.It contains several actives for an optimal action during the day or during the night, to smooth features and to refine the face and fill installed wrinkles.


Here is the thing “BEAUTIFUL skin STARTS here!” 😀 

Lierac Paris

If you are looking for a skincare cream that actually work,I highly recommend this Lierac Liftissime Silky Reshaping Cream to you. Now, head over to your nearest Pharmaprix or Shoppers Drug Mart or add this in your wish list. You can also obtain the Lierac Liftissime Silky Reshaping Cream for CAD$90.40 (50ml) online.

Now, hop over to other BABES IN BLOGLAND friends. Check their blog posts for Blogmas Day 14.


What is your first impression of the Lierac Liftissime line? I love to hear your comments in the section below.

Thanks as usual for taking the time to read and hope to see you again on the next one 🙂

Sharon xoxo



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Disclaimer: Opinions shared in this post is solely my own through my experience with the product.


It’s Mountain Calling !



It’s almost winter here in Canada with Christmas just around the corner and that means it’s the perfect time of the year to go out and shop for yourself and your loved ones. I love to go to the malls and or drugstores to look for some new Holiday collection or any special deals. We all love to do that..don’t we ?

And..Pharmaprix is one of my favorite drugstores to get my hands on some cool stuff. I start my Christmas shopping quite early and I still have some I didn’t cross out yet. I was just checking on my usual obsession “Eyeshadow Palettes” when I saw this Mountain Calling Eyeshadow Palette by Essence. 

I could not resist myself from buying it because, a) It was a limited edition palette which is only for winter b)It was for only $4.99 and for 6 eyeshadows. Awesome !! Right?

The packaging is what gravitates me in the first place. The ski lodge and the ski mountain design reminds me of the coming ski season. Oh! how adorable the packaging is. It comes in a cardboard material with a magnetic closure with a pop out ski lodge. How cool is that!

Texture wise, I really love it. It feels creamy, pigmented, smooth with amazing color payoff. Six satiny eyeshadow shades in shimmer:

Right to left:  pearl, soft beige, light brown, forest green, winter blue, and charcoal grey. Includes  sponge eyeshadow applicator.

The verdict- Essence Mountain Calling Palette is an affordable palette which is ideal for creating subtle and defined eye looks. The wintery shades will cater almost all the skin-tones viz fair, medium and dark. I’ve other color shadows that works beautifully when mixed together.

The above swatches are on bare skin with just one line swipe, picked up directly with my fingers from the pan. Look how so pretty the pigmentation and texture. I’m falling head over heels for this.

These are non-chalky, decently pigmented, non-irritant, blend-able, silky smooth and last for 4+ hours on primed lids without creasing. Lighter shades need layering to show up but these are workable. You can use this palette on its own as well as with other shimmery colors to create a plethora of eye makeup looks.

This is 100% recommended. For $4.99 I say go for it girl. Totally worth trying it OUT. This one is a winner in my book. Don’t walk, run to your nearest drugstores for this great value palette. What are you waiting for … Mountain Calling!

Have you seen this limited edition palette by Essence? If yes what do you think of it? I would love to hear your comments.

Be sure to visit other BABES IN BLOGLAND . You got to check their blog post for Blogmas Day 13.

Thanks as usual for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



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Lancome Free Gift With Purchase At SDM/Pharmaprix


Lancome at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix Pincourt

Recently, I got this great opportunity to try out five products from Lancome at Shoppers Drug Mart (aka Pharmaprix PIncourt) for consideration. You guys know that I’m a huge fan of Lancome and my love for my Lancome Bienfait Day Cream and their eyeshadows. So, here is the chance for you to try out some of Lancome products as little as $36.00 and you get 7 pieces items shown in the pamphlet for free including the makeup bag.

Right off the bat, I just wanted to put it out there that I loved Lancome skin care products and their elegant packaging. I’ve tried several of Lancome beauty and skin care products and so far none had let me down. You know that I love trying out new makeup products from high end to drugstores but when it comes to skin care, I always reach for brands which I’m confident and trust.


This sample products would be yours if you spent $36.00 on any purchase of Lancome products. I’ve been wearing these skin care every night and I’m pleased to report that I’m impressed.

sharon beauty prime

Here is what you’d get with your purchase of any Lancome product. It’s legit.

Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Lifting and Firming Cream

First up is the Renergie Lift Multi-Action Cream by Lancome. Oh, I love this cream! Where to start? I got this sample in a net wt: 15 ml jar packaging. It comes in a lovely purple transparent  jar with a silver cap. It smells super amazing. Regular jar comes in 50ml for $120.00 CAD but since Shoppers Drug Mart has the “Your free Gift” special, if you spend $36.00 CAD of any Lancome products, you get a free gift bag which includes 7 pieces samples (valued for $138.00 CAD).

*Note that you can choose between Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action or Genifique Repair Cream and Three Types of Serum options. That’s fantastico!!! 


I love the way it feels on my skin and I notice a difference from using it. It feels light and not greasy. Best skin product ever.


• Cheekbones appear lifted
• Forehead is smoothed
• Jawline and neck look redefined.
• Skin is protected against the sun’s UVA/UVB rays.

Génifique Repair Night Cream

The regular size jar comes in 50 ml for $115.00 CAD online or at Shoppers Drug Mart.


I love love the scents of this night cream. It’s soothing and light. The formula absorbs right into skin leaving skin feeling amazing. Definitely a winner in my book.



Targets the visible signs of fatigue to help RESTORE skin’s luminosity and youthful complexion while you sleep:

• Your skin will be intensely moisturised, smooth and appear more radiant
• Visible signs of aging and wrinkles will appear reduced by morning


This creme firms and lifts your skin. I wear it every night. My skin feels sooo good in the morning. Very firm and tight not to mention smooth. Definitely will continue wearing them.

Hypnose Star Mascara Volume Ultra-Glamourous

This Hypnose Star Mascara is in 01 Noir Midnight that comes with a net wt: 0.135 fl oz for $34.50 in store. Available at Pharmaprix Pincourt, La Baie Canada, Sephora and Lancome online.

*Press Sample Packaging


• Fuller, longer, thicker lashes
• Intensely rich coverage
• Curl-enhancing, volumizing, dramatic eye makeup

There is only one thing I want to say about this mascara. Love, love this! It has beautiful texture & does not clump. Very easy to apply and it leaves my lashes looking more volume since my lashes are small and this is the perfect mascara for me! One more thing to mention is that the formula smells amazing. It maybe a little pricey but you only get what you pay for! I highly recommend this!

Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector sample size

Regular size bottle of Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector comes in 1 fl oz and it costs $135.00 a bottle. Lancome claims that this is a skin-correcting serum used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores and improve skin’s texture. As I’m my age climb one year at a time, it’s just a matter of time where wrinkles might simply pay me a visit and stay for good, lol. This serum is able to help correct my pores and skin texture for now. Recently I checked again, I was told that I have combination skin that’s leaning more to the drier side.


I love how soft this makes my skin feel. The smell is incredibly pleasant. Well, it isn’t cheap but I haven’t found anything that makes my skin feel as nice. It’s pricey but worth the sacrifice!


I’m convinced that this product will be a long-term product of mine to use! It really works and I’m so glad to have tried this product.

La Vie Est Belle

Amazing scents. Very light and it lingers on for a long duration of time. Beautiful scents of magnolia with hint of floral petals. Uhmmm…. delicious!!! Feeling uplifted freshness and this is definitely going straight to my Wishlist. You’ll get a sample L’eau de Toilette if you spend $36.00 on any Lancome products. Free gift bag of 7 pcs including a sample bottle of La Vie Est Belle.  Regular size 1.7 fl oz for $82.00 online only.


I will continue to use these wonderful products from Lancome and a big thanks to Pharmaprix Pincourt’s Manager Sylvie for this opportunity to review this awesome brand.

If you are going through your holiday bucket list this week, don’t forget to check some skin care products for your love ones or for yourself. Due to the holiday seasons, you get their special promotion of FREE bag with purchase which is an amazing deal.

I’ll be heading over to check out some skincare by Lancome. Have you tried or would you be considering trying out this brand? I love to hear your comments in the section comment below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo