Essence XXXL Nude KISS|Lipgloss|Review


Hey lovelies,

You might noticed that I have been doing a whole lot of reviews on lip products recently. I’ve been crazily looking and trying different lipgloss hopefully to end up finding my holy grail. Anyways,  I picked this Essence XXXL Lipgloss at a drugstore. I love the shade and the packaging looks pretty too. So, I caved in to this gloss 😀

essence lip shine essence lip gloss

This lip gloss comes in a pretty bottle tube with a doe foot applicator. I got 002 in Nude Kiss, which is of mauve color which I truly love. It claims to be an ultra shinny lip gloss which is moisturizing and non-sticky.

essence lip shine

First of all, the claim is true that it’s really, like freaking serious shinny. They’re not joking! It’s moist and not sticky nor gunky which is great. It smells of a tint of buttery cupcakes scents to it. The light scents doesn’t bother me at all personally. I’m quite picky in terms of lip scents and this XXXL is not too overwhelmingly strong. So, if you are scents sensitive then you might want to stop reading here.

color swatch essence

There’re a handful of itsy bitsy sparkles or micro-glitters if you look closely from the transparent bottle. So, when I applied them on my lips, you can see the particles of the micro-glitters on my lips. It’s even more profound up closed. I can’t really decide if I love the sparkles on my lips but I definitely love how cute it makes my lips look :3

beautiful lipshine pouting lips

Shinny particle aside, I love how my lips feel moisturized and how pretty this formula stays on my lips. The shade I chose looks mauve but when applied it completely looks nude or neutral finish just as the label says. It has a sheer finish leaving my lips looking naturally awesome 🙂

kissable lips (2)

Is this a love or hate lip gloss relationship? Well, I would say it’s worth the try to pick this Essence XXXL Lip gloss up in your vanity. For just $2.49 a bottle tube, I will say go for it girlfriends. With twenty-four shades to choose, you simply can’t go wrong choosing your perfect shade.

Well, this Essence lip gloss may not be my holy grail lip gloss but I sure find some beautiful lip gloss that looks lovely on my lips. Yay!!!

Which shade would you choose if you were to pick your favorite color?

Thanks so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo