The Balm Hey Mama! Collection


Hey Beauties!

As the season changed and migrating birds flying South. I can’t help but wish to be in a warm place to be sun-bathing under the warm sun and getting my tan. But, anyways, who am I kidding, I’ll be stuck here with many others enduring this cold freezing weather. So, I thought, since I won’t be flying South, I might as well get some Carribean here (giggling!!!)

I’ve always wanted to try these beautiful Mama by the balms and since I’m on a online shopping spree, ordered a collection of the three on ebay.

the balm trio the balm bronzer

Bahama Mama/Sexy Mama/Hot Mama (net wt: 0.25 oz each)

bahama mama bahama mama2

Bahama Mama! Finally, a Caribbean getaway in a compact! This matte bronzer creates the look of beautifully tanned skin without any orange undertones for a fresh-off-the-beach glow. Bahama Mama also doubles as the perfect contour powder and matte brown eyeshadow.

hot mama hot mama blush

Hot Mama! Sexy eye shadow and a striking blush, subtle highlighter, and light-reflecting lip finisher tucked inside a go-anywhere compact. The pinky-peach hue adds a splash of color to cheeks, a hint of shimmer to the lids, and illuminates your finest features.

sexy mama sexy mama (2)

Sexy Mama! Anti-shine & translucent powder. This soft velvety powder works to keep skin smooth and shine. It contains tiny oil absorbing spheres to eliminate shine leaving skin smooth with a matte finish. Packaged in an adorable mirrored compact that fits easily on any purse.


Swatches – Sexy Mama/Bahama Mama/Hot Mama!

Yes, this tropical beauty will keep my skin happy. Winter? What winter?

Indulged yourself with the Balm. Hot Mama, Bahama Mama or Sexy Mama … they are absolutely amazing product to have at least in my purse.

Which of these do you think you will pick up next?

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo


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