Stila “In the Light” Neutral Eyeshadow Palette|Review



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stila palette

This is one of my many other Stila eyeshadow palettes which I’ll be doing a review today. This week I’m doing the “in the light” which I believe is in neutral colors except the grey-blue. I paid this for $20.00 a palette instead of $39.00 valued priced. This eyeshadow palette is a limited edition since Stila has come up with their new FAll 2014 collection – Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette recently.

stila in the light

I am very much a neutral eyeshadow girl and so this is very much my street. The first thing I love about this eyeshadow palette is the color ranges. It got four matte and the shimmer shades are colors which I know I’ll wear quite often.  The texture on the matte shades are soft and velvety whereas the shimmer shades are creamy and easy to blend. I notice all the shadows have good consistency. They’re both highly pigmented. Besides that, included is a smudge stick which is brilliant. It glides so well and I love how pigmented this eyeliner is. It’s just amazing!

palette swatches

Inside “in the light” (L-R): bare – kitten – bliss – sunset – sandatone; and

Bottom row (L-R): bubbly – glazed gold – luster – night sky – ebony

with a waterproof eyeliner smudge stick in Damsel (in deep matte brown). My favorite color for an eyeliner. This is a beautiful palette that you can create as many looks as you like. With this palette all you need is a little imagination.  It’s so much fun to play with such incredible shades.

DSC00597in the light swatches

The Kitten shade, I believe is Stila’s staple is used for inner corner, whereas the matte Brown and Black are for smoking it out lightly and with other gorgeous colors for the lids. The only color which might not be used out is “Night Sky” except if you are doing a smokey eyes look.

So, that’s it on my take of this awesome palette. $20.00 for good a 10 size eyeshadows of great quality and an eyeliner. That’s incredibly good. I absolutely love it and will see myself wearing them everyday:|)

You can get this at Boots, Amazon, Stila, Ulta, ASOS, Feelunique and many sites that sells it.

Do you own this palette? If not, you need it!

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March 2015 Eyeliner Favorites



Hey lovelies,

It seems like March passes by so quickly that before I know it. It’s April already, huh! Well, it’s still cold out but let’s raise the temperature up a bit here. For my March favorites, I’m going to share my top 3 eyeliners with you all instead of the all my makeup favorites. I have been trying many new eyeshadow palettes and did many reviews in my previous posts and so instead of doing a repeat on my favorites I figured that I have not talk about my eyeliners yet. So, this is a good time to share three of my favorite eyeliners.

3 best liners

Annabelle Smoothliner in Brown with net wt: 0.04 oz. This is the smoothest eyeliner I have tried so far. It’s creamy and it glides so smoothly. The texture is soft and it gives a very beautiful dark bold line which I love. This smoothliner is waterproof and you guess it right …. it’s long lasting too. It comes with seven different shades to make your eyes looking elegant.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Damsel with net wt: 0.01 oz. If you have been following my posts, then you have seen my reviews on the Stila EYESHADOW palette which I touched on surface reviews of the smudge sticks. I have been wearing this smudge stick everyday for the past weeks and I really enjoy the color and the long lasting power. I’m able to draw in precision with this it. It’s comes in a retractable pencil style packaging which in my opinion is a good thing. I don’t need a sharpener on this one for sure 🙂  Available in 28 different shades that will wow your eyes. This Damsel in black is soft and richly pigmented – it makes gliding so much easier.

NYX Retractable Eye Liner in 10 Gray with net wt: 0.01 oz. I have many favorites when it comes to waterproof eyeliner and this Nyx is of no exception. I got this gray shade from Target and I love it when I’m doing a smoky eyes look. I’m able to use it to blend and the formula is close to kohl pencil. There are 18 other intense colors that makes you want every one of them. I’m going to get Gypsy Blue and Brown for my summer collection. By the way, this eyeliner is cruelty free. Yay!!!


What do you think of my March favorite eyeliners? Have you any of what I have mentioned above? Love to hear your comments what you think.

I hope you find this interesting and helpful. Thumbs up if you like this post. Until next time, stay gorgeous!

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Stila “In The Moment” Palette|Swatches|Review

Hey beauties,

Stila palette

Last week, I shared with you my recent online purchased for these eyeshadow palettes by Stila. I ordered and received four palettes in very good condition.

Today, I’ll be doing the second palette called “In the Moment” for a real first signs of spring. If you haven’t read my previous post, then you guys – check out their Stila palette which is now selling for $20.00 on discounted price. Original $39.00. So, it’s basically half price. I believe it’s a limited edition, so once it’s gone then that’s it, that’s all!

in the moment stila

I’m obsessed with eyeshadow palettes and tend to order one of each for my vanity. I really don’t want to miss out on good deals and if you are reading this and have the urge to get one – I recommend you to try it. You get ten beautiful shades for only $20.00. That’s like $2.00 a pan and it’ll last you probably a year since they’re incredibly pigmented. I have four palettes so I guess it’s going to take me like …  Oh my goodness … four years or forever since I have tons of palettes using my excel calculation (giggling!!!).

guide book

This palette is another gorgeous piece by Stila. The packaging is simple with a sturdy lavender color cardboard enveloping ten amazing shades.

eyeliner stila

Included in this palette is a smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Tetra(metallic purple). This eyeliner seems to be a little bit of a challenge to use. There is some tugging and pulling happening when I try it on earlier. But the color is pretty. Another note is that there is no mirror in this palette. It comes with a little lookbook of 6 different look to refer.

stila palette

Top Row (L-R): instinct- impulse – glance – improvise – catalyst

Bottom Row (L-R): desire – wonder – spontaneous – whim – captivate 

These are all excellent color names to express “in the moment”. I love how pigmented these formulas are.

The shadows in pan is amazing and the shades are stunning. I tried the Purple Dream look from the little booklet but it doesn’t translate the color as much. In my opinion, the purple shades might be more suited for lighter skin type. Having said that, I really love the Improvise in plum tone on the second right top row. I think I’m going to wear Improvise as a one eyeshadow look which is so trendy now. I don’t want to say “No” to purple. I love purple – I have purple mug, purple lipsticks, purple blouse, purple flowers, purple rain (just kidding – that’s an old movie) and I actually have many purple eyeshadows. I just know there is some purple in me waiting to burst out. So, purple you are royal to me 🙂

This palette on the top row consists of purple hues except Instinct on the far left (highlighter), whereas on the bottom row are beautiful wearable neutral shades which I think is just fabulous. I love all the shades but especially more on the bottom row since it blends very nicely on me. It gives a soft dewy finish which I really adore.

I notice that the texture in this palette is not as soft as the In the Garden palette which I reviewed last week. The texture is creamy on Spontaneous but the rest are pretty common. It blends pretty well for the neutral but a little blotchy on the purple hues eyeshadows. Well it says here that this formula can be worn for wet or dry application. I usually wear them dry but if you like them wet for intense look. I suggest you go for it girl! It will dramatically awesome!

color swatches stila

Out of the 10 shades, Catalyst and Captivate are two shades that are harder on pan but both has some beautifully purple micro-glitters on them.

Matte eyeshadows : Instinct, Desire, Glance and Whim

Shimmer eyeshadows: Impulse, Improvise, Wonder, Spontaneous

in the moment eyelook

On this eyelook, I’m using the neutral shades of Wonder on lash line and lid and Whim to the crease and outer corner. I smudged it with the purple smudge stick eyeliner and completed it with a mascara by Flower.

Overall, my two cents opinion on this In the moment palette is that I love all the shades in the palette especially the neutrals since the purple shades doesn’t work so much on my skin tone. But it will look pretty on lighter skin type.

I will recommend this to my friends and family. For only $20.00 a palette now, you’re going to make yourself and many people happy:D

I give a thumbs up for reminding me the pretty pastel color of Spring flowers.

Which is your favorite color from the pan? Love to hear your comment.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

In The Garden|Stila|Swatch|Review


Call me an eyeshadow palettes addict but I’m just so obsessed with them! Can’t seems to shake this obsession off. I caved in after watching and reading the raves of this Stila eyeshadow palettes which are now on Specials. Out of curiosity and my love for eyeshadow palettes needless to say I grabbed all the four themes in one cart. Free Shipping for orders more than $50.00 – so why not save extra more!

I received them a couple of days ago and I instantly took an instagram photo and shared it on twitter after the mailman left. I’m super thrilled to share my first impression reviews with you guys. This is my first encounter with Stila’s palette and I’m going to do them one at a time.

in the garden (2)

Seriously, I mean seriously I actually ordered four of Stila’s eyeshadow palettes online and the best part is that it was on sale. Doesn’t anyone love a good bargain? Well, I do! So, instead of paying $39.00 a palette I only paid $20.00. Please tell me, how cool is that!

So, I got the :-

In the garden/In the moment/In the light and In the know = each palette will be showcast and review every week for the next four weeks.

Stila in the garden

I’ll start with this week’s eyeshadow palette “In the Garden” by Stila for $20.00 in their sale section. Net wt: 0.40 oz. Available at Stila or at Sephora website. It comes in a cardboard packaging which is paperlight and inside includes a smudge stick waterproof eye liner in Starfish. There are ten garden inspired shades in this palette with endless combination to wear everyday. Included also a lookbook just in case you ran out of ideas or a guide to gorgeous eye makeup look.

green look

Spring is late this year.  As I’m writing, my first impression review the weather outside is still in the minus sign. We have a long winter somehow. But I’m not complaining since I got this eyeshadows “In the Garden” and these colors happened to cheer me up 🙂 If you are reading this and feeling that you need some boost of spring appearance head over to your computer, please do yourself a favor and order it. It’s a limited edition and/or while stock lasts.

in the garden-stila

Are you ready for what’s in the garden?

From top row L-R: chinois (matte), breeze (shimmer), bark (shimmer), freesia (shimmer), rosette (metallic)

From bottom row L-R: nectar (matte), honey (metallic), sage (shimmer), moss (shimmer), juniper  (shimmer)

The smudge stick waterproof eyeliner is of muted mossy green with a subtle gold shimmer.

color swatches

My favorite shades are nectar, honey, moss and freesia. The Chinois and Nectar are best for highlights or as base shadow while Moss and Juniper makes very good liner colors. I like that they included two contrasting color of Freesia and Rosette with the other four muted greens. These eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry depending on your preference and both methods are sure to deliver the best results you desire.

All the shades are amazing. This palette has very good pigmentations and it blends very well with no fall out.

eye makeup look

I’m wearing a nectar shade as my base on my lids. Then I use the metallic rosette on my crease and nectar as highlight. I’m doing a Pink Haze eye makeup look.

As beautiful palette for spring and a transitioning into summer. Yay!!!

Overall, I think this is a fabulous palette and reasonably priced considering that it is now on sale and compare as to similar high-end palettes.

Which “In the …. eyeshadow palette will you choose? Please leave comment below.

Thank you all for the love.

Sharon xoxo




Stila Countless Color Pigments Eyeshadow

Hey friends! Alrighty, today is the day that I will reveal this beautiful Countless Color Pigments eyeshadow by Stila. I did a beauty haul on sometime ago. I tried it and am going to share my experience with all of you.

swatch line bourjois DSC03608

This formula is the made through handmade proprietary pressed and baking process and the end result is a beautiful and marvellous piece of vibrant pigmented shadow. I got mine in a more neutral color but also available are the Light Show, Melody, Indie and etc.. just to name a few.

stila eyeshadow stila

There are 3 shades in the same color pan and I used them individually to create a nice color shadow look. I use a eyeshadow brush and swirl the shadow in a circular motion and apply them on my lids. The finishing is of pearly finish and I noticed that not 2 countless pigments are alike. The shade I picked was in Encore that has more brown and pink than the lighter shade which I used as a highlighter.

This Countless Color Pigment is on special at for $8.00 while stock last. It seems that this product will phased out soon along with some other makeup favorites. If you are a fan of Stila Cosmetic, please check their website to get their discount when ordering.

So, that’s it for this lovely Stila eyeshadow review and see you guys tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!

Have you tried any of Stila makeup eyeshadow?

Thanks so much for reading!

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