Sonia Kashuk Tinted Lip Balm|Review & Swatch




sonia kashuk lip balm

As I was sobbing that Target had left town and picking up the pieces are hard to do. I was so sure that the Nail Polish was the last item I remembered getting from Target but then as I was doing my spring cleaning on the makeup products to review, I found this. I’m like “ahhhhhh”. It feels like the clouds opens up and the light shines directly onto this Sonia Kashuk lip balm. Obviously, jumping for joy is all that I can do but wait I did the happy feet dance tool! LOL!

sonia kashuk lip balm swatch

Sonia Kashuk Moisture Luxe tinted Lip Balm in Hint of Coral. I don’t remember how much I paid for this but on Target US and Sonia Kashuk’s website it shows $8.99. There are 4 super gorgeous colors available.

The packaging is sleek and packed solid. On the top of the cap, you’ll see the color tone for easy access to the shade you like.

lip swatches sonia

This is a lip balm that I will highly recommend you to get. It’s so creamy and it moisturize your lips and my lips feels great wearing it. High pigmentation and this lip balm glides like butter. The formula looks shinny but it’s not sticky at all. At first thought, I expected it too maybe feel a little sticky but boy was I wrong. No gunky or tacky feeling at all.

I really love how it makes my lips look. I love the smooth texture and the sheer color is freaking amazing. The color tint keeps your lips looking awesome and the formula works to moisturize all day. The Coral shade I got isn’t too orange-y or to bright so, it’s just a perfect shade to wear this summer.

I kicked myself for not getting more shades when Target were still around 😦 But on a more positive note, I’m glad to have this one to keep as a momento but in the meantime I’ll be wearing it from spring to summer.

Anyways, I hope that with this first impression review, and if you haven’t get this lip balm yet, head over to your local Target and grab one or  maybe two. The shades are so beautiful. You should definitely check it out.

Am I affiliated to any of this companies? Well, I’m not and I paid all the makeup I have with my hard sweat money. All the opinions are solely my own for all the reviews I made so far. So, rest assure that I’m giving  you my honest opinion and that’s what I love doing 🙂

If you have this Sonia Kashuk let me know what do you think of this by commenting below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



Sonia Kashuk Blossom Cream Blush|Review

Hey friends,

Thank you so much for visiting me in this blog. It has been a crazy crazy busy week here but today I’m going to talk about blush actually. I did a drugstore beauty haul several weeks ago where I’ll put a link below if you want to read it.


For those of you who have been following my blogs, you might remember when I touched just the surface of this pretty Sonia Kashuk’s Cream Blush in 03 Blossom (peachy coral toned). I picked this product from Target when it was in the process of disclosure. Sonia Kashuk is an exclusive brand to Target just as PIXI brand. I paid $9.79 for this blush.

sk blush

Okay, let’s start with the packaging. It comes in a simple and round plastic-que container with a decent size see through top. I always love packaging that can see through. It so much convenient to grab a shade that way rather than trying to figure out “hmm! what shade is blossom?” You catch my drift! But seriously, this is a pretty packaging and I love the simplicity it brings.


I couldn’t find a word to explain the formula of this cream blusher but anyways I’m going to try my best to explain i as plainly as possible. It’s just stunningly soft, creamy and smooth. It feels like a soft light weight primer but instead it’s a blusher. How brilliant this is? I was super thrilled to try this cream blush and oh my goodness …the texture feels glorious!

DSC01031 DSC01034

I don’t see any shimmer on pan but it gives a soft natural finish glow which is very skin like. The coverage is sheer and dewy but the pigmentation is insanely pigmented. Since it’s a cream formula, it’s light enough to be workable. The formula sort of been absorb in leaving skin beautiful and fresh.


I really love this Cream Blush and regretted not getting a few more shades when Target were still here (sob!). But anyways, if you have Target in your area don’t forget to check this out. It’s the most incredible blush I’ve tried so far. The shades are not shocking bright and the silky soft texture is to died for.

Will I recommend it to my family and friends? Well, you bet I will.

Thank you so much guys for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo

Site Link: 5 Drugstore Makeup Haul

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Sonia Kashuk Nail Polish

Hey lovelies! You might have heard that Target Canada is leaving town or country and there are massive liquidation sale from 80% -90% on their last day in Canadian soil. They have this huge banner that says 80%-90% LIQUIDATION/SALE  in front of the door. Yes, everything were gone except some furnitures. I was disappointed to say the least to see all the empty shelves but my dear husband found two bottles of Sonia Kashuk nail polish. I’m like this is splendid. They’re both the same color which I don’t mind at all. I’m just so happy to get them.


Sonia Kashuk in On The Hunt, net wt: 0.5 fl oz for $4.79 selling on a 90% discount. Hurray!!! That’s the best price I’ve ever paid for a nail polish actually. The shade is of forest green and it has a matte finish. I got to admit that I have the thing with green.


The formula is just nice. Not too thick or liquid-y in consistency. It has a long tip and makes painting your nails super easy.


When I tested it this morning, I didn’t have any problem applying this nail polish on fingers and it dries up quick. It gives an opaque but shinny finish. I’m happy with my purchase and if you happened to be shopping at the US Target, make sure to check out more of the available shades, Sorry, I cannot provide you with more detailed color availability since these two are all that’s left. For less than a buck at Target liquidation sale? It’s really a no-brainer.

Which is your favorite nail polish color for spring? I love to read your comments.

Thank you for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo

Sonia Kashuk Foundation|Review



sonia foundation

I did my drugstore haul last week and I did mentioned doing a review after I have tried this bad boy and I wanted to share with you guys the results a week later. I picked this foundation from Target actually.

Since I was impatient, I decided to try it right away after I finished posting it. So, for the records, I have tried it for a full week and here’s what I think.

sonia kashuk foundation spray

Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation in 04 Buff. Available in six color selection for $8.99 on discounted price at Target.

This is a rather easy pump applicator to use that comes together in a plastic tube packaging. Just squeeze the pump a few times to the desire amount of foundation you want on your hand. The formula is not runny nor too thick. So, I’ll say it’s of medium consistency which is perfect for buffing and blending.

SK Perfecting Luminous foundation is a liquid foundation for normal to dry skin. Just be aware – this foundation has a slight fragrance smells that others might find it to be too strong but I don’ mind the smell on this one somehow for some strange reason. I’ve tried many foundations and there were worst one out there that just freak me out. Anyways, to each of their own. Let’s keep our peace.

sonia pump swatch

Well, this is my first time trying Sonia Kashuk foundation line and so I’m going to go ahead and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you guys. Yeah!!!

I got this shade in Buff since it’s the lightest in the medium shade selection available at the store. To be honest, it’s difficult to pick the right shade through an opaque tube. Worst thing is that later at home, I found out that the formula doesn’t seems to match the color on the tube. Argh!

makeup review foundation

So, when I first apply and buffed this foundation on skin, I noticed that this formula has quite a bit of orange toned in it. I’m in a medium-light warm undertones yet I feel that the formula is somewhat orangey on me. Well, that’s a bummer!

But other than the orangey tone formula, I got to say that overall I find that the SK foundation makes my skin looks flawless. In the sense that it makes my skin feeling soft and hydrated all day. That’s an amazing feeling! On top of that, it gives a lovely dewy finish which is a plus for any dry skin type. The picture on my left is without foundation and on the right is with SK foundation. The result is a flawless looking skin. 

As for the texture, I would say medium coverage and build to layer up without looking cakey. Once the foundation sets, I don’t see any big pores on my skin and I’m delighted on how it helps hide the skin imperfection and redness beside my nose area. So yay!!! I love the coverage and how this foundation makes my skin feels but not the shade I picked. It’s just too orangey for me 😦 bleh! 

But since I love this SK perfecting luminous foundation, and that I wanted to continue wearing it, so what I did is applying the setting powder from L’oreal True Match to balance out the shades and it works.

Overall, I think this foundation is amazing except for the color tone. And if you happened to find the right shade and has normal o dry skin then I’ll recommend that you go for it. It has very good quality with reasonable price.

So, will I repurchase? Yes I will definitely pick another shade if I come across Sonia Kashuk again.

What do you think of this Sonia Kashuk foundation? Let me know on the comment below.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sharon ❤ ❤



5 Drugstore Makeup Beauty Haul + Review


Hey guys,

Remember me telling you guys that I was at Target and got a handful of makeup products?

beauty haul

Well, some of the products I did a review post already and today, I thought I’ll share some here in my beauty haul.

target beauty haul

So, here are my five favorite products. I got the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil for $5,99 Annabelle Smoothliner for $4.99, NYC BB Radiance Perfecting Powder for $4.99, Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation for $9.79 and Sonia Kashuk Creme Blush for $8.99.

nyx jumbo pencil

The first item is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 619 Rust. Net wt: 0.18 oz and it’s cruelty free. Available in 22 vivid shades and formulated using mineral oil and powder. Thus, creating a creamy and voluptuous eyeliner that can be used as an eyeshadow. It’s very soft and smooth and it gives a slightly metallic shimmery finish. I picked this shade simply because that’s the last one standing. This color is of brown rustic warm-toned with some metallic shimmer to spare. Once I buffed it on my lids, it gives a very pretty brown-neutral finish. I wasn’t sure if I’ll like this color in the beginning but after trying it out I’m in love. Amazing color!

annabelle liner

Annabelle Smoothliner Waterproof + Long Lasting Eyeliner in Brownie. Net wt: 0.04 oz. I got this on sale price for $4.99 (regular price $6.50). Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!  I can tell you that this is the most creamiest and smoothest eyeliner so far. I have many types of eyeliners and yes, I’m still searching for that one to be my drugstore holy grail eyeliner and I proclaimed that I have found it here. Yeah!!! No tugging or scratching on lids. Effortless application. The texture is smooth as silk and it comes in seven shades in matte or metallic finish. That’s cool!

sonia blush

Next is this Sonia Kashuk Cream Blush in 03 Blossom. Net wt: 0.15 oz. You won’t believe if I told you that this creme blush is freakingly creamy and oh my gosh! It’s so smooth and it feels very moist on pan. It goes from cream to a smooth powdery feel (but doesn’t look powdery) on seconds. It’s not sticky at all and so easy to blend. This shade is a muted pink that is perfect for porcelain to fair skin. This shade I picked is a little bit too light for my skin tone. There are three available shades of Blossom, Petals and Rosey a Target. I’ll try to get another shade in “Rosey” since I really love the texture and how it’s not scented.

nyc bb cream powder

Okay, this NYC BB Radiance Perfecting Powder I believe was out last December and it was pretty new then. But I have to say that I haven’t seen them until lately at Target. So, out of curiosity, I just wanted to try and share what I think of this perfecting powder. The shade I picked is the 01 Naturally Beige with net wt: 0.20 oz. It arrives in a compact disc packaging with a semi-circle sponge applicator and a half size mirror. The texture is very soft and easy to buff with medium coverage. The price is so affordable for a drugstore brand that actually works.

sonia kashuk foundation

Last but not least is this Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation in 04 Buff. Net wt: 0.06 oz.  Available in six pretty shades from fair, medium to dark skin tone. The packaging is very hardy plastic container. It comes in a pump application format. This is a liquid foundation that is not thick. he consistency is lovely. I’ll put up a color swatch and full review once I have tried this bad boy. Hopefully, it’ll be ready by next week. I have several other products to review on. So, do say tuned and check in daily for your daily post 😀

Have you spotted any of this NYC face products, especially the BB Radiance in your area? Let me know on the comment below.

As usual thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



Gorgeous Fall Lip Palette by Sonia Kashuk


Hey guys!

I’m pretty boring when it comes to lip colors. I tend to stick more to shades of nude, red or plum rather than pink or orange. Don’t get me wrong, I love all lip colors. I know there are shades that doesn’t suit me well such as the pale pink or colors that has blue-based undertone formula. Anyways, let’s go to a more exciting topic.

sonia lashu lip gloss

I picked this up at Target and was selling for $22.99. It comes with a gold coated and sleek casing with an imprinted logo on the top. So, pretty the packaging and these five gorgeous fall colors are just too hard to resist. (giggle!!!!)

sonia kashuk lip gloss palette

Some of you might have read my beauty haul in my last post and for those who haven’t you can check it out here. I did the color swatches on each of these lovely babe. Simply wonderful colors I would say. Each in different pan of soft and easy to blend lip formula. I used the lip brush to blend and it works nicely. It has nice color stain and it does transfer just a little bit.

sonia kashuk with brush

There are 5 gorgeous looking shades in this palette with a lip brush. It has the color of fall and winter. It houses red hot lip that could just blow my mind away. I feel that these palette has such happy shades that can lift a tired look to a refreshing stage.

Matte lipstick is usually dryer than creamy type. So, if you are more of a more glossy finish type, I suggest to wear lip gloss on top of it. That way, your red pouting lips will feel even more glamorous. These palette has a prefect shades for day wear or night. As the holiday season drawing nearer, I know for sure what color lip I’ll be wearing this year.

How about you? What color lips are you planning to wear this time of the year?

Thanks so much for reading. Hope that helps.

Sharon xoxo



Beauty Haul – Target Makeup Haul!

Beauty haul Target-pic

Hey beauties! Last Wednesday morning as I drove passed Target, I decided to check out some new makeup arrival and my just browsing always ended up with me picking up a few interesting items which I’m excited to share today.

beauty haul-pic Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Fall Lip Palette (net wt: 0.21 oz)  for $22.99

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Brush Couture 4 pcs brush for $12.99 on special 

NYX Eyeshadow Single in ES54 Cherry for $5.99 

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous in 220 Soft Honey (net wt: 1 fl oz) for 7.99

Maybelline Dream Wonder in Sun Beige (net wt: 20 ml) for $12.99 

              cg readysetgorgeous foundationDream wonder maybelline

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation was a very much requested makeup item that I received from friends to do a review on. So, I have to get down to business and try this little babe and see how it fairs out on me. It comes with 12 variety of shades and it smells wonderful. I just can’t wait to try it 😀

Next is the Maybelline Dream Wonder foundation which many beauty gurus have been raving about for sometime on youtube. It looks to me that practically all the beauty gurus I watched seems to be using it. Well, you guys know me that I’ll not miss out on a rave like this. So, I got this :-O

nyx eyeshadow

NYX eyeshadow Cherry is so pretty. Couldn’t resist to pick this cutie. The pigment is so rich and creamy. Love this dark pink Cherry and I’ll be trying it out soon for my Dark pink eye look tutorial and review.

sonia kashuk brush

Sonia Kashuk 4 pcs Brushes are amazing. I love the printed design on the brush. I opened up the packaging immediately as soon as I reached home. I don’t usually buy a lot of makeup brushes but this one looks pretty. OMG!!! It’s so soft and I simply love them. I know that I will be using these bad boys soon. It has a powder brush while the other 3 are for blending, smudging and angling eyeshadow. Pretty neat, huh?

sonia kashuk lip gloss palette

Sonia Kashuk Fall Lip Gloss Palette is my first time purchased. I usually browse through their counter but don’t seems to be able to pick up anything. But this time, this lip gloss palette seems to speak to me. Obviously, I have to get it because those are the colors of my dream. I wish to have an array of red to cherry lips and here I found what I have been missing. These deluxe gold palette houses 5 shades of red satin matte finish that’s perfect for every occasion.

So, there you have it, my beauty haul for this week. I’ll try them out and leave my review in my next post.

What is the NYX product that you are going to pick up today?

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo