Question Tuesday: What’s Your Favorite Part of Blogging


Hey guys! Welcome to my blog! This week’s Question Tuesday is exactly what the title of this post is.

Well, I find my two favorite parts of blogging to be content production and community interaction.  I love putting together a post I know everyone will love and then hearing and discussing about it on my blog.

Now, you’re turn! As a blogger, what’s your favorite part of blogging? Or perhaps, what’s your least favorite part? How do you get your effort balance in blogging?

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope to see you again on the next one. Bye for now!

Sharon xoxo


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Question Tuesday – A Funny Take on Valentine’s Day


Hey guys! What’s up bloggers! Yes, it’s February 14th and needless to say today is Valentine’s Day.

Love is in the air! The one thing I love about Valentine’s Day is that it’s not only a day to celebrate your love with your significant other, children, and family but also to yourself.

Q: So, what’s your plans to celebrate this special day? 

A:  I’m going to stay away from restaurant (not because it $100 and it includes a rose and a complimentary Champagne toast!) but because I feel ain’t right to seeing table after table filled by other struggling couples who haven’t been out for a nice meal since the last Valentine’s Day.

Q: What’s your advice for single people on Valentine’s Day?

A: It’s been said that no one will ever love you until you learn to truly love yourself. And the best way to learn something is to teach it, so get out there and teach someone to love you! Then you will love yourself and they will love you, too, because you love yourself now that you’ve taught them to love you. Make sense?

Q: What’s the fun thing you do with your Valentine? And/or how will you celebrate Valentine’s day? Comment below if you’re alone or attached.

So, hun could we just stay home and get drunk!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Sharon xoxo 


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Question Tuesday – #Q&A Talks


Hey guys! Welcome back to Question Tuesday! Today’s post is on #Q&A Talks. I really enjoy this series and hope you’d like it as much as I did.

Well, I’m just going to hop in right away.

Q1: What are the top 3 tips you would give to new blogger?

  1. Use wordpress. I know there are tons of platforms you can blog on but if you’re planning on doing it for a long term, then I would suggest you to go with self-hosted version of wordpress. I’ve been on wordpress since I started blogging and I’m happy with it.
  2. Do something interesting and then write about it. If you’re really stuck with writing then write about somethings that’s interesting or happening. It’s way easier to write about life as if you’re writing your diary or a journal. Or write a list post. Write a short story. Have an experience and then write about it.
  3.  Just start blogging and make it a point to write on a schedule as much as possible. Blogging is a habit and the faster you can train yourself to a blogging schedule the more successful you’ll be. More practice also means better posts!

Q2: What is your guilty pleasure? 

My guilty pleasure has to be pastries. I’m a carb person which means pastry bread, cookies, cakes or pies are my life. IMO, life would be pretty darn blah without a treat from time to time.

Q3: What is your secret to personality confidence?

Sometimes, I still struggle of what people think of my blog. It might just be something I think in my head but yes I need to see outside of my box and see my abilities and be willing to accept compliment from others.

Q4: What career advice do you have for women in their late 20s (25-29)?

Your late 20s are the time to jump start a career. You need to discover your perfect career path and then do it.  For instance, rather than holding out for your absolute dream job, it’s O.K. to take a job that isn’t ideal, as long as there’s something about the position that could lead to another better opportunity ddown the road.

Q5. If you could live in any fictional world, which would your choose?

I know this is so weird. I would want to live in the animation world as Hayao Miyazaki directed. His work gained him to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. I love all his movies.

Alright guys, that’s it for this blog. Comment below what you think of this post. I love to hear from you.

So ya, thanks for stopping by to read and I hope to see you again on the next one. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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Question Tuesday – What Really Drives You?

Hey guys! Yes, I know it’s just January but I was wondering how’s your new resolution or goals coming along?


We all strive daily to accomplish our set of goals while staying focused to the tasks at hand.

However, have you stopped lately to think of what really drives you to keep going? Or what motivates you? Comment and share your tips.

Take a look and see which one(s) you can relate to. Is it …

  • Ambition
  • Money
  • Independence- To feel in charge of your own life
  • Security- job security, financial security, peace of mind
  • Status/Power/Prestige
  • Self-esteem/The good feeling you get after getting the task done
  • Opportunity to improve, to grow and become more capable.
  • Self-recognition and respect from others after a job well done.
  • Making a difference/ the feeling you get inside
  • You’re competitive
  • Self Acknowledgement
  • Add on any that I didn’t listed it here.

Let’s face it, we’re humans and the tasks we set out to accomplish requires work. Work can be demanding and it’s not surprising that we sometimes abandon it for something that is less challenging or something that seems to be more fun. When that happens, take a quick break and refuel once you’re back on track.

I’ll close with this quote “One of the strongest characteristics of genius is the power of lighting its own fire.” – John W Foster

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and help you find what really drives you?

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope to see you all again on my next post. Bye!

Sharon xoxo

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Question Tuesday : Which #Buzz Word for 2017?


Hey guys! We’re back to our 1st week of Question Tuesday. Hope you’d enjoyed reading it. I’ve seen many bloggers who shared their new  resolution goals for 2017.

by source

So, I’m very excited to be riding the waves with so many others. Join in and share :

Q: What’s your buzz word in the comment below.

Q: What was your last word to 2016?

Q: What are you looking forward to in 2017?

My word of intention is Inspire as my last year word Strength. I want to share stories of how I went through some difficult moments where my health took a big turn affecting a huge part of my life. I found strength helps me through and it helps pushing me to move forward. I’m very happy for 2017 and can’t wait to see what’s in store for me. I planned to write about lifestyle and my health problem and not to forget beauty. I hope my posts will help to inspire some of you. This year’s content I’ll be touching on  sensitive issues which I never shared it before here in the blog. Beauty from outside in – helped me to be stronger to face the day and hoping what I’ve experienced will be an inspiration to you.

Let me know which buzzwords you think is best for you this 2017? I love to know.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo

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Question Tuesday – Holiday Wisdom 2016



Hey guys! When I started the Question Tuesday topic a year ago, I had no idea what the response might be. I’m so grateful to so many of you who make this Question Tuesday more fun with all the comments I received. A huge thanks to everyone!

As year 2016 is coming to a close, I thought it would be fun to just enjoyed the coming special holiday seasons!

So, here are a few questions I got for you:

Q1: Are you pro/con on store bought bows on presents? Prefer the hand tied ones? I’m going to say pro. I always believe on the finishing touch so IMO bows are like icing on the cake.

Q2: What is the latest you’ve ever hit the stores to get that one last gift? I haven’t experienced it yet since I usually finished all my holiday shopping the week of Black Friday.

Q3: Favorite store to shop in? I would say Sephora online and Winners

Q4: If stores offered (or offer) wrapping at a $1 a package, would that be something you’d pay for? $2?, $3, where’s the line?  Or do you all enjoy wrapping? Well, I love present wrapping so I’ll save a couple of bucks doing it by myself.

Q5: What would be a piece of wisdom you learned over this year of 2016 to share here?  Keep going until you see the light at the end of the tunnel …Wisdom comes from living.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and please share how you celebrate this coming festive season.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ve a lovely week. [muah]

Sharon xoxo


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Question Tuesday – Minimalist Lifestyle


by source

Good morning guys and welcome to our Question Tuesday! Today’s topic is as seen on the title. We’re going to talk more about minimalist and how to go about it by Q&A.

Is a minimalist lifestyle for everyone? Well, not really! But in this hectic world, many of us feel that call — to have less, to spend less, to do less or to need less. Am I right!

Things I no longer buy! It’s hard for a shopaholic to stop buying actually. I learned it through the hard way and always cave it when temptation gets the better of me. But then I heard so much about Minimalist that I simply couldn’t ignore anymore. That eventually leads me to my journey to become a beginner minimalist.

So, here’s the tips I picked from google.

  1. Write it down. Make a list of all the reasons you want to live more simply. …
  2. Discard the duplicates. …
  3. Declare a clutter-free zone. …
  4. Travel lightly. …
  5. Dress with Less. …
  6. Eat similar meals. …
  7. Save $1000.

Q: Have you consider to choose a minimalist lifestyle? Or have you tried. If so, share your comment below. If you’ve any question that needs answer, let me know down below because …


Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope to see you all again on my next post. Bye!

Sharon xoxo


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Question Tuesday – Blogember Weekly Challenge


This November there’s no rest for the weary. You know what I mean, right!  

I have to say that after the whirlwind that was October. Seriously, my October was full to the brim. And I must say that November has some great potential, and I can’t wait to see what happens this month. Let’s do this, y’all!


So, this year, for the whole month of November – every week on #Blogember Weekly Challenge, I’ll be sharing with you some very interesting prompt list/challenge.

The rules are pretty straight forward. All you’ve to do is to choose a topic out of the five below that resonates to you the most and write about it. You must also state “Blogember Weekly Challenge” and which # you’re doing for your blog. Then link back to this post.

Five November Weekly Prompts List:-

  1. A list of your favorite blog posts you’ve written.
  2. Introduce yourself however you like! Pics, vlog, collage, your choice 🙂
  3. Five things that bring you joy
  4. Fall favorites. Share your must-haves for this season.
  5. The top five pictures that illustrate your year so far

I know, I know, that’s a bit of a stretch, but no matter how you spin it, I’m proud of what I’ve done and where I am and I want the same for each one of you. I love you guys, and I want you to share your links on the comment below so that I can check out your blog.

I can’t wait to share the next list with you next Tuesday! 


 Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope to see you again on the next one. Bye! 

Sharon xoxo


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Question Tuesday – Beauty


Are you all hungry for better beauty questions and answer?

Whether you’re falling in love with a complicated runway look, or need a product recommendation you can trust, tweet me your questions with the tag #heysharonoox. I’m on standby to answer your questions :). Or you could share your answers in the comment section to help one another. This post is intended for a two way communications. So, let’s comment and share our thoughts & opinion.

First of, here’s a question that’s so commonly was asked by readers. And I’m about to share it on this post.

pic by source

Q: What’s the best way to wash my face?  My skin care routines requires a double cleansing. This is an effective way to cleanse the skin. Here are the 2 steps method for double cleansing:-

First, use an oil-based cleanser to wipe away your makeup and pollutants.

Secondly, a cleansing wash is used on clean skin to more effectively clear out pores of dead skin, bacteria and sweat, leaving skin refreshed.

Then I go ahead to apply serums and creams on top of that.

Comment below how you wash your face? I love to hear your routine and tips.

So, I think I pretty much covers this week’s Question Tuesday and I’ll see you guys again next week for more Beauty Question Tuesday.

Thank you all for stopping by and read.

Sharon xoxo









Question Tuesday



Hi guys! Welcome back to our weekly Question Tuesday. Hope your Monday was good. As the season transition from summer to fall, we automatically bring out fall clothing to replace our summer essentials. So, it makes me wonder how do we see others and how others see us?

Q: What’s the first thing you notice about someone’s physical appearance?

a) makeup

b) outfit

c) hair

d) body size or shape

I read in an article recently that says “Appearance counts. Don’t dress for the job you have now, dress for the job you want to have” by Bill Lampton Ph.D. Leave your comment in the section below, I love to hear what you think.

Thanks for taking the time to take part and hope to see you again on the next post.

Sharon xoxo


Question Tuesday!


Hi everyone! I’m so happy to see you here back for our weekly Question Tuesday.

feeling awake

Without further ado, let’s jump straight in.

Q: The biggest keys to looking awake?

Comment your trick and tips. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s just about personal preference.

Thank you for stopping by. I love to hear from you.

Sharon xoxo


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Question Tuesday! Let’s Talk Brows



by source


Q. Is one Eyebrow Shape better than the other?

A. The quick answer?  YES. To share my point, let’s accept that “brows aren’t twins, they’re sisters”. 


Alrighty, so that’s pretty much it for today’s Question Tuesday! Hope to see you all again on the next one. Bye!

Thank you for stopping by to read.

Sharon xoxo



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