2015 New Year Beauty Resolutions!


A New Year! A new me …

Okay, let’s accept it. 2014 is just three days shy away to an end and a New Year replaces the old. So, since each year, I have to make a New Year resolution, this year is non-exceptional except I’ll have to include beauty resolution too. Anyways, the list is a scroll long but I’m just going to share 5 of my top beauty resolutions for the New Year!

So, here goes nothing: (giggling!!!)

No 1 – I WILL detox my makeup bag and tools.

detox makeup bag

Okay, this is embarrassing but I’m a makeup hoarders and really have lots of makeup products that’s just sitting there to be tossed out. I don’t use makeup that past it’s expiry date but keep it because of its cute packaging. Oops! And since I started blogging, my makeup stuff has been piling up pretty fast. It’s recommended to toss makeup that is 1 year old and for mascara 4 months old. And honestly, when was the lat time you washed your brushes? We’re not talking just about cleanliness but it seems that brushes that aren’t wash regularly won’t be able to perform as well probably due to the oil and built-up makeup.

No 2 – I WILL dare to wear.

dare to wear

Honestly, I’m not really a hot pink lady kind of person but I intend to change with the start of the new year by wearing neon nail polish and lavish false lashes. The trick is to simply spot a splash of color that you usually shy away and try it on to bring new confidence and transform a tired look completely.

No 3 – I WILL wear SPF everyday.

wear spf

We all know that SPF is important and regular usage is essential so since it’s winter here for me, even though the sun is not as strong, I should take the effort to at least wear a SPF 15 daily moisturizer when outside. In fact, it should be worn the whole year round! UVA rays are responsible for ageing and damage skin.

No 4 – I WILL massage.

facial massage

Top facialist sworn by facial massage. So, there must be some truth in it that it’s crucial to easily slot sometime to do a face massage in our daily beauty routine. I was told to use a light facial oil and massage them from neck and work upwards in a circular motion to cheekbones, nose, around the eyes and forehead. I used to do this facial massage for my husband and he loves it. Said to help him relax. Dang! I’m feeling so tired right now that I need one facial massage before hitting the sack (zzzzzZZZZZZZZ)

No 5 – I WILL curl my lashes.

curl lashes

We heard a lot from top makeup artist that suggest and some insist that we need to curl our lashes before heading out. It’s a makeup must-do for all beauties! It’s only going to take a simple 30 seconds to curl the lashes and you’ll be left with a doe eyes even Bambi will envy. The secret is to choose a good curler with padded cushion to protect the lashes.

So, that’s all on my New Year resolutions and if you have any that you like to add on my list, please feel free to leave comment below what your beauty resolution this year? I’m anxious to hear.

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!

sparkling wine

Sharon xoxo



Top 5 Foundation Mistakes We All Make


Hey guys!

Foundation is the fundamental to flawless skin but unknown to many of us, we’re still doing it wrong. First thing first is to discover where you’re doing it wrong, then on how you get a quick fix. I have some good news on how to avoid these few mistakes. 

1) Skipping Primer 

Let’s face it, not all everyone wants to have another layer on their skin and it’s so conveniently for us to skipped this step. But putting a primer is equally important in order to avoid foundation from changing colors (when the foundation changing to light orange) due to oxidation. Primer also act as an anchor to hold down makeup for a good few extra hours of wear.  


2) Using your fingers

Sure, it’s true that the warmth of our fingers can help melt the makeup in. But it can also leaves harsh lines on our skin. Therefore, it is recommended that using a foundation brush or sponge is crucial to have a more accurate blend. 


3) Using Powder foundation

For those of you who has oily skin, using a powder foundation can be a great idea. But for those of you who has dry-skin, avoiding powder foundation can be a life saver. Powder foundation can look chalky and settle into wrinkles. Instead it was recommended to use matte foundation on the T-zone to eliminate the unwanted shine area and only to use powder to setting your makeup at the end. Make sure to give it a thorough blending to avoid patchy and white marks.


4) Testing 123!!! Testing 123! 

We often make the mistake of testing the foundation shades that we wanted to pick up on my hand instead of on our face. Truth been said, I sometimes unconsciously will do that too. Instead of offering my face to the salesperson I’ll just shovel my hand which is much convenient. But the best place to test is the jawline, around the nose and underneath the eyes to find a perfect color match. 

testing 123 foundations

5) Applying concealer under foundation

Another thing to ponder is what’s the point of putting a concealer under the foundation if the main purpose of a concealer is to add additional coverage when foundation doesn’t completely covers the problem area? By putting a foundation on top of the concealer, we are just thinning out the concealer making it lose it’s purpose to cover trouble areas. 

bourjois concealer

6) Trowelling it on

Oh yes, good foundation is something that we tend to want to apply it over and on every inch of our face but hold on! Come on ladies, use foundation where it is needed and not all over the face. The less you use, the more natural it appears. I’m sure you must have heard of the theory of Less is More! So, it stay true for foundation too. The next time you apply foundation, focus on the red area around the nose, dark circle under the eyes and blemishes. 


7) Highlighting fine lines

Okay, foundation’s job is to make our skin look flawless and natural looking. Foundation is to hide lines and not enhance them. Avoid creasing a thin amount of product under the eyes and around the mouth area where it’s prone to house wrinkles. Dab off any excess products with a tissue.


So, that’s it on my take to avoid the foundation mistakes and I hope these few tips helps. 

Do leave comment on what other mistakes you experience on the comment below?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo