A Fresh Start ~ Makeup Wishlist


Hey beauties,

It’s a brand new year with so many promising goals and plans to achieve the whole year. I’m planning to do a fresh start with my beauty makeup and minor changes on my blog style and content as we move further down the road. It’s going to be an interesting year with a lot of fun beauty products which I love to share with all of you.

I’ll start with a Wishlist – yes, it’s mid-January but hey I’ve just recover from my last year’s hangover! giggling!

1) DuWop Lip Venom in Twilight the partnership with Stephanie Meyer’s (Twilight Saga) . This is lip plumping lip stain with shimmery finish like no other lip gloss. I’m intrigued to try this human transform to vampire lip look. It claims to contain argan, avocado, olive oil as well as vitamin E that condition lips. Net wt: 0.10 oz – for $16.00


2) DuWop Lip Venom in Haute Chocolate/Hot Chocolate. After doing a review on Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette, I’m still not done with chocolate makeup product yet. I found this lip plump in haute chocolate and its formulated to be sweet and spicy. I would love to have a precious pout which is irresistible, won’t you? Net wt: 0.12 oz for $17.00


3) DuWop LipMousse in 6 mouthwatering shades. The sound of the shades makes me hungry and makes me wonder if it’s edible! Cupcake, Tart, Creme Brule, Sorbet etc… sounds delicious. Oops! I’ve gone tangent. So, back to lipmousse – it’s a cross between lip gloss and lipstick with a creamy and lightweight formula that gives staying power that  completes with a satin color finish. It comes with a unique shower-head applicator that dispense drops of shea butter that hydrates lips long after the first wear. Net wt: 0.08 oz for $22.00 a tube.


4) Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hours Foundation. Okay, we’ve heard, read and watched reviews on the 24 hours foundation which I did in my previous post but 25 hours is something I’m extra curious to try them out. It also has SPF 20. Available in 7 lasting shades. Net wt: 1 fl oz


5) Rimmel Stay Blushed! A liquid cheek tint with 5 lovely shades to choose. I’ve seen this Stay Blushed in a tube format awhile ago but it somehow slipped my mind. So, it claims to be lightweight and lasts all day 24 hours to be precise.


I hope you enjoy reading this and find them helpful. If you have any request for me to do a review on the product from the wishlist, please leave comment below.

What do you think of the NEW Rimmel long lasting 25 hour foundation? I love to hear comments from you.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo



Everything is AWESOME!!! Too Faced Lip Gloss

Hey guys! I’ve never had a Too Faced makeup before and I am super excited to share with you guys my first impression on this Glamour Gloss Volumizing Lip Gloss in First Time (Perfect Nude). Net wt:

too faced lip gloss

It has a pretty packaging with a crystal jewel at the top end. The sponge wand applicator is pretty awesome.

swatch lip gloss

The color swatch in First Time, Perfect Nude.

lips without lip gloss

Natural lips without lip gloss plumper.

too faced lip gloss (2)

Lips with Too Faced volumizing lip gloss. I experienced  slight burning sensation immediately after I applied this lip gloss and it lasted for 15-20 minutes. It glides so smoothly and it smells great. It doesn’t feel too sticky and it just has a bit of shine which is real nice. Lovely pigments and love this nude shade that gives natural pouty lips.

closed up lip gloss look

Lips with Too Faced Lip gloss plump after 5-10 minutes . I do feel that it adds volume on my lips. Let’s see the difference on this photo compared to the one above it. I simply love this awesome lip gloss plumper. It’s so awesome and I’m so happy to have picked this. I just love it!

Note of caution: not to apply it out of the natural lip curves to avoid mouth irritation. The selling price is $19.00 regular and on special for $17.10 at Too Faced website. Available in 12 diferent shades. Awesome!!!

I would like to know if you have tried any of the lip plumper recently? If yes, please share in the comment below.

Thanks for taing the time to reading.

Sharon xoxo



Hard Candy ~ Lip Plumper & Mascara

Good morning beauties!

Recently, I have this huge pang of excitement with mascara which I don’t usually a big fan of. I have a crush on these amazing mascara by Hard Candy at Wal-mart.

These adorable, shinny packaging mascaras drove me to get them. Which I did. yay!


From Top to bottom: Plumping Serum Volumizing lip gloss in 0.04 oz

Lashaholic Super Volume mascara in 0.068 oz on Blackest Black

Flat to FAB mascara in 0.074 oz on Blackest Black


Hard Candy Mascara Hard Candy closed up mascara

Very affordable price and I like the way the brush works on my eye lashes. Each different brushes have its own function. I love the uniqueness of these brushes.

It said that this Lashaholic mascara works to volumize, thicken and lengthen the lashes with it’s elogated brush that separate and  define every lash to create the baddest lash ever.

The Flat to Fab provides instant curling sexy lashes. Smudge free. Love the brush that scrupt and help lift up each lash with precise definition. I’m totally in love with it since my eye lashes are short not not curly so this mascara really helps makes my eyes more pretty.

Hard Candy Lip Plumping Serum Hard Candy swatch

Lastly, the lip Plumping Serum. I’m not so sure about this plumping serum to be honest. This is my first time trying it. Reason been that when I applied it my lips feels like burning or stingy sensation. I used it twice just to confirm my first reaction to it. Well, it does sting a little. I did feel that my lips are a little puff up but not for too long. After the stingy left, so were the puff.

I did some readings on this topic and it seems that almost all lip plumper  contained a certain ingredient for example cinnamon oil, hot pepper or even menthol that will intentionally irriate the lips and make them swell  thus giving the plumping appearance.

For those of you who loves to have more plumper lips, it seems this can be your answer for plumper lips. But hey, for me I think I will stick with my good old lips, the old fashion way.

I hope you guys find this post interesting and helpful.

Do leave your comment below if you have any question.

What is your experience with lip plumper and what brand?

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day ahead.