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Ahhhh!!! Today is a good day to talk about Balmsai Eyeshadow and Brow Palette by the Balm. The weather is nice with spring finally here. Surprisingly, we had a quite a nice winter if it’s not for my health conditions.


A new thing to me that I wanted to share today is this big size palette by the Balm I just received a few days ago.

I always get super hyped when I see the Balm palettes and tempted to purchase every time at their website.

Let’s take a look!


the Balm Balmsai Palette includes 18 shades you can use for lids, liners and you also get an additional 3 brow shades and two transparent eye stencils/brow guide. Wouldn’t you feel like you can just dive right in! It says on the palette that you can either wear them wet or dry, intense with more drama or for just an everyday basic look.


I like all in one palette as they’re easy to travel with. It housed a good color selections of taupe and neutral brown shadows. The packaging is made from a sturdy cardboard just as their staple packaging from the Balm. I find that the slip cover useful because it could hold the palette tightly to avoid wear and tear while travelling. The outer box is a whimsical art featuring beach girl in her swimsuit.


In terms of the size you got quite a decent amount of products from this palette. My brush fits just fine into them. Yay!





Curve & Angle (Brow/Shadows) SCORE-DIG IT-WOODIE

Catch a Wave (Use Wet or Dry) STOKES-RIPPER-RIGHTEOUS


Overall, I’m just loving everything in this palette. Awesome pigmented eye shadows and the color variety is the best point about this palette. I find it to be versatile and this one may be my favorite, great spring and summer colors.


Color swatch : top 3 rows from left to right


Color swatch : bottom 3 rows left to right

Here is an EOTD makeup look that created and hope you like it

What do you think of this palette? Make sure to leave your comments. I love to read them.

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Mont Balm Quad by theBalm

I feel I have too many eyeshadows and I’m still looking for ways to increase the size of my collection. I’m just super obsessed with eyeshadows and you can judge me if you like.

So, without any further ado, I present to you a new product item to my collection! Mont Balm!

mont balm by thebalm

If you have been following and reading my blog, you might have known that I’m a big fan of theBalm makeup products especially their eyeshadow palettes. Today, I I want to talk about take a peek Mont Balm by theBalm Eyeshadow Palette. It’s not a new released but I’ve been trying on this palette for a week and I’m in love. I ordered this through Amazon online. It’s unclear to me whether or not this is limited edition, and it also appears to be a Kohl’s exclusive, as it’s not available on theBalm’s site. If you see it elsewhere, don’t mind to share on the comment section below.


This palette comes in a cardboard material packaging with a lovely girl printed on the top cover. Inside are four eyeshadows with a decent size mirror. It has a magnetic closure which I noticed could be the staple packaging by the Balm.


The colors are beautiful and very wintery — there’s Zermatt, a shimmery dark charcoal, Aspen, a metallic warm burgundy, Whistler, a metallic slightly rosy taupe, and Cortina, a matte cream.


Mont balm – this is gorgeous and will be beautiful for winter time especially as a Holiday gift. I for one loved the affordable price point. So yay!

Some of thebalm’s palettes could be a hit or miss but, I’ll definitely be gravitating towards thebalm for the quality and pigmentation which I personally find them impressive.


These shadows can be applied wet or dry. Here are the the shadows picked up directly from the pan. The texture of the shadows is very soft and smooth, as with all of theBalm’s eyeshadows that I’ve tried.


Color swatches on bare hand – no eye base or primer were used. The only shade I can complain or that doesn’t perform quite as well in terms of pigmentation as I’d like it to is Zermatt, it’s a bit sheer at first, but it can be built up.


Other than that, I’d say that these shadows blend well with beauty shimmery finish which wasn’t overdone. I’m pleased with this Mont Balm Palette. I hope you found this post interesting and helpful.

Have you got this Mont Balm in your collection already? I would love to hear your comments.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Stay Beautiful!

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Betty-Lou Manizer By TheBalm Bronzer|Review


First of all, look at this cool packaging by the Balm called Betty-Lou Manizer aka “The Bronzing Bandit”. The color spoke to me when I saw this online and I’m so pleased that I got it. Yipee!!!

betty lou packaging

Here’s what the outside packaging looks like and it gets better, continue reading …

betty lou bronzer

Told ya’ it’s gorgeous, right!

bronzer pan

You can score a sun-kissed glow with theBalm’s Betty-Lou Manizer. Betty-Lou is a silky smooth, all-in-one bronzing highlighter, shimmer and shadow. How neat is that!

In terms of the color, they believe in a silky smooth, “sun kissed glow”, which is right up my alley. So while you can get some decent pigment, this stuff is more about real-girl makeup to look fresh and pretty, instead of the heaviness on your skin. I like the formula number one and if it isn’t I wouldn’t wear it.

color swatch bronzer

You can see the color swatch swiped directly from the pan. It does have a little bit of a sheen. The pigmentation is really great and very universal where everyone can wear it. I really love the pretty color payoff on this pan. The texture is amazingly creamy with velvety finish. It blends surprisingly well.

on skin

This bronzer can be deep and dark if you packed it on but you can also go easy by applying it for a sun-kissed glow. This has been a great bronzer for me in the summer time  and I definitely wear it for transition to fall season, good news is that it’s been able to stand up to the factors for me. It has a really nice finish on my skin! Love, love this! ❤

I hope you guys have a great day and I’ll see you next time. Let me know if you like to read any other makeup products in the comment. I love to hear what you think 😀

Have you checked out the Balm yet? Which products are your favourites by far?

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Mary-Lou Manizer By The Balm|More Than 1 Way


Here’s the outer packaging of Mary-Lou Manizer:


Now this is not the new line from the Balm Cosmetics, you can actually buy ’em online or at Sephora, so I’m excited to want to give you a closer look at what is a major contender for Cutest Beauty Product in my Beauty World. You probably have this product or seen many youtubers raving and talking about this luminizer but did you know that it can also work on as a highlighter, shimmer and shadow? I’m very curious so, I got one to try it out myself for you here in my post.

Does it actually live up to the hype? Let’s see!

mary lou highlight

It gets even better when you open up the box, because this is what you get:

Mary-Lou Manizer, a seemingly innocent honey-hued luminizer that catches everybody’s eye in a metal tin compact packaging. Oh yes, whoever works at theBalm knows exactly how to get to us.

large pan

I should mention, the selling point with these isn’t just the pretty packaging. This is a powder luminizer that is supposed to have lasting power without fading.

It has a good size round mirror in this compact disc which is brilliant to bring in your purse. I love this packaging inside out.

color swatch

Obviously, you’re going to blend it out more than this, but I have to say—this highlighter is SUPER-pigmented. Even though it has a tiny bit of shimmer through it, you don’t notice it on the skin.

mary lou swatch

And here’s what they look like on the skin:

As for the wear time, I noticed some fade after about five hours or so, but that could just be because they are so pigmented, I only applied a small amount.

I have several ways to wear this luminizer so leave your eyes peeled: lol! This method I called it strobing. To place highlighter where the light hits for a natural looking finish.

makeup look

The standard area to put the luminizer is as a highlighter on top of the cheek bones but you can also apply them on several other areas for definition.


On the high point of my forehead, the tip of the nose, on the cupid’s bow and on the high point where the light hits for extra bang!


I also wear it on top of my brow bone, on top of my brow bone, on the tear duct  on for more definition.

final look
final look

I hope you find this post interesting and helpful. Let me know if you like to read any other makeup products in the comment section. I’d love to hear what you think 😀

Have you tried this Mary Lou Manizer by the Balm? Where did you get yours by leaving your comments down below.

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Meet Matt(e) by theBalm |Review & Swatches



Hi everyone!

Sorry that it took longer than I planned to put this post up, and there’s no good reason for that. Anyways, I’m ready to share my thoughts and opinion on this Meet Matt(e) Eyeshadow Palette by theBalm which I received as a gift from my honey bear on mother’s day. This palette is a limited edition and can only be purchased online at Amazon.

meet matt by thebalm

I’m delighted to get this eyeshadow palette. I love matte shadows and I’m like head over heels on this one. Okay, I didn’t get to Meet Matt(e) Nude, perhaps my honey bear has something on his mind, I seriously don’t know, but I’ll check later.

Okay back to my all time favorite eyeshadow brand, theBalm!!! Oh, I love the soft, creamy and buttery texture on this palette. It’s so smooth and boy it blends so well. You really have to try this to find out yourself but I’ll give you the gist of what I find interesting from this palette.

The palette comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging like all of theBalm eyeshadow palettes.Inside are 9 beautiful shadows from light to dark toned shades.

color shadows

All the shadows are matte finish and the pigmentation are gorgeous. It blends so amazingly well and they stay all day. I’m wearing Matt Batali for today’s look.

In my opinion, this palette has a great potential to create many different look that can really whoa others. It all depends on your imagination and creativity to play around with these beautiful mattes. Usually, it’s very hard to find a matte eyeshadow from a drugstore, not to mention a whole matte palette. If you’re a matte eyeshadow person like me, then this palette is something you might want to get hold of.

color swaches 9 shades

Color swatches from L-R: Matt Smith (cream), Matt Mcdonald(ashy grey), Matt Batali (aubergine eggplant), Matt Gallagher (brown), Matt Horowitz (royal blue), Matt Schilling (teal green), Matt Ramirez (dark brown espresso), Matt Chung (soft pink) and lastly Matt Patel (taupe).

These shadows are as mate as you can get. My favorite shades are Matt Batali (aubergine eggplant), Matt Gallagher (brown) and Matt Ramirez (dark brown espresso). I notice that Matt Smith and Matte Gallagher and Matt Patel seems to camouflage into my skin tone but these shadows can be layered without fallout.

matt baladi purple eyelook

I used the lighter shade (Matt Smith) on the bare lids and then proceed to use Matt Batali on the crease. Then, I continue with Matt Ramirez on the outer corner and finished up with Matt Chung as the highlighter. I also used Matt Batali on the bottom lashline. White eyeliner for the inner corner. I used Essence liquid eyeliner to draw a winged eye. For this look, I didn’t put on any mascara since the focus is upon the matte eyeshadows.

Overall, I love this matte palette and I think this would be a great option for people who want to try a matte eyeshadow palette. I love it! And I highly recommend this to anyone.  You can still order this on Amazon online and I believed this is a limited edition. The price is on a high point but given the quality and beautiful pigmentation and color tones in this palette in my opinion it’s worth every penny. It’s a beautiful matte palette for everyday wear.

On an unrelated note- I’m developing an obsession with matte makeup products as well. Look for more of my upcoming matte makeup products in the near future! 🙂

Have you already Meet Matt(e) or Meet Matt(e) Nude? Let me know what you think of this palette in the section below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

Nude Dude Mini Eyeshadow by theBalm|Ipsy

Hey guys!

I remembered being over enthusiast with this Mini Nude Eyeshadow which I received in my April Ipsy Glam bag. Some of you might probably have received it too and in different shades. I got mine in Flirty which I’m very excited about. This shade is close to irridescent purple toned and the shimmer is just glorious. If you love shimmery finish eyeshadow and haven’t pick up any Urban Decay or Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette then you will like palette.


Well, in case you want to know if I have the theBalm Nude ‘tude original eyeshadow palette. The answer is yes and I also did a review on it my previous post. Here is the link in case you want to go back to read it 🙂 I love the rich pigmentation on theBalm makeup lines and especially the Nude ‘tude eyeshadow palette. And I love it. I also did a review recently on the Shady Lady eyeshadow palette which I was totally floored


Okay, I’m not doing a whole Nude Dude eyeshadow palette but just one Flirty Dude I got from my Ipsy bag. When I first touched the texture of this mini Nude Dude eyeshadow,I do feels that the formula is a little dryish and the texture solid-hard on pan. It doesn’t have a soft or smooth creamy texture on it. Honestly, I was a little disappointed to say the least having high expectation on theBalm . Anyways, I continued to go a head to try it and I’m not impressed at all.

I noticed that this shade has a high amount of glitter that may be accountable for the rough texture but the real surprise is the beautiful shimmery finish when I did the color swatch.

No doubt, on swatch it looks creamy and offers shimmery finish appearance but as far as the pigmentation goes, I’ll have to say low-average pigmentation. I still need to give credit for it does blend well on crease and I didn’t noticed any fallout. Yes!


I can’t tell if it’s only my sample that feels chalky but in terms of the shade I’m liking it. I learned that sometimes some eyeshadows perform beautifully on swatches but lousy on lids and vice versa.  When I applied this Flirty shade on my crease, I’m impressed that there weren’t any fallout given the chalky texture I mentioned earlier.


I anted to mention that this Flirty shadow has a good staying power and it continues to stay put for several hours.

To sum up, I really like the shade and if only theBalm can improve on their pigmentation on this Flirty Dude to be more pigmented and less glittery, I’m sure it will melt many girls hearts. But judging from so many eyeshadow palette lines by theBalm, I believe they’re on the right track.

I love theBalm makeup brand and if you want to try an eyeshadow palette, may I suggest getting Nude ‘tude the original palette. I’m relating this to one of the Disney films where the first movie “The Lion King” in my opinion is better than the sequel. You get my point, right!

So, that’s it on my review and I hope you find it interesting. Until next time, stay beautiful!

What do you think of the Nude Dude regular size eyeshadow palette?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

Shady Lady by the Balm|Review & Swatches



Hey lovelies!

I had convinced myself I wasn’t going to get more eyeshadow palette for a month. And then this happened. I started with just online browsing on a couple of things and then I had to keep adding until I got free shipping 😦

I have like a “kazillion” nude with matte eyeshadow palettes and enough is enough. Okay maybe not kazillion but an insanely amount of nude palettes. And when I saw this, I was totally drawn in by the diverse color of this palette and so it took me over the edge to try it 😛

shady lady the balm

The packaging of this Shady Lady #3 by theBalm for $39.50 is in a cardboard paper packaging with a fancy giraffe print on it. There are nine beautiful shadows which are bright and shimmery. Net wt: 0.51 oz. The packaging is sturdy and it comes with a good size mirror on top.

thebalm color palette

I think the individual colors will stand out more in the crowd if you wear them alone. Wear a single eyeshadow makeup look which is so trendy now after the Spring’s fashion runway models wearing it. The texture is smooth and easy to blend except the Guilty Owen which I notice to be of glittery texture but it blends magnificently.

Palette includes:

– Lusty Lee: light silver.

– Envious Erin: metallic ivory.

– Racy Kacy: light, warm brown.

– Safe-Bet Annette: pearly pink.

– Runaround Rebecca: springy green.

– Come-Hither Heather: light lilac-silver.

– Open-to-Offers Olwen: true teal.

– All-the-Way Annie: soft purple.

– Guilty Gwen: black with silver shimmer.

purple eyelook

For this eye makeup look, I used the Safe-Bet Annette on lids with All The Way Annie on crease and on outer corner I’m using Guilty Gwen. Lastly, Envious Erin as highlighter and on tear ducts. Completed this look with Essence liquid eyeliner and Sonia Kashuk eyebrow pencil in Taupe. The staying power is longlasting and you can wear it alone without any primer.

color swatches the balm

As you can see from the swatches, these are all winners. I’d say the racy kacy, envious erin and runaround rebecca looked so beautiful in the pan, and I was amazed by how awesome the pigmentation are. It’s a perfect palette if you are looking for the shimmer and incredible texture. Color payoff is absolutely amazing.

I am just blown away by Shady Lady. I think it is a true gem in the drugstore. And while the price is definitely on the (WAY) high side for drugstore, you’re getting a lot of product, a lot of color choices within the palette and the performance is just great.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier before, if you love shimmer eyeshadow finish then this palette is made for you. And if you like to try out new loud bright eyeshadow shades, this palette is your answer 🙂

It probably goes without saying, but…  I highly recommend theBalm eyeshadow palettes! They’re so versatile and the colors are to LOVE. You can get this at Nordstrom, ASOS, theBalm online and at Amazon.

Have you picked up any of theBalm eyeshadow lately? Don’t forget to leave your comment below 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you guys later.

Sharon xoxo