Rimmel London Makeup Product – Review & Swatches


Hey guys! What’s up friends! So today’ I’m going to do two product reviews on  my rediscovered drugstore products. They’re the Glam’s Eyes Quad Eyeshadow and the ever popular Provocalips 16Hr Kissproof Lip Color by Rimmel London.

Rimmel London

Starting off, I’ll start with my favorite product I love to talk about all the time. Rimmel Glam’s Eyes Eyeshadow Quad I’ve been loving since I started blogging and still reached for it whenever I’ve the chance. I talked about it on my old blog and if you like to check it out, here’s the link.


So, yes I’m wearing it again today. This is affordable and they’re such pretty quads. It’s very good and I really like it. I repurchase the same shade in Royal Tea and a new color collection in Smokey Purple. These are their two color quads I’ve been loving.

It has a good mix of shimmery and matte shadows in the quads palette. You get two mattes and two shimmery finish eyeshadows. The packaging is small and compact which makes it travel friendly and pattern on the shadows is a nice feature.

Royal Tea Color Swatch

What you’ll find from this quad (L-R): Intense metallic peach, matte butterscotch, copper brown and matte warm medium brown shades.

The drawback about these eyeshadows are yes, they’re matte but not very pigmented and a leave powdery finish especially the nude shadow (2nd on the left). I’ve basically have to dig it into the pan to get what you see on this swatch. Like always, the way I do a color swatch on my blog is by swatching the products on my bare hand using only one finger swipe. No primer and not on wet surface.

Smokey Purple Color Swatch

What you’ll find from this quad (L-R): Cool cream with the slightest purple tint, Dusty pink, Dusty dark purple and Dusty purple shades.

The darker colors definitely are more pigmented than the lighter colors and you will need to build up the color strength that you want. The good thing I like about these eyeshadows are what you see on the palette is what you get!


If you’re beginners and need help on, they’ve instructions behind as shown here which are easy to follow

Look at position of the chart: #3 and #4 are the mattes while #1 and #2 are the shimmery shadows.


They’re easy to work on with primer or eyeshadow base. Here’s the look I created recently. I wore it the whole time from morning till evening and it didn’t budge. I do like the staying power!

I’m very much on the fence with this product. There are so many good things about this product like the packaging, color selections and long wearing, but to the pigmentation I got to say I was a little let down. They’re not terribly bad at all, don’t get me wrong but I’ve seen other drugstore brands that performs much better in this category. They’re up to standard for the price and a good choice when on a budget!

Instagram link – tap here!


Next product I’m going to talk about are these bad boys! Rimmel Provocalips is my new favourite lipstick. It may be the last lipstick I ever need (OK, that’s obviously a lie, but you get the idea – I’m obsessed).

On the website they claim that it is “Kiss proof , transfer proof, food proof, high impact endless color. No tight feeling or dry lips. Lips feel smooth and moisturized all day long.”

In Rimmel’s Provocalips lip color collection there are eight colors. I picked up three of the eight.


It is also unscented and comes with a Doe foot applicator sponge on both ends. Love this applicator. They’re so easy to apply products on and it glides on like a dream.

Top coat – Lock & Shine – Top Coat

This is my favorite part of the lip color actually. This is the other end of the applicator with top coat. It works to lock the color and shine from bulging or fading off.


Left to Right: Dare to Pink, I’ll Call You & Little Mink – Swatches

Out of the three swatches, I really couldn’t get Dare to Pink to work, as you can see from the swatches it just wouldn’t apply as nicely as I wanted it to.

lip swatches
Wearing 2 coats with a layer of top coat in these swatches

In this review, I road-tested 3 of the shades – Dare to Pink followed by I’ll Call You and then lastly Little Mink. For the test, I kissed the back of my hand and noticed there was no transfer. Once the 2nd layer was dry I then applied the top coat. I did the kiss test again and found no transfer of color.

The longevity of these is fabulous. They’re indeed transfer-proof while kissing, but on top of that, they stay remarkably intact while eating and drinking. The color did not budge at all after several hours and  still looks the same. I did another check at the end of the night, after 9-10 hours wear, the lip color still hold on like life. Although the clear gloss was no longer there, the lip color stayed in tact and my lips still felt moisturized.

Overall, I’m in love with those 3 shades and the formula – they’re so good for absentminded lipstick lovers like me. If you also love bold lips but don’t want to worry too much about reapplication, you’ll love these! I highly recommend it.

Comment and tell me which of those products you’d like me to review next!

Thanks so much for stopping by and read. Hope this mini haul is helpful. Until next time, take care. [muah]

Sharon xoxo


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Question Tuesday! Beauty Favorites


Hey guys! Happy Tuesday!!

Welcome back to our weekly Question Tuesday. Today, I want to talk about beauty favorites and I need you to comment your favorite for this week. You can list as many as you wish in the comment below.


Q: What were you loving this week? Comment below. Let’s keep everything beauty related.

A: I have  a few favorite this week. They’re not in any particular order.

  1. Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Uptown Girl
  2. Urban Decay Vice 4 Eyeshadow Palette
  3. Milani Everyday Eyes Palette in 05 Earthy Elements
  4. Ardell Spiky Lashes with Attitude in 386 Black
  5. Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara

Thank you for stopping by and I’ll see you again on the next one. Bye! And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already ❤

Sharon xoxo



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Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick [Sample Review]



I’m always on the lookout for long-lasting lipsticks. I want to not have to worry about reapplying every few minutes and keep a vibrant color. I really fell in love with the one from Urban Decay. You are able to apply it and maybe worry about it once that evening.


With Mothers’ Day just a few short days away, I wanted to share this long-lasting lipsticks for that special day. The product comes in shades that are also great for the workplace or everyday wear.


Available in nine never before seen shades from neutrals to brights to deep-dark colors for every lip colors you love or as a gift. The choice is YOURS!


I’m definitely pleased with this matte lipstick. It’s a beautiful shade that I love and have been reaching for since I got it  as a sample gift from Sephora


I would definitely recommend this Matte Revolution Lipstick to anyone who love a matte lippy. For that price, I would surely pick a standard size for I love a comfortable, matte and long wearing lipstick which really make my lips look sexy and bold. I’m falling head over heels with this babe.


Bad Blood is a matte deep red color. Epic awesomeness (hahaha!).


Definitely a matte lipstick that’s creamy and non-drying to wear.


Another aspect I look for is if that line has a variety of colors. This is also a downfall since you will inevitably start collecting those and your vanity begins to burst! Or your purse has more lipsticks in it than anything else or you’re going to make someone you love very happy.


I love the texture and I love the colors. This lipstick has the matte look, but still feels moisturizing and soft. If you always thought that matte lipsticks were drying & flaky (that makes you avoided them), let me tell you that UD got it right! I highly recommend it!


If you have tried Matte Revolution lipstick before, which are your favorite shades? I’ve only tried this Bad Blood and I want to try other shades by UD. Which shade would you recommend in the comment?

Alrighty, so that’s pretty much it for today’s post! Hope to see you  again on the next one.

Thank you for stopping by to read.

Sharon xoxo



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bh cosmetics palette

If you have been reading my blog, you would have read me mentioning about Red Alert on the New Eyeshadow Palette by Bh Cosmetics about 3 weeks ago. If you haven’t, you can do so here. So, I have the palette right in front of me now and super excited to talk with you about this lovely Nude Rose Eyeshadow Palette. Some of you have been asking if BH has any walk-in stores and the answer is no. But the good news is that since BH cosmetics don’t have a brick and mortar stores they do have an easy accessible and convenient online shopping which is hassle free.

Without further ado, let’s kick right in:

nude rose palette

I present you, the Nude Rose Palette. It’s still very new in the market and I’m pleased to do an early review. This palette was on discount for $12.00 when I ordered it. The last time I checked, it was $14.50. But, don’t worries it’s still a discounted price of 23% off the original price of $20.00.

Bh Cosmetics is a cruelty free makeup brand where they don’t test on animals.

nude rose 1st row

As claimed on Bh website – features & benefits:
  • 3 Finishes (Satin, Matte & Shimmer)
  • Vegan
  • Paraben Free
  • Non-Irritating
  • Allergy Tested

The packaging comes in a metal case with hidden magnetic closure which I like. It looks very similar to Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay. I’ll do another post to find if Nude Rose is a dupe for Naked 3 in my next post.

Inside are 12 beautiful color eyeshadows with matte, satin and shimmery finish in this palette. There is a big size mirror with a card with numbers for easy reference and a double ended brush. Love it!

nude rose 2nd row

Overall, a wonderful product especially it work best for lighter skintoned and cool undertones. The lighter shade works better on me with eye primer since I’m more on a light-medium toned. Impressive texture – it feels very smooth and highly pigmented. The packaging is travel friendly and convenient.

color swatches nude rose palette

The bottom row contains a few darker tone which I really like. The shadow orders are nice, it goes from light, mid-toned and darker tone. It’s a beautiful palette which is versatile and you can create as many looks with just this palette.

color swatches on point nude rose palette

Sorry for the blur picture of the color swatches. I used a different camera since I accidentally dropped my favorite Sony and damaged the lens. So, this picture doesn’t do it justice and you really got to try this palette yourself. I highly recommend it and for that price it’s worth it.

The lighter shades are perfect as highlighter and for inner corners and on the lids to make your eyes look more pop.

nude rose EOTD LOOK

For today’s EOTD first impression, I’m wearing the middle section 3, 4, 9 & 10 eyeshadows. It gives a neutral nude finish perfect for everyday look and you can built it up for a more intense and dramatic evening look. It’s long lasting and no crease or fallout. I’m satisfied with this palette and have been wearing it everyday since I got it.

Love the formula, its silky smooth, petal soft and the shades awesome and did I mention versatile. I noticed it picked up a lot of products and you might want to go easy for it’s so pigmented. A little goes a long way. Love how it blends so well with no fallout and crease free. So yay for that!

Some of you may have already joined this bandwagon and I really want to hear what you think of this palette. And if you haven’t already, please do yourself a favor and order one for yourself and another as a holiday giveaway. A legit Nude Rose palette if you ask me!

“Nude has never looked so good, ya” 

Would you picked up this new Nude Rose palette?

Thanks for stopping by!

Sharon xoxo

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Eyeshadow Duo By Joe Fresh|Review & Swatches

joe fresh duo eyeshadow

If you miss the full review of my previous Friday Makeup Haul, just hit here or continue reading if you like to read more of my thoughts and opinion on this Eyeshadow Duo by Joe Fresh. I’ll be sharing with you also some color swatches as well.


The eyeshadow shades I got is in Honeywell on the top and Apricot the lighter color below. All products of Joe Fresh have tight plastic wraps. I really love the packaging of this eyeshadow duo. It has a neat look and the plastic packaging is sturdy.


Just look at this closed up picture of the eyeshadow duo in the pan. Freaking awesome, don’t you think!


The texture is silky, creamy and oh my gosh, they’re so smooth! Not sure if this make sense but on my fingers the formula does have a wet velvety feel but when I swiped them on my bare hand it went on smoothly to powder. Not only were they not chalky but there are no fallout. It blends well and gives a natural neutral satin finish. For a long lasting result, you can apply primer before just for more staying power.


Here is the eyeshadow color swatch swipe directly on bare hands without primer. It takes the smallest amount for pigmentation and looks very natural on. Picture taken with natural light.

Neutral nude eye makeup

If you love neutral nude eyeshadow then this duo will make a very good pairing for an everyday look. The color is not bright or intense and the best part is that it stays put on my eyes the whole day. I’m wearing the two shades for this eye makeup. apricot on the lids and browbone and honeywell on the outer corner. Finished with an eyeliner by Mac and voila! Done in less than 2 minutes 😛 Love the soft dewy look!

So, I’m really like this eyeshadow duo and overall the quality is good with added value on price. If you have friends visiting Canada, don’t forget to ask them to get you some Joe Fresh makeup products. With stronger US exchange rate, it is worth trying some Canadian makeup brand for your collection. As for my Canadian friends, you know by now where to find Joe Fresh brand. If not, check out at your local grocery store: Loblaws, Maxi and Superstore 🙂

That’s all for today’s review and I hope you find this post helpful and interesting. Until next time, stay beautiful!

What do you think of Joe Fresh makeup brand? Have you heard of this brand before? I love to hear your comments.

Thank you as usual for taking the time to stop by.

Sharon xoxo

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Summer Break Beauty Essentials


Hey Beautiful!

Wanna know what I want to talk and share with you! Continue reading …

melted metal liquified long lasting liptsick too faced

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick. Get the shine of a gloss, the staying power of a stain and the intense color of a liquid lipstick with Melted.With Melted, Too Faced has created a revolutionary way to keep lipstick liquified so it doesn’t lose its intensity, pigment or shine, while keeping a comfortable, flexible and cushiony wear. Available in 17 different metal shades that melts on your lips. At Sephora online for $21.00.

nyx suede shadow

The Suede Shadow Palette by NYX with the richest jewel-inspired shadows has arrived. Available at local drugstore, Target US, Ulta for $11.99 . This palette has matte and shimmer finish which I really want to try. I heard many positive things on this palette and I\m curious to try it out.

it cc cream

It CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ is a must when summer is catching up fast. No surprise that I pick this to share. I can’t stop raving about it and you shouldn’t be going for your vacation without it. Full Coverage Color Correcting Cream, Anti-Aging serum, plus Broad Spectrum Physical Only SPF 50+ all in one! It’s a treat to have a high UV protection SPF while having your correcting cream pretty much covered. This is a great product I’ll be reaching for this summer. It’s selling for $38.00 at It cosmetics online or Ulta.

neutrogena sunscreen

Liquid Sunscreen SPF 50 provides superior broad-spectrum protection in an ultra light liquid formula that spreads easily over skin and absorbs quickly for a weightless feel. This new liquid form provides an even, non-shiny finish that works beautifully alone or under makeup and moisturizers.

anastacia palette

I’ve been lusting for this new Anastasia Beverley Hills Artist Palette summer collection . I’m definitely adding this on my birthday wishlist. This is a 12 shades eyeshadow palette with fun and bright colors to play with. I’m falling for the Light Plum shade and the Ocean Blue looks spectacular.These are beautiful bright shades for summer. Did I mention that this palette is a limited edition and retails for US$30.00 while Canadian pays $39.00 and is now available at Sephora.

So, there you have it some of my summer essentials that I think will be awesome to have and to enjoy.

What do you think of this Summer Break Essential? What is your summer beauty essential? Let me know on the comment section below.

Thanks as usual for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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Mac Cosmetics Reviews |Lipsticks


Hey lovelies,

I have always wanted to do a Mac feature brand lipstick reviews and this opportunity didn’t come in even better. I just got this Mac Retro Matte Lipstick (in Ruby Woo) as a mother’s day gift from my honey bear and I love this bold red that I just so thrilled to share my thoughts and opinion with you guys. Many of you may have read some of my beauty haul which I scratched the surface of the lipsticks I picked up for my haul. But this time, I’m going to show more pictures and color swatches in this post. So, grab yourself a bowl of popcorn as we’re about to roll:-

Mac matte lipsticks

I don’t have a huge collection of Mac makeup line but I can feel that my stash is growing slowly but steadily (giggling). Here are the four Mac lipsticks which I have from this brand. Mac cosmetics is one of my favorite brand lipsticks and the shades are ridiculously amazing. I love the pigmentation and the creamy, velvety feel of this lip color on my lips.

Right here are Lady Danger, Saint Germain, Saint Nude and Ruby Woo my latest bullet in my collection. Yay! They net wt: 0.1 oz for each bullet. The packaging is simple with a high end bullet design.

Below, I’m going to demonstrate a “Perfect and Clean Lip Look” using Mac Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo to create this look.

perfect & clean lips by mac

On my right, I started with a naked lips. I did not put lip concealer but it is really optional. If you like your lip color to stay longer and don’t budge. Once you have applied your lip concealer you can start by using your lip liner brush.

Start by drawing a line on your cupid bow. Make sure that they are balance in height. Once you have the shape of the cupid bow, do a weird smile and draw from the corner of your lips to join the centre of your lips. Do this for both corners. Then, fill your lips with your lipstick. We are only doing the top lip and let’s go ahead and do the bottom lip now.

Use the same lip brush, draw a smooth line along your lower lip like the picture shown. It’s pretty easy to do this look. Once you are done drawing, fill your bottom lip with your lipstick. In my case, I use Ruby Woo and then make a smack on both lips. And you’re done! I really love this perfect and clean red lips look ❤

mac color swatches-review

All these lipsticks are super pigmented and the shades are so incredibly smooth and pretty. The Saint Nude is in a neutral nude tone while Saint Germain has a cool tone pink. I love the coral tone of Lady Danger and the bold red is simply my style.

Saint Nude and Saint Germain both have a shimmery finish while Lady Danger and Ruby Woo are more opaque and with matte velvety finish. These shades are all perfect to summer days with the exception of this solid red which is specially reserved for special occasion 🙂

kissable lips

I hope you like and enjoy reading this post. The demonstration is a throw in bonus since I was excited to share how a red lipstick can rock a beautiful lips.

Oh… I can’t end my blog without giving you guys a flying kiss. So, mwuah!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and stay Beautiful.

Sharon xoxo

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Flower Play Eyeshadow|Swatches|Review


Hey Gorgeous!

As I was doing my spring cleaning last weekend, I happened to dig out some makeup products that have been lying around in my vanity stash. i’m excited to share with you this 8 colors eyeshadow by Flower. I got this last Christmas from Walmart. It came as gift set with an eyeshadow brush, mascara and this beautiful eyeshadow palette. I did a mini haul and the link is here if you miss the previous post.

flower palette

This Shadow Play Eyeshadow by Flower in Rose Gold comes in 8 lovely shades. In this palette seven out of the eight shadows have shimmery finish except the dark brown which is the only matte. I personally would have preferred that there were 2-3 matte finishes. The yellow gold stands out the most from this palette while you get four nude or taupe shades for a neutral everyday wear.

I love the look of this palette with gold trim inside. It has a magnetic lid like many of its other quad eyeshadow palettes do. It’ll be nice to bring it in your purse since it’s a compact palette but the downside is it doesn’t come with a mirror and brush. I believe the quad palette has a dual end brush but without a mirror 😦

flower eyeshadow

In terms of the pigmentation, I would say the formula is richly pigmented. My favorite colors are the Bronze with gold shimmery (top far right), Pecan Brown (bottom second from left) and Taupe (bottom far right).

color swatches flower

You might want to use an eye primer before applying these shadows for best appearance and long staying power. The color swatches on my arms are without primer but they turned out nicely. There are seven shadows with gold shimmer/glitter except one the Dark Brown which has a matte finish. If you love a little bit of shimmer in your makeup appearance then you’ll like this palette. The shimmer is not overwhelming and perfect for everyday wear.

shadow play eyeshadow

On this look, I use the Yellow Gold on lids, the apply the Dark Green on crease and finishes it with the Bronze shade on the outer corner. Lastly, using the Barely Pink as highlighter on brow bones and inner corner.

Overall, I think this is a pretty shadow palette if you are looking for a neutral yet shimmery look. The only downside of this palette is I find that the Yellow Gold, Dark Green and Eggplant to be a little bit powdery but the shades are gorgeous.

Roundup – Flower Beauty is founded by Drew Barrymore and her makeup products can only be found at Walmart exclusively. If you haven’t check out Flower Beauty, I recommend you to do so the next time you shop.

What do you think of this Play Eyeshadow palette? Will you be reaching for it? I love to read your comments.

Thank you for stopping by to read 🙂

Sharon xoxo

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Wet n Wild Color Icons Eyeshadow Palette


Hey Cuties! Today, I’m working on one of my drugstore’s favourite eyeshadow palette. I did a review a week ago where I raved about the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette and today I’m bringing in yet another palette from the same family, the Petal Pusher. This palette has more purplish-pink hues for cooler skin-toned compared to Comfort Zone palette.

petal pusher wnw

After my experienced with Comfort Zone, I rushed to get another same palette to stock up in my stash. A few days ago, while shopping, I saw this Petal Pusher and it’s calling to me. So, obviously I got to get it. I’m also very curious to know if there is any difference between these two palettes.

Anyways, I posted on facebook and twitter if I should do a review and the answer is yes. So, here I am doing just that. A REVIEW! Yay!!!

color on pan

I noticed that in Petal Pusher the formula is a little different compares to Comfort Zone. First thing first, the texture in the pan are much drier or solid especially the Browbone, Eyelid and Define on my left column while on the right column the Crease and Definer are more rough on touch.

Unfortunately the White browbone and Lavender eyelid weren’t able to transform the shades as best as the other shades in the palette. There are many tiny micro-glitters on both the Crease and Definer formula category. I love the Soft Pink browbone highlighter which is the most creamiest and softest of all. The pigmentation is simply incredible with a satin silky finish. Where else the other shades have more metallic finish except the white and lavender which looked more matte finish to me. I don’t know, it’s late now and my eyes may be playing tricks on me, or maybe different lighting angle 😦

wnw eyeshadow

Now get your shadow-brushes and be ready to blend, blend and blend!

Keep this line-up on standby for the next time you hit snooze, and prepare to be impressed.

color swatch 2

The highly pigmented creamy formula of this product is one-stop makeup exemplified, for it can be applied in a matter of seconds, lasts incredibly well and the formula is such as requires minimal blending.

The above color swatches you could wear them for evening wear while the bottom shades will be more for daywear.

color swatch 1

It’s an ideal piece to reach for if you’re in a rush or on-the-go especially the Comfort Zone Color Icon palette. I do like this Petal Pusher palette which has more cool-toned shades than the Comfort Zone and the shades are versatile where you can create a sultry or intense eye makeup look.

color swaches wet n wild

What are your one-stop makeup favourites?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


Wet n Wild Megalast Matte Lipstick|Swatch|Review



Hey beauties!

Remember that I mentioned in my previous post that I haul a good handful of drugstore beauty products? Well, this Wet n Wild Megalast Matte lipstick is the one that I want to talk to you about today.

I have started to love wnw makeup line lately since as far as I can remember wnw wasn’t so good. In the past few years wnw has grown & revamped there whole line. They have amazing eye shadows and beautiful lipsticks that’s so cool.

wet n wild lipstick

I did a review before actually of another shade which is the Pink Suga awhile ago. I’ll leave a link below if you like to check it out. Anyways, since I love the experience I have with this megalast lipstick, yeah! I pick another shade in Rose Bud. Such a pretty… pretty color that just light up my pale-tired face. Net wt: 0.17 oz for $2.78 at Walmart.

color swatch wet n wild lippies

The texture is smooth and it glides beautifully. I simply love how generously pigmented this lipstick is! It’s incredibly pigmented and the color is gorgeous. I mean look at that swatch, right! It gives a matte finish look and it last for what feels like forever! lol After the photos I took them off with a baby wipe and washed my hand and you could still see color stain of the color.  So very pigmented !

lips swatches wnw

On this look, I’m not wearing lip primer or lip balm so it looks a little chapped since I feel that the downside of this formula is that it tends to dry up lips 😦

wnw lipsticks

I have here Pink Suga in 900B – a neutral nude and Rose-Bud in 904B – a pretty dark rose.

Final thoughts on this megalast lip color is 8 out of 10. Totally worth the price. Ill be picking up a few more shades for sure. What about you? Will you be picking some springy or summery shades too? Please let comment below. I love to read your comments ❤

Thank you as usual for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoco



Stila In the Know Palette|Review|Swatches



Hey lovelies!

For the past three weeks it has been fun and a learning curb for me to be experiencing all these four awesome palettes by Stila. I will put a link down below of all my previous reviews on Stila eyeshadow palettes in case you like to go back to read them. So, don’t forget to check them out. I would definitely say I love all the palettes for their amazing discounted price and beautiful shadows ❤

So, today’s star of the week is Stila In the know eyeshadow palette. I’ve heard many amazing things about this palette and was feeling inspired by my good friend, Ingrid from curlyspringblossom – I ‘m excited to share my reviews with you guys.. You guys know that I really love a good eyeshadow palette ❤

stila in the know

The simplicity of this palette is itself sleek and thin. It has a decent sized-mirror on the top lid. I love the how-to booklet and I think this is super helpful tool for those in need of extra inspiration when it comes to all these beautiful matte shades. Like all its predecessors the packaging is the same except the color on the exterior and of course the interior eyeshadows. The special offer is at $20.00 until stock lasts.

stila  eyeshadow know

These eyeshadows can be used wet or dry. The eyeshadows are interesting and I can’t wait to try them on wet application using these matte shades.

stila eyeliner

Apparently Stila really likes to be in a lot of things. In the moment, In the light, In the garden and now comes in the know. The palette comes in a muted earthy shades with the exception of Fire the only shade that stands out the most and a full sized waterproof smudge stick eyeliner.

stla eyeliner

Stila waterproof smudge stick eyeliner in Halfmoon is in deep blue-ish grey with a shimmer. From a far it looks like a regular grey but up close you can see the blue-ish grey which is pretty to compliment the other earthly shades. The quality of this eyeliner is amazing and the formula waterproof tight. It stays put and won’t budge or fade after wearing the whole day.

color swatches in the know stila

The shades include:-

Top row L-R:

  • Air – a pale off-white cream
  • Wind – a light nude beige
  • Desert – amid-tone peachy nude
  • Clay – a mid-tone muted pink nude
  • Earth – a deep cool brown

Bottom row L-R:

  • Driftwood – a mid-tone warm brown
  • Fire – a spicy muted orange
  • Rain – a mid-tone muted taupe
  • Smoke – a mid-tone cool grey
  • Ebony – a dep cool grey

The color swatches above is applied on bare skin (without primer)and on dry application. I didn’t get to try them on wet though. But if you like me to do another review just on wet application using this “In the know” please leave your comment below.

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Overall, I think this is a pretty nice matte eyeshadow palette. Not the best that I’ve come across but acceptable pigmentation and texture for sure. I like the fact that this matte eyeshadow can be wore wet which I seldom do but it will be nice to try. Also, the eyeliner is of excellent quality and I’m glad to have collected four palettes in my makeup stash.

What do you think of this earthly toned eyeshadow palette? Leave comment below. I love to read your comments 🙂

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Fifty Shades|Review|Swatch|Ipsy Bag



I got this in my March Ipsy Glam bag and I’m excited to share my review on this mineral eyeshadow by Marsk. The shade I got is called Fifty Shades and it’s in a  greyish metallic tone.

marsk review

The jar packaging is simple but yet I find it hard to close it tight and it gets messy in the jar and outside the container. I’m not sure if you can see that inside the jar is a hard plastic cover with holes on them and this was again covered by a thin layer plastic However, I still find that the powder were flying and at the end of my eye makeup look, both my hands are practically covered with this Fifty Shades formula.

Just be extra careful when opening or closing the cover lid. Otherwise, this color might to too stubborn to take off. Is it just me, or have any of you experienced some problem while using mineral powder? Leave your comment below. I’m really curious to know.

50 shades of grey


I do love how pigmented this mineral eyeshadow formula is. This mineral powder eyeshadow is soft and smooth. It has a stunning metallic finishing which I find it to be fun to work on especially for a dramatic look. But for now, I’ll just go ahead to share the neutral look, please continue to read below.

50 shades eyelook


I find that with this awesome pigmented mineral eyeshadow, I’m able to create more depth and intensity around my eyes especially on the lids without looking like just been punch on the eye kind of look, lol.


In this eye makeup look, instead of pulling out a smokey eye, I did an everyday eye makeup look since I like this look better with this shade. On the lids I used fifty shades and on crease the brown matte eyeshadow by Marcelle. I love the end results of this look. Stunning don’t you think?

So, that’s it on my review and eye makeup look for this week and until next time. Stay beautiful!

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