Tortang Talung or Aubergine or Eggplant Omelette

Past few weeks, I watched youtube CookwithApril and I was inspired to make my own Tortang Talung which is a philippino dish. This is my first time trying to make it and gosh it tasted delicious. I don’t usually cook eggplants except grille them? Suprisingly, this dish just blown my mind. It’s yummy!!! Woww… you’re gonna like it.  It’s so easy to prepare and the result is awesomely tasty. If you are reading this, I encourage you to try it : )

DSC01854 DSC01855

I just cleaned and cut the head off the eggplants. Then in a boiling water, put them in. I put a teaspoon of salt in the water for the eggplants to suck it in. Leave them for 10 minutes in the boiling water and then check if they have turned their colors to brown. Once all sides are brown. Just take them out of the pot and leave them on a plate to rest. Oh yes, remember to peel off the skin. Press to flatten them.

DSC01856 DSC01858

In another big bowl, beat up 3 eggs and add a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of black pepper. Put the beaten eggs into the skinless eggplants. Heat up frying pan with oil and just put each of the eggplant into the frying pan. Fry as if you are making normal omelette. Once brown, take it out and serve.

Et Voila! A delicious and simple dish prepared by me for my family. yayyy!!!!

Hope you enjoy reading this blog.

What other eggplants dish have you made?

Thank you guys.



What would life be without Onion?



I love omelette egg and especially mixed with onion. They’re fun to make, the egg has protein while the onion contains rich content of thiosulfinates, sulfides and other odoriferous sulfur compounds.

. egg onion

I promise I won’t be going too into details about onion but just to share some of the properties in an onion. Do you know that onion is effective to prevent E.coli and salmonella to name a few? It also has medicinal effect to treat cold, cough, asthma and breathing problem. Onion can also prevent cardiovascular and cancer – provide some protection against tumor growth. I didn’t know much about onion but after doing research and reading about it. I know better what I’m eating now and how it helps my body.

This particular combination was born when I was in Malaysia. Most of the folks eat onion omelette with rice and curry.

Therefore, I got my inspiration and beat up a few eggs and chopped up some onion with a pinch of salt and they’re good to go into my frying pan. It’s very tasty and yummy.

I encourage you to get creative and beat up some eggs for a starter.

Good luck and happy cooking.

Thanks for reading!








My French Toast & Tacos

French Toast with Blueberry
French Toast with Blueberry

Well,  have I mentioned that besides talking about makeup and beauty, I also enjoyed cooking and making flower arrangements? What is weekend for me? Eating homemade food and enjoyed a freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

So, this morning – I’ve prepared a simply dish of french toast with blueberry on the side.

Fish Taco
Chicken Taco

As for lunch, nothing fancy. I just cut strips of chicken and seasoned it with my delicious (marinated sauce) own recipe and grilled the fillet fish for 20 minutes in the oven.

Chicken Taco
Fish Taco

So, there you have it. Just a lazy weekend dish and spending time with my family.

Hope you guys have an excellent weekend.