Mac Eyeshadow in Lucky Green|Review


mac eyeshadow

I’ve reviewed the Mac Eyeshadow a couple of times and now I wanted to share this eyeshadow in Lucky Green by Mac which is a perfect color trend for this fall. I love the appearance of the eye makeup look which I’ve created from other Mac eyeshadows. Feeling very inspired, I started working on several different ETOD makeup looks for this post. I hope you would find some inspiration and finding this post helpful.

September is the transition period from summer to fall and the colours screamed dark vampy purple, green, golden orange, brown and deep sultry red! Anyways, I’ll be doing more of the fall ETOD makeup look in my coming posts. So, please stay tuned!


This is a very shimmery cream eyeshadow that blends easily. I wasn’t so sure about this shade of green, but it’s subtle and goes on sheer. They recommend applying it with a small brush.


I love the rich pigmentation and the color payoff is awesome. Another thing is that the shade is true to its color. What you see is what you get! If you love green as much as I do, then this emerald green would be excellent for you.


The texture runs smoothly and it’s long wearing too. This color swatch is on bare hand. So pretty!







I really love the Mac Eyeshadow! It’s a fun, pretty, and pigmented eyeshadow to get an amazing eye makeup look with quality product.

What do you think of  Mac Eyeshadow? Don’t forget to leave your comment in the comment section below.

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Marcelle Eyeshadow Quad| Review & Swatches


For those of you who haven’t heard of Marcelle Cosmetics, it is a makeup company based in Montreal Canada and this brand is available at any drugstore for example the Shoppers’ Drug Mart and also at my nearby Walmart. They have a beautiful collection of makeup products but I’m mostly drawn to their quad eyeshadows. I did a review recently on the monochromatic quad which I’ll put a link here (a full review).

marcelle quad shadows

I’m excited to do another Eyeshadow Quad by Marcelle in Jungle Fever in this post. Net wt: 45g 4.5g and you can find it at any local drugstores. This product is 100% paraben free. The packaging is cute with two tier component. The top is for the shadows and the bottom two tiny sponge brush. It’s retail for $15. 95 at Shoppers Drug Mart and on Marcelle’s website.

marcelle jungle fever shadow jpg

These eyeshadows are creamy and silky smooth. It really like all the shades in this pan. The versatile shades will enable you to create any look you like from subtle to dramatic. I can use this shadow to do a smokey eye, single shadow and neutral look.

Highly pigmented and it blends super well. On top of that, it last all day. The quad shadows are in beige, brown, wasabi green and darkest green (almost to grey tone). All four shades are with shimmer and if you enjoy shimmer finishing look, then go no further. This eyeshadow quad could be just for you. Will I recommend this Marcelle Quad Shadow? Yes people, get your hands on this eyeshadow and you would not regret buying it; it is a value for money product! I love it! ❤

You can order online at Marcelle’s website and free shipping on order above $50. Available in 9 different color options to choose from. Marcelle has the “Get Point” reward where you collect your points on your purchases and redeem it on checkout.

What do you think of this Marcelle Quad eyeshadow? Would you pick it up. I love to hear your comment and don’t forget to leave it down below.

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DISCLAIMER: All the makeup products in my blog are purchase by me and the opinion are solely mine.

I’m not affiliated to Marcelle or any companies whatsoever. I’m just sharing my love for this eyeshadow and hope you get to try them too whether in Canada or the US.

I’m Getting Sunburned by Wet n Wild


nw eyeshaow trio

You guys know that I’m obsessed with Wet n Wild makeup and it didn’t stop there as you can see I’ve more eyeshadow to share with you all today. LOL Yes, you’ve seen the Walking on Eggshells in my previous post. Click here if you haven’t already. Now, let’s get started.

shadow pan trio

I picked up this Trio Coloricon by Wet n Wild in I’m Getting Sunburned for $2.77 and I think the regular price is selling for $3.97. So, I got to save like $2.00 on both palettes and I’m enjoying my beauty frugal life at this moment.

wnw i'm getting sunburned swatch

This trio shadow palette has an insanely amount of shimmer  and look how pigmented they are, so if you love a shimmery, frosty finish then this is a gorgeous palette that you would love for your vanity. You just have to apply bare minimum shadows since the color payoff is without saying incredible.

I slapped on the color swatches on the top and bottom pictures to show the intensity of these shades. The top row is the trio palette from Walking on Eggshells and the bottom row is I’m Getting Sunburned.

shimmer shadows i'm getting sunburned

This is a shimmery shadow and the only downside of this trio palette is fallout. I notice there is some fallout from the golden metallic shadow where else the other shadows on pan are richly pigmented, especially the pink highlighter which is silky buttery soft. With that aside, I feel that the dark grey shadow (crease) has a lot of gold glitters and in my opinion it’s the most driest in the pan among the three shadows, and of course, these shadows last throughout the day. The highlighter is freaking gorgeous like I said earlier and will mention again that if you’re into shimmer shadows this palette is great.

For such great price and quality, I want every single shade, plus backups and repurchase. If these shades is not your cup of tea, head over to my earlier link of neutral shadows) or visit your nearest drugstores, Walmart and Wet n Wild online.

So, there you have it some obsession of mine and I hope you like them too.

Thank you so much for reading.

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Nude Dude Mini Eyeshadow by theBalm|Ipsy

Hey guys!

I remembered being over enthusiast with this Mini Nude Eyeshadow which I received in my April Ipsy Glam bag. Some of you might probably have received it too and in different shades. I got mine in Flirty which I’m very excited about. This shade is close to irridescent purple toned and the shimmer is just glorious. If you love shimmery finish eyeshadow and haven’t pick up any Urban Decay or Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette then you will like palette.


Well, in case you want to know if I have the theBalm Nude ‘tude original eyeshadow palette. The answer is yes and I also did a review on it my previous post. Here is the link in case you want to go back to read it 🙂 I love the rich pigmentation on theBalm makeup lines and especially the Nude ‘tude eyeshadow palette. And I love it. I also did a review recently on the Shady Lady eyeshadow palette which I was totally floored


Okay, I’m not doing a whole Nude Dude eyeshadow palette but just one Flirty Dude I got from my Ipsy bag. When I first touched the texture of this mini Nude Dude eyeshadow,I do feels that the formula is a little dryish and the texture solid-hard on pan. It doesn’t have a soft or smooth creamy texture on it. Honestly, I was a little disappointed to say the least having high expectation on theBalm . Anyways, I continued to go a head to try it and I’m not impressed at all.

I noticed that this shade has a high amount of glitter that may be accountable for the rough texture but the real surprise is the beautiful shimmery finish when I did the color swatch.

No doubt, on swatch it looks creamy and offers shimmery finish appearance but as far as the pigmentation goes, I’ll have to say low-average pigmentation. I still need to give credit for it does blend well on crease and I didn’t noticed any fallout. Yes!


I can’t tell if it’s only my sample that feels chalky but in terms of the shade I’m liking it. I learned that sometimes some eyeshadows perform beautifully on swatches but lousy on lids and vice versa.  When I applied this Flirty shade on my crease, I’m impressed that there weren’t any fallout given the chalky texture I mentioned earlier.


I anted to mention that this Flirty shadow has a good staying power and it continues to stay put for several hours.

To sum up, I really like the shade and if only theBalm can improve on their pigmentation on this Flirty Dude to be more pigmented and less glittery, I’m sure it will melt many girls hearts. But judging from so many eyeshadow palette lines by theBalm, I believe they’re on the right track.

I love theBalm makeup brand and if you want to try an eyeshadow palette, may I suggest getting Nude ‘tude the original palette. I’m relating this to one of the Disney films where the first movie “The Lion King” in my opinion is better than the sequel. You get my point, right!

So, that’s it on my review and I hope you find it interesting. Until next time, stay beautiful!

What do you think of the Nude Dude regular size eyeshadow palette?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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LORAC Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette|Review & Color Swatches



Today, I love to talk about this wonderful Lorac Unzipped Palette which have been streaming among many bloggers and youtubers alike raving about it. Just to put it out, Lorac is a brand that I truly enjoyed after my great experienced with Lorac Pro Palette.

This is not a new Lorac collection or release in case you wonder but it’s something I wanted to have. I love the beautiful neutral colors in this palette and it’s just so tempting. The color pigmentation was very strong and I would say comparable to MAC. By the way, this palette also comes with a mini eyeshadow primer. So remember to check it out. This Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette, I got it for $40.00.


Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette comes in 10 ultra rich, shimmering and matte shadow in a super sexy, nude palette. (Net wt: 030 oz)

Since I just received it, I’m on top of the world and so excited to share my thoughts and opinion. Unfortunately, as I opened the packaging, I noticed one of the shadow (Unbridled) broke during handling and I was obviously heartbroken. So, I found a way to salvage it by keeping it in a small jar and use it when I do a smokey eye. It works!

palette and primer

Included in this palette, you also get a Mini Behind the Scene Eye Primer sample with net wt: 0.19 oz.

Lorac unzipped

It comes in a nice packaging with gold trim zipper and LORAC icon on it. I love how the packaging is, it’s slim and sleek. The box material feels like a PU leather and I notice that it has a good size mirror on the inside lid. I love this palette because the pan is bigger than those of the same price range.

shadow palette

A shimmery and matte eyeshadow in the palette. The colors are absolutely gorgeous with the broken dark brown Unbridled shade which is unfortunate. I also realized that the Undercover is a little bit powdery but the rest have an awesome texture.  Other than that, overall, the pigment is rich and texture were incredibly soft and smooth. Very easy to layer and so easy to blend. This is a gorgeous nude palette for everyday wear.

shadow palette lorac

Top row L-R: Undercover (matte)/Unbelievable (shimmer)/Unattainable (shimmer)/Unconditional (matte)/ Unbridled (matte)

Bottom row L-R: Undiscovered (shimmer)/Unreal (shimmer)/Uncensored (shimmer)/Unspoken (matte)/ Untamed (shimmer)


Here are the color swatches on bare hands. I don’t do swatches on eye primer or eye base. Isn’t these colors gorgeous! The color payoff is awesome. A little goes a long way, babe!

Beautiful neutral, nude with amazing pigmentation. The Unbelievable and Unattainable has a more gold shimmery finish which are lovely to wear for night out for a more dramatic look. My favorite shades are the Uncensored and Unspoken.

Here are the pictures I wore using Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette. Natural and stunning look that last all day.

Lorac Unzipped palette
Closed up look
Finish look.
Beautiful with winged liner.
Final look!

I’m in love with this look. It’s an everyday wear to work, grocery, transition color from summer to fall. It’s such a gorgeous palette with so much to offer. Hope you guys like and enjoy this review and the EOTD look.

Overall, I’ll continue using this palette until the next time to repurchase. I love the pigmentations and the quality is just awesome. I highly recommend you to try this palette because it’s AWESOME! You can get this at LORAC online. Don’t forget to also check on their new palette Lorac Unzipped Gold Eyeshadow Palette while you’re there.

Do you own the Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette? Have you ever bought into the hype of a palette? Any shades/tones in here appeals to you? Leave your comment below.

Thanks so much for taking the time reading.

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Note: I’m not affiliated to Lorac or sponsored by any brand. All the products I mentioned on this review are purchased by me. Opinion are solely my own.