Clinique Chubby Lash Mascara – First Impression


Hey everybody! Today I’m going to talk about a product that doesn’t seems to get much love here in my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I like mascara but it’s just not my thing until now. I’m completely converted overnight!

Clinique mascara

Clinique Chubby Lash Mascara is a volumizing mascara that claims to be lasting, lash-volumizing mascara that lusciously plumps up lashes without weighing them down.

chubby wand clinique

A chubby applicator that gives your lashes a fuller look, I like that the formula doesn’t clump, flake or smudge on me. As you can see, it’s the tiny bristles which grip the lashes giving them awesome volume. Awesome isn’t it!

This mascara is not waterproof as I like my mascara to be waterproof. But I don’t mind since this mascara is so comfortable to wear and is so easy to remove. This product is fragrance free and ophthalmologist tested so it’s perfect for sensitive eyes person like me. I didn’t notice any discomfort or irritation on my eyes the whole day I was wearing it.

It gives my lashes a full, long look like no other and the bristles make for a clean, easy application. I know it’s called “lash fattening” but what it does for me is it really makes my lashes LONG.

Clinique Chubby Lash Mascara

I wore this on the weekend and I was quite impressed with the volume and lifting this product gives. I was blown away by it. Look how long my short lashes transformed after wearing 2 coats of mascara. I really love the volume it gives my lashes without weighing them down. I think it would work great for those of us who have shorter eyelashes. I also got so many compliments from church friends. I’m in love with this mascara.

I highly recommend this if you’re in the market for a voluminous mascara. Clinique is a brand that gives you good quality products with an awesome price point without breaking your bank.

This is such an awesome product – I’m going to wear it every single day moving forward.

Is mascara your beauty must haves? If yes, which one is your holy grail? Have you tried this Chubby Lash Mascara. Do tell me your thoughts in the comments down below.

Thank you guys for always reading, please comment and subscribe. I hope you guys enjoyed hearing my opinion and seeing how this product work for me.

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Sharon xoxo


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Question Tuesday! Let’s Talk Mascara



mascara selections
by source

Question for you: What do you think makes for a good mascara? This is the question I asked myself when I’m testing out on mascaras for reviews.

Here is a few reason why you need a waterproof mascara and how it transforms our look. The last thing we want is to have a dreaded panda eyes, if you know what I mean.

We all know very well that mascaras can be clumpy, messy, claggy, flaky, too wet, too dry, plastic brush, curved brush, bristle brush. And for those of you who are new to makeup world, it’s important that you take note of this endless list of the fate of the mascara.

Woman applying mascara on eyelashes
by source

I think it’s crucial to know what works and what not in terms of performance and durability of a mascara sine I don’t think any of us wants big black dripping panda eyes before we even get off the bus on our way to work or for brunch with our blogger friends.

Comment below what’s on your mind and with wedding, holiday and hay fever season just around the corner finding the perfect waterproof mascara may well be on your mind, am I right?

by source

Alrighty, so that’s pretty much it for today’s post! Hope to see you guys again on the next one. Bye!

Thank you for stopping by to read.

Sharon xoxo



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Question Tuesday! How Much Would …



mascara lashes
by source

Hey everyone! Depending on where you live, you may have noticed the weather starting to turn a bit warmer. Yes, it’s spring for us here! I don’t know about you but I tend to look for a good mascara that I could take my lashes all the way to summer [hahaha]

This week’s Question Tuesday (QT) is quite straight forward.

by source

I asked: How much would you spend on a mascara?

You answer … in the comment below your pick.

  • Less than $5
  • $10
  • $15
  • $20
  • $25
  • $30 or more

decision, decision and decisions!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and have a great day!

♥ Sharon



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New Revlon Mascara First Impression



Revlon New Line Mascara

Revlon Ultimate All-In-One, meet your sibling Dramatic Definition mascara and it’s (almost) identical except for the brush applicator and function. Similar sleek, slim and lightweight packaging.


I did a  giveaway contest weeks ago which the lucky winner received in her bag the New Revlon Ultimate-All-In one mascara. And today, I’m doing a first impression review on what I personally think of this mascara.

I received this mascara from Pharmaprix Pincourt for consideration. I want to make it clear that I give my honest review and not biased to one side simply because it was given to me, If you’ve been following my blog, you know I speak from my experience as a consumer just like you.


This caught my eye when I was first saw at Pharmaprix (Quebec drugstores) and I was pleased for the opportunity to be doing my first impression review on this mascara. So yay!


It says here waterproof mascara, smooth, flexible formula coats lashes for clump free separation. I’m all about volume since I have short lashes. I totally have the Asian short and sparse lashes.

Let’s see if this gives me hope!


There are three other colors available. They got blackened brown, black and blackest black. I got the blackest black waterproof.  Nice!


It’s not clumpy at ALL. The bristle just comb my lashes separately and the end result is awesome blossom.


The brush is not as tiny as the Ultimate All-In-in-One. I would say a decent brush and easy to hold on the handle. I like the new design of this flat tube edge on the sides.


It’s not transferring when I run my finger through and that’s a good sign.There’s not much of a significant on my lashes for length but it does make a difference in terms of definition.

Mascara by Revlon

There’s barely any smudging and I’m surprised it lasted  for 5 hours with no smudging at all now that it’s completely dry. I’m going to continue wearing this and continue reading for the final update.

Press  Sample

Overall, after wearing it for 8-9 hours, I’m ready to give my verdict. This is not bad at all. I’m really impressed that my eyes doesn’t look messy with this mascara. I know there are not many brands that are smudge proof but I’m pleased this one is. Well you nail it, Revlon!

If you like to know more on this new Revlon products, I got news for you. A Quebec Revlon Ambassador would be at Pharmaprix Pincourt on February 27th for a meet and greet. If you’re a fan of Maripier Morin, do stop by at the event location (click the link here) for more information. Psst! I heard there’s a free gift bag if you spend $20.00 on Revlon products. Don’t miss out. Let me know if you guys are going. Leave comment below.

What do you think of this new mascara? Would you try it?

Thanks for taking the time to read and hope to see you on the next one!

Sharon xoxo



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Clinique Boxing Day SEPHORA (pic heavy)


Don’t judge me okay! Yup, you’ve to believe me when I told you that I’m still doing my Boxing Day unboxing purchases in February. I must do this one because it’s a brand that used to be closed to my heart when I was in my twenties.

So, a big SHOUT OUT to Clinique Cosmetics. MY dear old friend LOL! I’m actually feeling nostalgia as I write! Sure brings back good memories.

The Clinique Loves Boxing Day set that comes with a  Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara, Day Off Cleansing Balm and Extended Thirst Relief might have found it’s way as my must have face routine. Happy because I found a cleansing balm that works for me, and sad because I’m running out my other face product!

For only CAD$15 you get three nice products from Clinique to try, exclusive only at Sephora.

I’ve never had any colored mascara than the usual black. I was excited to get this Marsala color for my eye lashes. Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara comes in a regular size tube packaging. My only complain is that the color is not as loud compared to what appeared on the brush. It isn’t showing much on my lashes and frankly, I couldn’t see the difference unless I us 20X mirror! Or maybe,  I got a bad tube. I don’t know. So, bum!

I never knew I needed this until I tried it!

“Take The Day Off” Cleansing Balm by Clinique is my new love. After having my whole arm full with color swatches, I decided to use this cleansing balm to the test. You just gently apply the product on your arms or face and taa..daaa!!! In my case, all the swatches removed in front of my very eyes. Wow!

With this product, a little bit goes a long way. You get loads so you will literally never have to repurchase for a long while! I’m always on the hunt for makeup remover that effortlessly dissolves even the most tenacious makeup and so glad to find it. I love my Estee Lauder Makeup Remover and this Clinique is just icing on the cake. I got to admit, I’m in love and will continue to use this product.

Individual bottle available at Sephora for C$36.00 in 125 ml or at retail stores, drugstores or Clinique online.

Next product in this box is the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel-Cream that valued for C$46.00 for 1.7 oz at Sephora.

First and foremost, it states on the website that this product is perfect for all skin types. Well, I’ve dry combination skin and I was all excited to test it out. I’ve been trying this moisturizer cream in the morning for the last two weeks and I would say this formula leaves my skin feeling moist and not greasy. Lastly, I didn’t notice any breakout which I sometimes experience when trying out skin care products.

It’s smells amazing and absorbs to skin before I count even count 1,2,3. The moisturizer has a somewhat herbal smell, but it doesn’t linger and nothing that’s insulting to the the nose. It feels soothing and cooling on my skin. I’m going to continue to use it interchangeably with my other skin care products next but this Thirst Relief gel-cream, I highly recommend.

Have you tried any Clinique products I mentioned above? What do you think of it by commenting in the section below.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read. Hope to see you on the next one!

Sharon xoxo


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Unboxing: My Too Faced Sex & Chocolate (Boxing Day)



No, I didn’t make a mistake in the title, even though December is gone, but I got this on Boxing Day, a day after Christmas, so have an excuse why I’m showing you last month’s box only now. Yes, I still have lots of unboxing even in January.


I’d had my eye on this bronzer for some time, and finally I got this during the Boxing Day sale at Sephora.

In this box, you get a Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced.  It was for CAD$15.00 on limited quantities. The packaging of the sample bronzer is in a soft black plastic material, not very attractive but when I open the lid, I feel like I was in a chocolate factory. The bronzer smells amazing and delicious,  I just want to eat it up!

And I believe the actual product comes with a sturdy packaging with a full sized mirror.


I have this in medium to dark, even though my skin tone is light/medium. I would say it suits my skin nicely, it warms it up, lasts all day and it’s very flattering. It also smells amazinggg!

It is matte! To me, shimmer gets old, so I want something natural-looking. Something that won’t make me look like a disco ball. Since this is a matte bronzer, it is perfect.


It’s not orange at all so you can use it to contour or just as an all over bronzer. Blends nicely and highly pigmented so you will not need a lot on your brush.One of the best out there. Totally matte, creamy, and gorgeous and so it photographs well. Product is dense, so you don’t go through it too quickly. Way to go Too Faced!

If you’re a sucker for bronzer, this is totally worth the splurge! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and spoil yourself silly!


I know this is definitely not the latest product from Too Faced.  I’ve heard many good things about this mascara for a long time and was pleasantly surprised by it.

Better than sex, eh! Hmm… I’m trying to figure out the connection between the two and I probably need to meditate on this for an answer. lol!

I spent a week wearing it and I really like the formula. It does need more work for me to work on my short lashes to look great, but I must say the end results were undeniably satisfying.


To get the important question out of the way – does it even work? Yes, it does. But I think it would have a much more impressive result on long lashes.

I want to put it out there, this is not a waterproof mascara, so it doesn’t hold curl on my lashes that much. On my lashes I don’t feel that the amount of added length is that significant but it does appeared more voluminous nevertheless. It can get clumpy if you’re not too careful. Thankfully, it hasn’t smudge or flaked on me with two coats.

The low is that it doesn’t hold well throughout the day for me.


On a positive note, you need less of the product because it is so thick and rich! 🙂 the brush has many bristles going that gives your lashes a nice even fullness.

A great formula with a luxe packaging, though I feel for most people it will be more like an occasional treat or lovely gift item rather than something they’ll regularly repurchase.

What do you think of this? Do you think it’s “better than sex”, or it is a darn good mascara! Make sure to leave your comments down below.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

Sharon xoxo


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Lancome Hypnose Star


Hi Babes!



I’m feeling awesome today and thanks to Lancome Hypnose Star, you really make my day! I started my day by trying out some eyeshadows I got for the holidays. I don’t feel like wearing falsies and so I picked my number one favorite mascara which is from Lancome to enhance my eyelashes.


And, Oh Nelly!!! Look at my long extended lashes. I’m loving it. Let’s get real, I admit I have short and sparse eyelashes but with this Hypnose Star, it’s really a life saver.


Best thing is it lasted the whole day. I did a review before in my post which I’ll put a link here.

To refresh your memories and for new friends visiting my blog, this Lancome Hypnose Star sample was send to me for my honest opinion.


I don’t have any complain about this mascara at all. It smells so amazing and it works on me. Want to get an extra glam without falsies, head over to Pharmaprix Pincourt or Galerie Beaute where their friendly salespersons are there to assist you. I highly recommend this.

See for yourself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think of this Hypnose Star? I would love to hear your comments in the comment section.

Available also online at Lancome website or Shoppers Drug Mart.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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Cover Girl Super Sizer by Lashblast Mascara



I was at Walmart and spotted some new products by Hard Candy but I didn’t go home empty-handed. Ended up picking this bad boy with another makeup product which I’ll keep it a suspend until my next post. It’s going to be in first impression review post.


When it comes to mascara there are so many different options and brands that sometimes make my head spin. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on this Super Sizer Mascara by Cover Girl that put me on the curiosity spot where I want to try it out myself. So, I picked up this one and excited to share my thoughts and opinion with you.


You can see on the back of the packaging an instruction on how to work with the brush. You suppose to twist the brush as you apply them.


Cover Girl usually has great mascaras and nice packaging. This one wow me instantly when it’s first launched but somehow I waited until I threw away my expired mascara after 3 months of usage.




Look how different the shape of the applicator with the small bristles compares to others. This mascara comes in a big tube with lots of formula for that price. I paid $5.98 at Walmart when it was on special. Cover Girl website selling for $6.85 and available in three different colors.


I love the unique shape of the brush and the rubber bristles. Brush has tiny/uneven bristles. It separates your lashes and does leave them clumpy when you first apply them but a minute later your lashes would look flawless. Makes them look full and long.


This is great for defying lashes. Perfect for lifting those thin dual lashes to thick beautiful ones. Keep in mind for this review that I have short and straight lashes, and this is for the waterproof version in Black.


Ok, so this is a tricky mascara to apply. It is very wet, so the first time I used it, I made a bit of a mess. Having said that, once you get the hang of application, this gives you some seriously dark eyelashes. The mascara held my curl, and didn’t smudge! Whew!

I wouldn’t want to look like this, if you know what I mean! Right!

by  What did you say about my eyes?

My verdict is that I like it but not love love if that make sense. I feel that this mascara needs more work to apply. I didn’t like it at first but once the formula settled it gives a good finishing look. Not so bad. The good thing I notice is that it doesn’t irritate my eyes and it’s waterproof. Yay!

What do you think of this mascara? Don’t forget to leave your comments down below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. ❤

Sharon xoxo


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Daiso Japan Colorful Eyeshadow & Isehan KIss Me Heroine Make|Review


japanese eyeshadow eotd lmakeup

Yay! It’s time for doing a review on the Colorful Eyeshadow from Daiso Japan in Tokyo. I did a Japan Beauty Haul last Friday, you can click here to read a full review. So, anyways, this is a ¥100 = $1.00 eyeshadow with a net wt: 4g. Insanely low price and to be honest I’m not complaining, hehehe!


It comes in a lovely plastic packaging which looks decently made. It’s doesn’t look cheap like some drugstore brands I’ve seen. This is a four eyeshadow quad with all its formula been shimmery especially the pink color which has the most glitter on. It looks almost frosty in my opinion.


You can see how richly pigmented the formula are and the texture is amazing. It’s feel buttery and smooth. So, easy to blend and the color payoff is great.


Here are the color swatches I swipe directly to my bare hand and looks how gorgeous the shades and pigmentations! Crazily pigmented! I’ll give it thumbs up. The color from left to right: White (Shimmer), Gold (Metallic), Dark Brown (Satin) and Pink (Frosty)


I started by putting on an Eye Base by Evelyn Iona all over my lids. First, I gently put the White shade from the Quad palette on my browbone and inner corner. Then I proceed by applying the Gold color on my crease to give a definition. The secret to having a pretty pretty eyes is to blend and blend your eyeshadows very well. Take your time to blend all in. Next, I use the Dark Brown at the outer corner and work my way inwards. Lastly, I use my flat brush and tap the Pink frosty shadow on my lids. It’s important not to blend but just tap the formula on the lids.


I use my Annabelle in Jet Black to apply on my lashline and leaving the bottom lash line bare for this look. I want my eyes to look wider and natural.


I finish it with applying the Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara by Kiss Me in Black. This mascara is not from Daiso Japan but from Isehan in Tokyo. It comes in a thin and short bristle wand.


I love how it volumize, lengthen with no smudges at all. It does performs what the mascara should do. I noticed that my lashes looked as though as I’m wearing fake lashes when I used this mascara. ^-^

kiss me mascara

I’ve to admit that it’s a nice mascara for ¥1000 = $10.00 but a little pricey for a mascara. There are two cons – one is that it’s too dry for my eyes and second I feel this formula is so hard to remove. I’ve sensitive eyes and this formula just make my eyes feel uncomfortable after awhile. It’s drying up my lashes like crazy. So, unfortunately, this mascara is something that I will not reach for in the future 😦


So there you have it, a neutral eye makeup look using just the shadows from the colorful quad. You can wear this for an everyday look. It has good staying power and I really like it. The shimmery finish was not overwhelming and I love the appearance these eyeshadows gives. Yipee!!!

I hope you could find a similar product at your Daiso Japan in your area if you’re living in Los Angeles or San Francisco or even Seattle. I’m so glad to be able to try this eyeshadow out and love the result I desire.

What do you think of this product? Have you tried any products from Daiso? Leave your comment below. I love to hear what you think.

Thank you for taking the time to read. muak!

Sharon xoxo


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I heard lots of raves recently about this Maybelline New Mascara collection for this summer and I just can’t stop to been curious what’s all the hype was all about. There were mixed reviews from youtubers but I personally don’t think that I’ll like to wear Chaotic even if it means having a sexy mess!

Question: Can anyone tell me why do you want to pick this VOLUM’ EXPRESS THE COLOSSAL© CHAOTIC LASH WATERPROOF by Maybelline? What is Maybelline trying to pull with this new mascara?

photo by source
photo by source

Personally, I don’t think that I’ll be missing out much if I didn’t get this Chaotic Lash but let me know what do you all think? There is no right or wrong answers but would love to hear your opinion on this. So, don’t forget to leave your comment on the section down below.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Check back later for a back to back post ❤

Sharon xoxo


Wet n Wild Nourishes Lashes |Cruelty Free Mascara


wnw mascara

I got this Wet n Wild Nourishes Lashes Mascara more on a whim kind of thing. I got this in Very Black for $3.00 from my local Dollar store. I was  surprised that they carry Wet n Wild product brand and so I was sold by the excitement of seeing Wet n Wild brand.


Frankly speaking, I’m more intrigued by the ingredients used in this mascara than the  appearance results itself. This mascara has soy and wheat which are fortified with protein and enriched with acai oil to condition your lashes. No wonder it’s also called Mega Protein which make a whole lot of sense here.

I notice that this the packaging looks similar to the Covergirl Lashblast Volume mascara. It comes in a plastic-y material and the brush is simple and straight with just some short bristles on. It looks like a brush that can separate your lashes nicely.


When it comes to mascara, I’m pretty”basic” and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I require only four things:

That it doesn’t clump.
Does it darken?
Does it lengthen?
Is it cheap?

So, let’s see if this Nourishes Lashes mascara by Wet n Wild able to rock my lashes?


This Mega Protein mascara claim to nourish and condition your lashes and helps make them fuller and thicker naturally. Well, I just tried it and I’ll continue to use it and will report back the results once I see my lashes improves in volume after using it.


So, for my first impression review, I’ll say that this mascara has passed the test. It’s only $3.00 (score!). On application and vision (refer to pic above), I do see my lashes look both darker and a little longer and if I remove the excess, it doesn’t clump.The good thing about this mascara is that doesn’t flake or clump up, which could be a nightmare for many. One point to note is that this mascara has water element as part of the ingredient. Therefore, it’s not a waterproof mascara.

For you who is looking for a protein enriched mascara, this one’s for you! :p It’s also cruelty and paraben free. Overall, I love the fact that the ingredients used are natural and that it helps condition eyelashes. It’s too soon for me to give this mascara the quality ratings if it actually perform as claimed but one thing I can be sure of is that if you’re looking for a cruelty free mascara with basic expectation, then you’ll like it 🙂

What do you think of this Wet n Wild mascara? Have you tried any Mega mascara, if yes which one? Don’t forget to leave your comment below.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


Eye-See-You! Mini Beauty Haul

Hey lovelies!

Another week of beauty haul is up! Today, I’m just going to share with you a gift set which I picked up a few days ago from Walmart. It’s the Drew Barrymore’s Flower makeup eye beauty set.

beauty set

I got this set for $19.00 that includes a shadow play eyeshadow, extreme lengthening mascara and one ultimate eyeshadow brush.

flower beauty set (2)

Eye spy with my eyes something that starts with a Shadow Play Eyeshadow Palette in Rose Gold includes eight complementary shadow shades designed to create a coordinated eyelook. Seven of the shades has a subtle shimmer while the 8th is of matte. A color swatch and review is on its way. So, do check out my next posting 🙂 I touch on the shadows palette and some of the texture feels soft and creamy. It’s definitely a lovely compact shadow palette.

Next is the Ultimate Eyeshadow Brush no. 103 in standard size. It’s made of faux or synthetic hair and it’s soft for the skin.

Last but not least is this beautifully crafted Extreme Lengthening Measures Mascara packaging. The long  and soft wand is so pliable and easy to apply the mascara on lashes.

eyeshadow play mascara

I don’t remember having this color shades in my eyeshadow collection before and that’s part of the reason why I picked up this Rose Gold gift set.  You know how excited I am when I talking about beauty haul. This eyeshadow palette is something I truly love and especially the packaging. The eyeshadow pan is average in size and the transparent plastic wave design top looks pretty. On top of that it’s light and easy to carry in a makeup or travel bag 😡

hourglass shape wand mascara by flower

Flower Extreme Measures Lengthening Mascara comes with a soft hourglass-shaped wand is what I need to make my lashes more urg… volume! It doesn’t smudge or flake throughout the day as I was wearing them. The major plus is that it doesn’t clump even after multiple coats. It’s water-soluble and comes out pretty easily. If you are looking for a lengthening mascara then you might want to look elsewhere but I figured it will be good to wear as an everyday mascara.

eyeshadw brush brush pick up shadow

This Ultimate Eyeshadow brush no. 103 is a decent brush. I checked on Walmart website and found that the individual piece is selling for $7.98. As excited I am over the eyeshadow and mascara I can’ wait to try on this set today. I’m amazed at how much this brush was able to pick up the shadow with just a gentle touch.

I’m going to continue to wear and try out the shades of this eyeshadow for awhile before giving my two cents opinion. So, overall I’m satisfied with my purchase and for a good quality products at a reasonable price.

Flower by Drew Barrymore is brand that has find it’s place in Walmart beauty counters and if you are searching for a good value makeup products, Flower may be your next choice to go after.

So, have you any of Flower’s makeup product that you really love? Please leave comment below.

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo