I’m Getting Sunburned by Wet n Wild


nw eyeshaow trio

You guys know that I’m obsessed with Wet n Wild makeup and it didn’t stop there as you can see I’ve more eyeshadow to share with you all today. LOL Yes, you’ve seen the Walking on Eggshells in my previous post. Click here if you haven’t already. Now, let’s get started.

shadow pan trio

I picked up this Trio Coloricon by Wet n Wild in I’m Getting Sunburned for $2.77 and I think the regular price is selling for $3.97. So, I got to save like $2.00 on both palettes and I’m enjoying my beauty frugal life at this moment.

wnw i'm getting sunburned swatch

This trio shadow palette has an insanely amount of shimmer  and look how pigmented they are, so if you love a shimmery, frosty finish then this is a gorgeous palette that you would love for your vanity. You just have to apply bare minimum shadows since the color payoff is without saying incredible.

I slapped on the color swatches on the top and bottom pictures to show the intensity of these shades. The top row is the trio palette from Walking on Eggshells and the bottom row is I’m Getting Sunburned.

shimmer shadows i'm getting sunburned

This is a shimmery shadow and the only downside of this trio palette is fallout. I notice there is some fallout from the golden metallic shadow where else the other shadows on pan are richly pigmented, especially the pink highlighter which is silky buttery soft. With that aside, I feel that the dark grey shadow (crease) has a lot of gold glitters and in my opinion it’s the most driest in the pan among the three shadows, and of course, these shadows last throughout the day. The highlighter is freaking gorgeous like I said earlier and will mention again that if you’re into shimmer shadows this palette is great.

For such great price and quality, I want every single shade, plus backups and repurchase. If these shades is not your cup of tea, head over to my earlier link of neutral shadows) or visit your nearest drugstores, Walmart and Wet n Wild online.

So, there you have it some obsession of mine and I hope you like them too.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo