Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow

Revlon shadowRevlon illuminance cream shadowRevlon Illuminance cream shadow (2)Revlon Iluminnce cream color swatch

All twelve pretty color shades of cream formula to pick. I can’t resist the temptation to get this illuminance cream shadow. My mind is saying it’s sooooo prettyyyy …. have to get it…… Like always, I  grabbed this purple eyeshadow palette again. The one I got was in 725 on Va Va Va Bloom. I just love the color and how creamy it was when I applied them on. It came in four color shades in a slim, sleek and mirrored compact.

DSC01508 DSC01509

These were the look of the illuminance cream shadow eye makeup I did yesterday. I did some closed up photos and there were nice pretty color shades.I’m not sure if you can see it clearly but you can see some colors on my eye lids. I didn’t use eye primer but the cream  does last long. I’m glad I got this. Planning to wear these colors on my eyes these fall for sure.

DSC01510 DSC01511

I only used three colors out of the palette which were the second on the pallete from left to right. I didn’t use the maroon for this look. For this look, I only apply eyeliner from Prestige in granite color. The top photos were taken under the lights and the bottom look with natural light.

in daylightRevlon illuminance cream

The cream is not tacky and it glides smoothly. It holds up quite well. All four colors are  creamy and has some shimmer and it just looked so pretty on my eyes.

What is your favorite eyeshadow brand?