How to Perfect a Winged Eyeliner 101!

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This is a very tricky question and I have great news for you, lovelies! Let’s face it, doing a winged liner can be a tacky things to do. I find it difficult even for myself. I have been practising and practising but sometimes if I’m not in a mood, then winged eyes can’t fly : ( It’s disasterous if lack of focus (arrghh!!).

beauty makeup tools

maybelline eyestudio gel liner in charcoal

marcelle monocromatic eyeshdaow quad

maybelline big eyes waterproof mascara

essence coverstick in 04 true nude

elf professional eyeshadow brush

So, here are some of  the tips which I find them helpful and without hesitation, I like to share them with you. How to do a nice beautiful winged liner without putting on a sweat?

Tip #1 – turn on your favorite music. I would prefer blues or musical music. But no rap or hip hop music, please. We don’t want to dance to the beat quite yet. Remember, we need to calm down and stay focus here.

Tip #2 – close all doors, turn on lights and get ready all the makeup tools you need.

Tip # 3 – invest in a good eyeliner

Tip #4 – sit on a nice comfortable chair and have a proper lightup makeup mirror

Tip #5 – eye makeup remover and Q-tip

Then the ultimate process begins, by start applying the makeup base foundation, eye concealer and then once all prep. Let’s begin:-

winged eyes closedupwinged eyes

winged eyes (2)side view winged liner

First of all, start with a clean eyes. Meaning no eye makeup for example mascara and eyeshadow. Examine where you want your wing. Then follow the bottom lashline as a reference.

Then begin to make a thin line at the bottom of the lashline diagonally at a 45 degree angle from bottom line up. Drag the line longer if you wish to have a more dramatic winged liner. Do this with your eyes open. Look straight into the mirror and do the same on the other eyes. Make sure you have a perfect balance line.

Next, with  your eyes closed, use your pointer finger to pull your eye lids to your brow brown while applying liner very closed to your lashline from center to connect the line to meet the wing. Then from the top of the wing, draw a straight line to the center of the lid. Continue to fill inside the liner. I prefer to use gel eyeliner instead of liquid liner but it’s entirely up to you. Whichever you find easier. For me, I’m using gel eyeliner for more control when doing this look.

oct 6, winged eyes look

The last steps is just to continue lining the lashline as you would applying your eyeliner. I like drawing a thin line at the beginning of my eyes and then thicken towards the end of my eyes. If you need to clean up the edges for a clean perfect wing, that’s when the Q-tip and eye remover comes in handy.

I then finished up with mascara and then with a neutral color shadow for an awesome look.

looked don winged eyes

So, congratulations, yo.  Look a perfect winged eyeliner makeup look. yes!!!

I hope you find this makeup tips helpful and interesting. Leave comment below if you have other tips for your own type of  eyes, feel free to share : )

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3 Winged Eyeliner Look

Hey guys! It’s Thursday already and weekend is just around the corner.  As I was watching some youtubers talking about their makeup tips. I thought of doing a look which I wanted to do for a long time. There are many sorts of way people use to make a winged eye look but I’m going to share with you my way of doing this 3 winged eye look. Below are the 3 steps which I used to create a perfect  and lovely 3 winged eyelooks. Today, is all about 3 – 3 winged eyes, 3 steps and 3 makeup products only.

marcelle eyelinerMarcelle makeup

Marcelle Kajal Khol eyeliner in Blackest Black (Net wt: 0.08 oz)

Marcelle Eyeshadow Quad in Jungle Fever (Net wt: 0.16 oz)

Essence Long Lasting eyeliner in 05, C’est La View (Net wt:0.01 oz)

1st step (11)

1st step (12)

I started by applying my eye concealer on top of the entire eyelid and under my eyes to conceal the dark circles under my eyes.

Step 1: Apply using the liner along the upper and lower lash line to form the outer corner. Start to glide it from the inner corner, and making it to the outer corner with a thin line stroke. I tried making the line thicker at the outer corner.

1st step (13)

Step 2: Repeat the same step as above. Start from inner corner to outer corner and near to the lash lines. I did a reversed winged liner method in order to form 2 winged eyeliners. Clean uneven edges or mistake with Q-tips.

1st step (15)

1st step (22)

I use the long lasting eyeliner under my eyes by following the lower liner in step 2. This is to make my eyes looks more pop. That’s the 2 winged eyeliner look and we finished the two steps.

1st step (31)

Step 3: By using the Jungle Fever eyeshadow, I apply the darkest green shadow on the eyelids and then pull the shadow longer to the outer corners. For a more daring look, I blend 2-3 times the darkest green on and the effect is a Wwwow!

1st step (38)

So, there you have it. An easy steps to create a 3 winged eyeliner look which is alluring, sultry and bold look.

1st step (36)

I like this look and plan to wear them with a sorcerer costume and I’m ready for this Halloween. This is an intense and dramatic look that sure will make some heads turning. For next neutral winged eyeliner look, I’ll have it in my next blog. Please thumbs up if you like to see me do it 🙂

What type of winged eyeliner style have you tried? Please comment below.

As usual, thank you so much for reading.

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My Fantastic 9 ~ Autumn Breeze- Winged eyeliner under eyes

Hi beauties, welcome to my first edition of My Fantastic 9 ~ Autumn Breeze new makeup look for this autumn. If you remembered, I posted in my previous blog that I will be sharing with you my new autumn look.

Fantastic 9 Makeup

I’m using a very different makeup style for my eyes this time. I am doing a winged eyeliner under my eyes and a more daring look. The makeup which I used were my Fantastic 9. I know it is a fashion to wear the winged eyeliner under instead of on top. Well, I love to try different things especially on makeup and so there you have it. Strange or you can say artistic, I sure enjoyed playing with my eyeshadow palettes and looking great.

I just got the NYX makeup few days ago from a drugstore and since I’m so thrilled to try these bright, vibrant eyeshadows and also to do my new autumn look. I just can’t wait and therefore you got a sneak preview of some of the products that I will be featuring on my Friday Beauty Haul.

getting readyblusher

My Fantastic 9 makeup :-

NYX Blush in 21 Copper

Rimmel BB Cream in Medium

eyemakeupautumn look 3

NYX 5 Color Shadow (The Caribbean Collection), in 09 I Dream of St Lucia

Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eyestudio in 20 Painted Purple

NYC Eyeliner in 921 Jet Black

E.L.F. Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in Black

Prestige Brow Pencil in 12 Medium Dark

Hard Candy Mascara Lashaholic in Truest Black

NYX Lip Liner in 824 Orange

under eyeliner lookautumn look 2

Iam using the yellow to cover my eye lids and also as a highlighter. The orange color shadow I used it as a soft crease line from NYX palette and the purple I’m using the Maybelline cream shadow for my lid. Then, I lined  the upper lids with ELF eyeliner and then followed by Prestige pencil to make the underlined winged eyes effect. Finished my winged eyes look with black mascara from Hard Candy.


I’m super excited to share my new found experience with you all and I hope you will also be inspired to do something new. I definitely love this look and I have been wearing it for more than 5 hours and all my makeup are still intact. I loved the blusher, it’s so pigmented and the color payoff is so amazing. I did two gentle brushing and the color is just so so amazing.

undereyeliner Winged eyeliner under eyes

autumn breeze new look Autumn look

The BB cream that I am wearing is in medium shade and I like the coverage of it. The downside of this BB cream is that it only has 2 shades to choose from. Either light or medium tone. So, I think that the medium is still quite light for my color tone especially in the summer but since I usually turned lighter skin when it’s winter where there were less daylight.

secy orange lips NYX lip liner

This lip liner is soft and it glides easier and able to let me draw my lip line and also filling in the color which I just love. For this look, I’m using more matte color to complement my overall makeup look. I absolutely love this adventure of doing this autumn look.

Hope you like my new makeup look and click like if you did! I will also be featuring a few more new looks in the next coming weeks under My Fantastic 9 ~ Autumn Breeze Makeup Look.

What are the new look that you have tried before?

Thanks for reading.